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  1. I had someone explain it to me once a while back, theres actually a lot of rules to the animals to keep them as comfortable and happy as possible. These animals are worth a ton and are treated top notch because they can't afford any of them not being able to perform their bucking, etc. so lots of care goes into them. I was never hugely into the rodeo thing but went once because of free tickets and learned a lot from someone who really knew what was going on with them.
  2. From the start I think he knew the roadblocks but bought it just to look good PR wise, unfortunately its a major tax burden on all of us just for a PR stunt since I still have a hard time seeing it making any money as long as its government run even if it ever does get running.
  3. Wow... thats a good excuse to not make it to work considering its taller than my car almost haha
  4. At the end of the day I could care less whos in power. Ones gonna screw me in the front and ones gonna screw me in the back and im not getting a whole lot further ahead no matter whos in power.
  5. I won't vote for the guy but I feel he does get a hard shake from other parties. Mind you Harper was getting bashed pretty hard right before the last election too. Don't care for Trudeau much and what he does but I am not going to base my opinions off 7 second clips, would watch a 60 second clip and get a better feel of what happened.
  6. I have a feeling the last one is coming true if every insider across the country is saying the same thing unfortunately.
  7. I like Halford and Brough in the morning then usually swap over to Satiar Shah after that show ends then usually back to Sekeres and Price. I find those 3 lineups, I enjoy their insiders and interviews most. Halford is a soccer guy like me so I enjoy when he is talking about Whitecaps, etc. plus their Manager Monday is a nice segment I find. Same with Sekeres and Price, I listen to them more for the interviews than anything else, not their biggest fans but I find their insiders good to listen too. Satiar Shah is probably one of my favorites in Vancouver Radio scene, was pissed when he left TSN1040 becuase 650 has a hard time getting connection where i live so unless I stream data constantly on my phone, 650 isn't easy to get in clearly.
  8. I have always been 50/50 with Benning. I still think he's a whipping boy for the Aquillinis and does what he says on trying to make the playoffs when the team really needs to rebuild properly.
  9. At the rate the Canucks are going I don't think Jim will be around another 3 years.
  10. Thats how the CBA is set up. Same idea when Quinn was coming, the question was will he possibly play 9 or 10 games because once he hit 10 he got arbritration rights and could be signed to offer sheets, at 9 games he would only have burned a year of his ELC. Lucky for us management never had to make that decision with his foot injury.
  11. Buddy sent me an instagram video of the kids workouts, they looked intense. Just watch to the end. No need to question the guys dedication to getting stronger I don't think.
  12. IMO Granlund is long gone by then, hard time seeing us losing Motte since he's a 4th liner at best when seattle has the option to most teams 3rd liners at minimum.
  13. He might sign a big time contract, I just hope its not with the Canucks. I would much rather overpay him for 3 years with a full NTC (no NMC) rather than sign him longer but less AAV.
  14. Oh really I didn't realize that. Still useless to even have stuff come up at this time of the term, each party will crap on each other then all promise the same thing when they start trying to get votes.
  15. Absoultely useless to try to do anything at this time when election is coming up, no party would agree about anything, basically waste tax payers money to fly MPs back and forth.