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  1. WTF he should fire his agent! He should be making at least as much as johnny hockey and if you're going to sign a bridge deal for that cheap, don't do it for 3 years! Wow, what a freaking steal and I bet florida's tax savings plays into it again, just like stamkos. Why would he hold out, only to sign for so cheap now?!
  2. It's no olympics, but I still enjoyed this tournament. Still praying they go to the Olympics again but it's looking bleak. Ovechkin and the Russians say they're going to the Olympics no matter what, but even if they win can they really be happy knowing they won without the best players there? Would be a pretty hollow victory in my opinion.
  3. Yes! Omg that &^@#ing rat marchand with the world Cup clinching goal! What a last 5 mins for Canada! We the best, since hockey invented Canada!
  4. I look forward to 2 blowout wins by Canada now! Will still watch because it's always great to see Canada win gold! I still pray they go to the Olympics because nothing can replace olympics hockey!
  5. Heh kind of glad marchand missed the hat trick though, lol!
  6. I was pretty damn nervous at 2-1 Russia. Not as nervous as if it was the Olympics, but I'm pretty invested now. Can't believe I'm cheering for Brad &^@#ing marchand, but I'm just going to give crosby all the credit! I breathed once Canada made it 4-2.
  7. Please dear God no. If Benning trades for Kane, then all his talk of getting character guys will be forever known as bull$&!#!
  8. Haha you did pull a Kevin Lowe!
  9. Haha well I already said he renews them every year to keep his place in line. I'm not actually sure if he has ice packs or half season tickets. I know he originally had ice packs, but think he upgraded to half season tickets along the way. He sells most of his tickets now though to help pay for his Seahawks season tickets. I'm hoping we're out of it by Xmas, so he can join the dark side!
  10. Haha, well was it really a secret most tankers don't buy tickets? Just common sense. Don't pull a Kevin Lowe now though and say only the fans that buy tickets matter! Here's part of a conversation I had with my cousin the other day!
  11. I admit that. I don't buy tickets, but my cousin has ice packs/half season tickets for about a decade now and doesn't agree with me and wants to be competitive. I fully admit it's easier for me to stomach losing without a financial investment involved. However, the current approach still results in apathy. My cousin jumped on the Seahawks bandwagon a few years ago and has season tickets for them now and only goes to one or two canucks games and sells the rest of his tickets. It's hard for him to sell them these days though, even at face value. They would sell like hot cakes back in the day. My cousin just keeps his tickets so he doesn't lose his place in line when the canucks become good again, but his passion for the canucks isn't what it used to be.
  12. I prefer tank you very much! The way I see it, the anti tank crowd can have their cake and eat it too. They cry against the tank taking a moral high ground, but then still get to enjoy the fruits of a tank/being bad such as juolevi. If they had it their way we would have made the playoffs and never would have been able to draft juolevi, who is now a foundational piece and our top d prospect.
  13. I agree with that too though. We didn't tank hard enough. That cali 3 game sweep cost us matthews. However, not tanking hard enough is just a saying at that point because the canucks weren't tanking on purpose, but were just playing bad. It was too late to make any tanking moves at that point. I do prefer a scorched earth approach to the rebuild, but that isn't going to happen with benning/aquilini, so the best I can hope for is another season like last where we end up with a top 5 pick by just being bad. I don't like the eriksson signing because it's too long for a 31 year and will just improve the team for a futile playoffs push or 1st round exit. I don't want to be a bubble team with just playoffs and 1st/2nd round exits. I want to be a team that a has a legit shot at the cup, instead of a mediocre bubble team. I don't care how long it takes. I'd take a decade of losing for 1 cup, let alone 3 cups like chicago, over a decade of playoffs with no cup. Only until our 1st cup. Once we get our 1st cup, then we can live off that forever and I won't care about tanking to get another cup as much.
  14. Some of you guys take the tanking term too literally. I don't care if we purposely tank or just end up being in the lottery by being bad. The end result of a top lottery pick is all I care about. Last season we didn't tank purposely, but were just bad and ended up with a top 5 pick in Juolevi, that a lot of anti tankers are now excited about. The process of getting a top 5 pick isn't important to me, just that we get them. So everyone saying, so and so team didn't purposely tank, but just ended up with a top 3 pick, isn't really the point. As pointed out, Boston is the only recent cup winner to win without drafting high to get their core players. Anti tankers always conveniently forget to mention, we drafted the sedins 2nd/3rd overall, which set us up for like a decade of success. This team needs elite offensive players to replace the sedins when they retire, and I'll be on the tank train until we draft them! It's a real shame the 2017 draft is projected to be weak, but hopefully it changes. I'm currently eyeing the 2018 draft as it's supposed to be better and pegging 2019 as the year to start being competitive with demko, boeser, juolevi, etc. Top picks aren't a guarantee to success, as you still need good management to build around them, but it gives you a higher chance of success. However, you need those top picks to build around in the first place to have a shot at the cup.
  15. Accurate and spot on assessment by TSN and other media pundits today!