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  1. The ice time distribution makes it look like we are rolling one line with the other guys filling in the odd shift. 
  2. Jeff Paterson & Matt Baker - Let Go From 1040

    Yeah that's for sure.  I don't even listen to the show in the mornings on my drive in anymore.  Can't stand them at all.
  3. [PGT] Canucks 2-3 Sabres

    Only call somebody else out on their spelling / grammar when yours is correct. It's woe is me not whoa. Sorry, but I just had to because that is almost worse than the their / they're error.
  4. Under 6 minutes of ice time for Virt and McCann 
  5. [PGT] MTL @ VAN | Oct 27 5-1 win

    Sounds like WD received a directive from up top to give the young players some decent minutes tonight.
  6. The issue I have is not so much the losing.  We all expected this season not to go so great.  But that being said, play the young guys and give them a real chance.  Baertschi included.
  7. It's like WD is stubborn.  "You tell me to play the kids? I'll show you! I'm going to play them even less!"
  8. It's like WD is stubborn.  "You tell me to play the kids? I'm going to play them even less!"
  9. Virtanen did a real good job tonight on the bench. I thought he looked real good sitting there. Real good.
  10. He's had 1:35 of icetime.  WD feels thats enough.
  11. Nope.  Just WD against giving Virt and Baertschi some time out on the ice.
  12. Now that we have a two goal lead can we actually give Virtanen and Baertschi some ice time?
  13. So WD has a new plan to quiet all the criticism I see. Barely play the kids in the first half of the game so that he can put them out in the third period.  "See I played them in the third" I mean seriously... 1:35 for Virtanen and 2:49 for Baertschi so far?  We're half way through the game.
  14. [PGT] Caps 3, Nucks 2

    At least WD is having to face some tough questions.