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  1. I want Nico or Patrick! Biggest fear though is Benning will pass on Nico if he's available. I'd only be ok with passing on nico if it was for patrick. If we pick 2-5 and nico is there, we should take him!
  2. No one touching kadri or matthews in the toronto rematch said it all too. The gudbranson/martin fight should have been the bare minimum in payback we should have seen, but instead it was the only thing we got! That was a really disappointing response from the canucks that game. I expected to see kadri on his ass at least once!
  3. I'm hoping for Patrick or Nico Hischier . Don't need another dman, since we're getting Rasmus Dahlin in the 2018 draft.
  4. It's a good thing he's not on the team, but paid to write about them. So sick of cdc people only wanting to read homer articles that only praises the team and never criticizes them. If the media doesn't write only good things about the canucks, then cdc people attack them trump style. A lot of cdc people are so thin skinned when it comes to criticizing the canucks.
  5. Surprising article from Imac, since he's the biggest homer and management cheerleader in the media here.
  6. It's not an ideal year to tank with a weak draft, but a top 3-5 pick would still help our future. Now, next year's draft is supposed to be a lot better with franchise players in it. That will be an exciting tank year.
  7. Can someone please find Jake's stuff?!! It's so elusive, even he doesn't know where it is!
  8. I just saw button's list. He took 13 dmen. I was thinking 9 dmen, so I can see sbisa taken if they take 13 dmen. I'd be thrilled if Vegas takes that contract from us.
  9. Not sure why people think vegas would take sbisa. They can find 9 other better dmen in the draft.
  10. Watch the canucks win 1st overall for the first time in franchise history in a year when it's a weak draft and no franchise players! Would be so canucks luck! I'll still take nolan patrick though! I hear the 2018 draft is supposed to be good, so I'm looking forward to that draft more than this year's!
  11. It sends the message that we're rebuilding, which they aren't blind to anyways. Plus, it means more ice time for the younger guys.
  12. You'll find that the anti tankers are some of the rudest and most condescending posters here. They're like trump cause they like to shout and call people names. They even blame the media because the media won't lie to them and say everything with the Canucks is sunshine and rainbows. They can't handle a critical media that dare criticizes their perfect Canucks.
  13. Sweeping that cali road trip cost us last place last year, but hey all the anti tankers were happy about that cali sweep!
  14. Yeah, I'm really confused why people are crediting management for this "rebuild." They've tried to make the playoffs the past two years and it's blown up in their faces both times! You don't credit someone for failing so spectacularly and then say see, they were rebuilding all along! they weren't! The high draft picks were a result of their failure, not their plan because they wanted playoffs both years!
  15. That's why his trade value is the highest out of all our vets! He's a great 3rd liner, who competes every night and can chip in some goals. His trade value will never be higher, so it would be best to trade him this season.