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  1. The difference is none of those 3 were talked about being a generational d like Dahlin. He won't be falling. Will be him and that russian kid fighting for number 1.
  2. It's always satisfying to see crosby win!
  3. I'd love to see pk win a cup and take it back to Montreal. Would also love to see Carrie Underwood in the parade.
  4. Yes finish it off at home preds! Ducks gooning it up now!
  5. Nah, I don't want to see Kesler win a cup. It's why I'm kind of cheering for the pens over burrows cause I think pens have a better shot at beating the ducks. To me the chance of burrows winning a cup is less important than the possibility of kesler winning a cup, lol. If nashville swept or beats anaheim before the pens series is over, then ottawa can win.
  6. Dammit! Kesler is closer to a cup now! Thought Nashville would complete the comeback.
  7. Yeah baby! Let's go Nashville! Win it in OT now!
  8. That says more about the habs locker room and their supposed "leadership." PK is great and is so damn likeable! Only old school people who hate people who show any personality in hockey hate subban. The way the habs treated PK is just another reason to hate that damn team! Max Pac is probably the worst captain in franchise history!
  9. Damn, if Burrows is out there goes my reason for cheering for the sens.
  10. My hot take - Subban will end up being better than Troy Stecher! It probably won't be with the canucks, but some NHL team will give him his shot! Don't listen to his defensive critics, as it's overblown. Plus, his offense is worth any mistakes he might make. Not all defensemen need to be all world defensively, if they have offense to make up for it. You know who else got knocked for similar things for years?....the great Erik Karlsson!
  11. It's because sports are regional, so I only cheer for Canada during international events. I don't care about bringing the cup back to Canada because that does nothing for me unless it's the canucks. The hated rivalry between Calgary and Edmonton is another reason to never want to see them win another cup. The arrogance of Montreal and Toronto fans is the reason to cheer against them. Ottawa and Winnipeg are the only 2 cdn teams I don't really hate. This quote below is a truism in sports fandom. I got more enjoyment seeing Ovi go home again, the Oilers losing and hopefully Kesler losing than I did seeing any of the remaining teams I want win. The players I want to see win the cup this year are Burrows, crosby and subban, so I'm having a pretty great playoffs so far. Just need Nashville to win to send Kesler home!
  12. Wooo. Great OT win! Nashville deserved it!
  13. Go Nashville! Send Kesler home!