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  1. Thanks a bunch for the invite...its a strange concept...still trying to figure it out!

  2. What is there to prove? Better fighting the better crop in the world rather than some washed up no names. Couture, Carwin, Lesnar, MINOTAURO, Mir, Kongo, Cain, the list goes on and on. In 4 fights, Lesnar has beaten the world's best. I think Minotauro would give Fedor a good fight.
  3. any more experiences?
  4. Does anyone here work or has worked at blockbuster? what are the pros/cons? I heard the hours are brutal, even for part-time? Do they have a quota you have to meet like renting out at least 50 movies every shift? every time i walk in it seems like a really chill job and you just walk around doing nothing or make an occasional phoen call about late rentals or easy stuff like that. sorry i want to add if anybody has worked @ blockbuster or in retail or services, have you guys ever worked alone or with some other co-workers without a manager and assistant manager in the store? i have friends that worked at little C's and they used to close themselves with no supervision in the store, they did the paperwork and all that and they were goofs.
  5. what time does this start at 7?
  6. i love heavy rain that goes on for a long time..its so relaxing just to sit back and chill..
  7. gonna play it