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  1. I agree. Canucks fans can be such assholes on social media when things aren't going well. I can't enjoy a nice Instagram pic of the dog race without like 80% of the comments crying with the sky is falling takes.
  2. Yeah Gallant was given a raw deal. The knights had some of the best analytics, but fleury was pretty bad early on. The knights haven't really played much different since gallant was fired, but fleury started playing better. They would be in the same position now if they never fired gallant. Show me a good coach and I'll show you a good goalie and vice versa. It's no coincidence all the coaches fired this year had goalies with horrible stats. I do think a coach can be given too much credit or too much blame precisely for that reason. Wasn't green in coach of the year talks while markstrom was rolling? He hasn't suddenly become bad while markstrom is hurt. We just haven't been getting enough saves lately and I love demko, but he had a bad road trip that I can't excuse. Yesterday, he played well and I felt so bad for him how it ended cause it was looking like a great bounce back game for him.
  3. Nah babs would have buried Hughes because he hates small and skilled dmen. He would play a Ron Hainsey type player over Hughes. Babcock is a terrible human being and overrated coach that only won a cup thanks to Lidstrom. I would not want him anywhere near our young players. It says a lot about hockey culture that GMs are still considering Babcock as a coach according to Pierre LeBrun. He really should be blacklisted from the game unless he makes one hell of a mea culpa before getting another job. It's not just hockey players he treated badly, but he treated the arena workers and stuff badly too. Like Johan Franzen said, he's the worst human being he's ever encountered. That should not be forgiven so easily, but hockey culture being what it is, I do see him getting another job in the nhl. I just don't want it being with the canucks.
  4. This is not comparable to eriksson because it's a bad contract for an almost as bad contract. The canucks don't want another bad contract back for eriksson.
  5. No excuse will be required because Parise has a legit injury history, so will finish his career on LTIR no problem. You have to remember Luongo could have easily gone the LTIR way too, but the panthers asked him to retire instead because they preferred that for cap reasons. Oh, but one caveat is like the canucks the wild will be hit the hardest by cap recapture and not the Isles, so it'll depend on what big Lou tells Parise to do.
  6. Ladd makes 5.5m for 3 more years and is useless now. Parise has 5 years at 7.5m but the last 3 years are 2m, 1m and 1m salary, so a perfect LTIR ending given his injury history.
  7. Man Isles are going all in! I'd love to face them in the finals as an 82 rematch!
  8. It's going to be a travesty if Hughes doesn't win the calder!
  9. True. Sometimes it's hard to tell how much of the isles lack of offense is due to their talent or the system they play.
  10. What an absolute beast Panarin is! Up to 3rd in nhl scoring now with 67 points. I knew the canucks had no shot at him and was mad he went to the rangers instead of the islanders. The islanders would be cup contenders with him as they need more offense. He's a legit hart trophy candidate.
  11. Except Hughes should already be there on merit over Giordano, so we're just fixing an injustice! It would be disgusting to sit idly by and do nothing to right this wrong! Vote for Hughes!
  12. Did my part and voted for Hughes! Glad he wants to go unlike that ungrateful Larkin. Would rather Hughes take it easy at the all star game than booze it up all break in Cabo or something. The all star will be better rest for him over that.
  13. Grats to petey! Now everyone vote Hughes in! Canucks fans have one of the largest social media presence, so now it's time for them to vote in Hughes!