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  1. It can't be! His doctor said he was the healthiest president ever!
  2. Yea if your not out of the city much Wind is ok. I know people who come and visit in the Valley and they are screwed for service.
  3. If you want to completely discourage tanking, take 15 balls and throw them into a basket and have them drop like the lotto balls. Every team gets a 6.66% of winning (100/15) and first to drop picks 15, then 14, then 13, etc. Make it the luck of the draw, no benifit to tanking outside of trying to get 8th or 9th in the conference just to get a shot at a top pick rather than a 1st round sweep.
  4. Love the corporate tax cuts he's about to give buisnesses... wonder who the American population thinks is going to pick up the slack...
  5. Everytime I read his tweets I wonder if he has difficulty finishing thoughts... Everything is so chopped up and butchered always its hilariously sad....
  6. Look at someone like Gilbert Brule. Guy had skills, had potential, but got his confidence shattered at such a young age and he never regained it to become the player he could have been. Now he's floating around in the KHL doing alright.
  7. I am sure its just Willie being Willie and not "trusting" players he doesn't know a ton about....
  8. You are either giving him a 3 year deal after this or none at all. If Willie did get fired soon, Doug Jarvis would take over for the rest of the season most likely.
  9. I still like Hartley, I wonder what a couple years of tough love from a hard nosed coach could do for the kids. I think the Calgary kids benifited for the better from him.
  10. He's a moron. I wouldn't want to play for a coach that almost demeanors me all the time.
  11. Yea Button talked about him on the radio the other day and was absolutely raving about him. Didn't know a whole lot, didn't think a whole lot but I will be excited to see what he can become in 4-5 years from now (expecting him to do a few more in college first). The Kassian trade was simply because of all of his baggage. Apparently the media knew a lot of Kassians problem and were asked by the Canucks to keep it quiet. They essentially had to give a bit (5th rounder) to get rid of him and Kassian has even said in interviews that he was a trainwreck in Vancouver and Montreal and if it hadn't been for the trade and the car crash he would have been probably out of the league now. My biggest dislike is the Forsling for Clendening. I know why they made the trade, the D was in dissaray for a bit and needed someone at the time but I was really hoping Forsling could become a staple for the Canucks one day. Im still excited about the Juolevi pick over Tkachuk, eventhough many people scream bloody murder. They talked about him down in London a while back, he was paired with a kid who wasn't eligable until the 2018 draft at the time. Thats a huge job to be paired with such a young kid and lets be honest, it takes a massively impactful player to jump to the NHL at 18/19 and even 20 years old and be successful. Forwards are much easier to make the jump, less dependability, given a few more reigns to play with, if they make a mistake and lose the puck its not nearly as bad.
  12. I would take Niemi in a trade for Miller if Dallas included a 1st to get out of Niemis contract, but with Dallas free fall even more of late I couldn't see that happening now. A month ago when they still had a shot at playoffs I would have hoped but oh well...
  13. Sutter was brought in to be a transitional veteran for when the Sedins retire to when the kids begin to get to their paces eventually. I don't think anyone saw Horvat 2 years ago getting to the level he is as fast as he had. I thought another 1-2 years and he would be there but the fact he's driving the offense on the team is a credit to him. I don't think Sutter is overpaid, he does many things well, its not his fault he was put with aging Sedins and didn't gel when he's a center by nature and people suddenly expect 60 points out of him. If he gets 40 points and does all the defensive things well to allow Horvat to develop offensively at a quicker rate then I don't see what the problem is.
  14. Scary part you know the league would push it as long as possible push the salary cap into the season just to prove a point. Be interesting to see what happens when Hossa and Weber decide to retire. Hossa will hit the Hawks hard if they hope to continue competing and Weber was just an offer sheet that was matched. You know the Canucks will find a way to get screwed by the league anyways.