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  1. I'm ok will the pick because I didn't have strong feelings about anyone this draft. He might take longer to make it, but has pretty high upside.
  2. Congrats crosby! I feel bad for Carrie Underwood though. I hope fisher doesn't retire.
  3. Wrong thread.
  4. Man, I'm torn this series. I want crosby to get another cup, but also want subban to troll montreal and for fisher to win for carrie underwood. This is probably fisher's last year and a chance at a cup and I want to see underwood in the parade! I'll be happy either way and the main thing this playoffs for me was making sure kesler or ovechkin didn't win! Nashville has played a lot better than I thought they would and would have swept by now if it wasn't for murray stealing the first 2 games and rinne being garbage.
  5. Duh...European skill is the difference!
  6. Well, he's probably going to college for at least 2 years, so has plenty of time to add strength. I have zero concerns about him not being able to do one pull up.
  7. Different sport, but Kevin Durant couldn't do one bench press of 185 at the NBA combine and he turned out to be an MVP. The guy who did the best in the tests didn't end up being drafted.
  8. For the reason you just stated. Looks like a man playing against boys. With big guys it's sometimes hard to tell if they're doing well due to talent or because they're just bigger and more physically mature than most. Once that player gets to the NHL, then that size advantage disappears, so if he relied on being bigger than everyone, he won't be as effective. Some see Rasmussen falling in that category.
  9. Hardly. For every call crosby gets, 10 uncalled penalties are committed against him that goes uncalled. Most abused player I can remember. Read what rutherford said about it for the truth. The perception that the pens and crosby get all the calls is just pure fantasy. This vid just shows how unfair the refs are to crosby in most cases. However, people latch onto that one missed interference call on crosby last night and equate that to crosby getting all the calls, when in reality the ratio is far weighted towards uncalled abuse against him. It's sickening to watch, but players do it because they know the refs won't call it fairly, otherwise the pens would be on the pp all game if the refs did their jobs properly.
  10. Lol, you called sbisa one of our best dmen, so I now know not to take your opinion about subban seriously because your talent evaluation is definitely way off since sbisa is straight up awful! He's a borderline NHL player and I'm Praying vegas is dumb enough to take him off our hands! I agree with this review of him. He'd be a great 7th dman, but should never touch your top 4.
  11. Depth for when we trade tanev and edler!
  12. This is shaping up to be the best finals since 2011!
  13. Wow what a game! Sens were missing Alex OT primary assist Burrows! Crosby comes through again with the clutch assist.
  14. No burrows for sens again means no chance!