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  1. I'd hate to be one of your children.
  2. Personally I believe that he hired Katrina Pierson on as a direct result of her involvement in the affairs. There is simply too much information about them to believe that the allegations are untrue such as the $500,000 donation from a Ted Cruz superPAC to Carly Fiorinas (her campaign manager was another of the rumored five) among other things. However that one hiring of an African American does not overshadow the numerous others he has in his organizations and has placed into positions of power and not a single one of them has spoken in an unkind manner. Correct on the Robert Byrd photograph but it is for effect. I completely believe that people can change and he probably did as he disavowed his involvement for years and years afterwards but he also made some shockingly hateful comments at the time to the point where when somebody has such a deep hatred, it's not as simple as flicking a switch off and changing viewpoints. Statements like this which are disgusting: His viewpoints most likely changed initially because he was running for politics, and then became more sincere as the years went on. Trump is definitely not racist and he had spoken negatively against David Duke in 2000 calling him a racist, bigot, and a problem. He could have handled the immediate interview situation better surely but at the same time if you watch it, its difficult to infer that he knew specifically about which groups initially were being referred to. The final moment he should have said something negative about them I agree. I still feel that there was a strong media bias against Trump for what occurred. Let just say that if the situations were reversed and Trump had a strong relationship with Robert Byrd, the media would most likely have been all over that.
  3. Deny and deflect with an attack. Such a typical bow-out response when asked to prove something and are unable to. Trump is very clearly not a racist but some people won't waver on their beliefs when presented with the facts which is unfortunate. It's best to have an open mind in all endeavors and I understand that people tend to cling strongly to what they believe and don't like it to be shaken but it's not a very beneficial way to act in life. Always keep an open mind and be receptive to other ideas because it actually is possible that sometimes your beliefs are incorrect.
  4. and the same could be said about yourself. The Huffington Post absolutely hates Trump and publicly announced their bias to the point of refusing to cover his campaign initially and relegating him to the "Entertainment Section". So you're using an extremely biased source of information. In addition - they add this disclaimer to the bottom of ALL of their articles on Trump: How professional of them. 1999 - Donald Trump works with Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow / PUSH organization to help get blacks and other minorities jobs within corporate America: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=3d2_1451242991#2KbcYKBLwFCaO89B.99 2008 - Donald Trump attends function and makes donations to Raising Malawi and UNICEF. I don't expect you'd find many white people within the above group. Same thing goes with UNICEFs help. 1997 - Trump fights the Palm Beach establishment to include Blacks and other minorities in his Mar-a-Lago club: Lynn Patton - Black Female - Trump Executive: Speaks on the Trump she knows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxaKUo5naoY Trumps Campaign Spokeswoman is an African American - Katrina Pierson. Somebody who was actually racist, WOULD NOT hire an African American as their spokeswoman and work with them on a daily basis. If somebody is racist, they are not going to surround themselves with other races and work with them regularly. It's just not logical to think otherwise. Honestly, it is just logic. If you actually believe he is racist, even though it's quite clear he is not, then that is a problem on your own mental capabilities of logic and reasoning. You have not provided any actual PROOF of his racism. The burden is on you, you're the one making the claims. If you could provide PROOF then your argument would be valid but you have not been able to. He may be outspoken and some people may take offense, but that's political correctness for you. Everything is offensive to somebody else. Still, that is not an example of RACISM. I'll just throw this in here - Hillary Clinton - is she racist? Robert Byrd founded his own chapter of the KKK. Hillary Clinton kissing Robert Byrd on the cheek Hillary Clinton shaking Robert Byrds hand Bill Clinton endorsing Robert Byrd Why doesn't the media mention this yet when David Duke endorses Trump, outside of Trumps control, it's headline news. Keeping in mind he did disavow him, he spoke lowly of him in the past before running for office and if you watch the actual question on the interview and how he answers it it is very clear that he didn't hear the entire question. He spoke out against David Duke very shortly after that. Being endorsed by somebody outside of your control does not = racist. I just can't stand people like you that don't look at actual factual information and can't form a substantive argument that logically argues the point your making. It's very obvious that you're not educated on this specific subject and have not done any actual research.
  5. I produced actual facts to back up the claims. If you're going to make claims, back them up with substantive facts. Incidentally, Trump hires employees of every race, has placed those employees into senior management positions, has friends of every race, and has dated woman of color in the past. Actually prove to me that Trump is a racist instead of just parroting what the media and elites wanted people to believe. I'm looking forward to your fact-based response.
