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  1. Well pretty much no trains are running now. Almost a billion worth of product gets moved around via rail each day, thats a lot of money and product (food, etc.) that isn't moving each day. Also the West Coast Express being shut down is awful. Lady on the news was trying to find a way back to Mission so she could pick up her 2 kids because she had no one else who could go and grab them. Like thats a MASSIVE problem, 5000+ people use it daily, they can't get home to families, etc. Thats bloody ridiculous, they need to start getting these people off the roads.
  2. I think it would be more the people trying to get to the game would be the big problem more than the Sedins themselves.
  3. Peaceful? News last night was saying police were having difficulty having ambulances get in and out of VGH because of some of the problems. Get the **** out of the way of emergency vehicles, that could be lives being hanging on by seconds that need to get to VGH. Move off to the side which many did which I appreciate and that was better but just need to stop getting in the way of emergency vehicles. They are blocking many roads and train tracks. You're not only causing animosity, but grid locks, endangering trains, etc.
  4. I remember listening to the gold medal game with 2 other guys at work over the phone speaker haha. Other than the gold medal game, Jon Montgomory walking through chugging beers on TV was probably my favorite part.
  5. I thought Ryan Murray was going to be a player, thought he should have been picked first by the Oilers at the time. But yea Galchenyuk was just a salary dump. Going to be really interesting what he gets paid this summer.
  6. Well I was wondering how long before they started skewing numbers...
  7. Lots of jobs out there you just have to be willing to work hard for them. Problem is TONS of people want 9-5 jobs indoors in perfect working conditions and I laugh at that. I had someone trash talking me recently when I said people are lazy and theres work out there and they told me there wasn't. I went on a hiring website and looked up labourers, found multiple posts paying $4-5 over minimum wage to start with companies including my work that starts labourers over $20/h, and I was told "yea but not everyone wants to do labour work". Honestly, theres virtually no requirements to labour work, the biggest one is if you can lift up to 50 lbs which the average person can easily do and many times its less than a foot you have to carry stuff like that because companies provide wheel barrows,etc. Wow thats for proving my point with the lazyness.... not everything is roses and rainbows, you have to work hard and it may not be your ideal dream job or your ideal working conditions but you make it work until you can get to that stage. That man was true, does working 12x7 make life ideal? No but just like him, I will do whats best for my family to help them out best I can, if I have to I will switch my work shifts from days to afternoons/graveyards if I have to. Not ideal but thats life, I give complete kudos to that driver for doing what he needs to do.
  8. Ah this is making my boredom a lot more fun reading through this thread....
  9. That was us and almost all of our friends. We are all around 30 or a bit older and all of us are starting families now just because it took a long time to get ready for the financial burden of not only taking a year off work to care for the kids, but finding daycare costs/stable jobs/etc. plus all of lifes general costs.
  10. Completely agree but first you need the government to find ways to get companies to open up in those towns. Outside of the lower mainland we got what Kamloops/Kelowna/Okanagan doing well, but so many of those towns on the way towards them or past them are just small logging towns for the most part. Need incentives for corporations to open in smaller communities to grow. Almost like how we just gave Mastercard 50mill to open in Canada, should have been encouraged to open in say a Merritt/Vernon or some smaller community, get people working there to grow buisnesses and get the population to grow. We already got enough corporations stuffed into Vancouver where the population is already dense for the livability, yea with Mastercard opening there how many more jobs are going to be needed and theres already less than a 1% available rental rate, etc. Get those companies to open somewhere not in the major metropolitans and try and get people into the country into places that still have room to grow.
  11. Going to have to fix our already lack of housing and schools first before we can get that many people here. We already have classrooms stuffed to the max with more schools constantly bringing in portables just to get kids in school and that doesn't even start the housing shortage we have. If the governments expand and start building many more schools throughout all the cities from Van to Hope plus more teachers since we got such a lack already plus everywhere else in Canada then we can bring in more people. For now theres no where to fit extra kids. Same idea with homes, anywhere that has work available already has a lack of housing, both rental and owning availability are next to nothing. Only homes available are towns that have next to no work. Once the governement invests and fixes those problems then we can have an influx of immigrants.
  12. You would think in 2020 they would have EVERY camera angle from all networks available.
  13. LMAO Boston home advantage on that offside....
  14. I assume they won't let them off the plane. It'll basically be a touchdown, fuel and back in the air. As much as the government buggers up time after time always I can't see them being dumb enough to let anyone actually off the plane because that would be a HUGE uproar and not good at all.
  15. Ahhhh ok.... gotcha, didn't realize that.