  6. It's unfortunate you're unable to comprehend the English language.
  7. Sigh. Another misstatement of what he actually said. Here is the actual quote: (Please tell me where he says ALL) "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best" Now we have established he is talking about the ones crossing the border, not the country's entire populace, and it is clear that he is acknowledging that Mexico has good people. When you back up the statements with facts and statistics that a large majority of the people crossing the border are indeed Cartels bringing drugs in (that's very obvious and verifiable), rapists who are preying on woman and children unable to pay or vulnerable when crossing (source at bottom of post), and some good people (because clearly not everybody crossing the border is going to be bad), where is the actual racism in the statements he made? If they didn't have issues, they would apply and come into America legally like the other millions of Mexican immigrants that have done so successfully. This is what is wrong with how politically correct society has become and how people jump to conclusions without conducting research on facts. Heres an article from 2014 on a survey conducted which states that 80% of woman crossing the border into the USA are raped Source Please do your research before attempting to become involved in serious conversations. Illegal Alien Crime and Violence: Sources at Bottom of Article Immigration Facts and Statistics You can find countless other studies and reports out there if you actually spend a moment to do some research instead of speaking without any factual backing. I don't want to spend my time doing the simple research for you right now.
  8. Absolutely untrue. Do some actual research before making commentary that is not based on fact. Trump has been receiving strong support from educated individuals (college education or higher) and the facts are all publicly available in numerous polls conducted. People that dislike Trump simply don't look at the facts. They tend to listen to what the mainstream media tells them and can't see through the facade being placed in front of them. There is a reason that all of the media and all of the political parties, including his own, are against him. It is not because he won't be a good President but because he won't be controlled by the special interest groups lobbying Washington and starting wars. Donald Trump is not racist at all and has never said anything that should be construed as racism except by oversensitive individuals who like to take words out of context and quotation. He is also not discriminatory towards woman. He treats people equally. Isn't that what woman want? He throws insults at men, he throws them at woman. He has more female executives in his corporations than men and has made numerous remarks about how they do a better job then men. Dating back to his book The Art of the Deal he talks about how he has more money than he'll ever need and how he simply wants to be able to help people now and give back. Look at some of the stories that he never ever speaks about on his behavior. He doesn't go around touting his philanthropic tendencies but there are countless stories about him helping those in need. One woman was going to lose her house and Trump found out about it and ended up paying off her mortgage. Opens his Mar-a-Lago club up one day a week just for veterans to attend. There are many stories about him helping out the "little guy" if you actually do your research. Nobody that knows Trump personally speaks a bad word on him and everybody who speaks with him in private comes out and says that he is a likeable, well articulated guy. He says the things he needs to say on the campaign trail to get the nomination. Surely when you have every singly special interest group and politician and media outlet attacking you, you need to go that extra mile to get the attention and support. What he is saying is correct. China does manipulate their currency and they do take advantage of the USA, as well as Canada. What's so bad about somebody finally standing up to them and other countries in the world? The economy is being inflated through low interest rates and false unemployment statistics, among other things. Once you're unemployed, after you give up looking for a job they remove you from the unemployment statistic which presents a much lower number than a true representation of the situation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting illegal immigrants out of the country. They illegally entered. It's just like Chinese coming into Canada through our ports. Do we actually support that? The ones that decided they did not want to follow our laws and just come in the country illegally? If you did that in China and got caught, would they be sympathetic to you? If you came home and somebody has illegally entered your house and were sitting in your living room but meant you "no harm", would you say "No problem, you can stay" or would you call the police and have them removed? The country is almost 20 trillion in debt and climbing. That is absolutely unsustainable and when America finally does crash, if things are not turned around, then Canada will crash and so will the world economy. That is not good for us. If they continue on this current path, you will see the debt continue to climb and eventually there is a breaking point. Career politicians are not going to correct the debt and spending. They brought in record taxes this year and the debt still climbed a trillion dollars. They need somebody with a business mindset to correct these issues they have and somebody who isn't so controlled by politicians. When somebody gives you a 10 million dollar contribution, you will listen to them when they ask for a favor back in return once you're in office. On top of all this, other countries in the world simply do not respect America whatsoever anymore. Trump wants to put America first and stop worrying about being the world police but build up their own country again. A strong America leads to a strong Canada. They need a leader in power like Trump to turn things around. The way things in the USA are going currently, another economic collapse is inevitable. d I wish we had a leader like Trump in Canada.
  9. I don't get all the anger over this. All he did was use another word to call somebody a cigarette.
  10. Watch out for the Tryamkin Train! This is a must lose game tonight. Get it done!
  11. Can't tell if trolling... The stats he's put up on that team? With a .500 W/L. Incredible He made the all-star game because he's playing excellent. Not because Luongo was there.
  12. Don't get run over by the Tryamkin Train!
  13. We need this loss. Especially after Toronto and Columbus and Calgary all lost tonight.