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  1. Doesn't that completely wreck how democracy works and the right to vote for whoever...? And what if you just like the ideas of a party and don't believe in the other party can do a better job regardless of the leader? Either way Rosanne is a wack job and its hilarious how she's trying to backup and justify being a bloody racists. I could give a rats arse who you vote for and who you support, but blatantly being a full on racist makes you a god awful person.
  2. The Workout Thread

    I tried some of those Monster energy drinks before, every time I had one I felt sick. And that was when I was early 20s.
  3. Thats the difference between the CHL and NCAA. You can sign kids and send them back to CHL but if you are in the NCAA like Quinn, then if he signs a contract he automatically voids his NCAA eligibility.
  4. Go watch youtube videos on it. Apparently there were some VHS of the Berenstein bears that actually had a's. Everyone knew it with an A as far as I know so weird still knowing its wrong today.
  5. Car Mod Thread

    I did some custom mods to my 2005 Corolla CE (cheap edition). I put in a new radio deck with bluetooth (which I lost the instructions and can't figure out how to pair my phone for music/phone calls anymore) and it has USB and AUX which the original radio didn't have. Also swapped in some HID or LED (can't remember) bulbs for my headlights. Yea those mods definitely made my wife fall in love with me back in the day. But I do have to order a new radio for the wifes 2010 Jetta soon, hers died and its been almost a year without a radio for her now.
  6. [Poll] Logjam on Defense

    Pretty much there is only 4 D that really are guaranteed spots. Tanev, Edler, Guddy and Del Zotto. The rest currently haven't shown to be NHL everyday caliber D. Hell they all get scratched consistantly by one of the worst teams in the league, thats got to say something. And some guys like Hutton even got benched for Saunter to be called up on an emergency basis then they gave him a contract to keep him up for the season. Loosing Hutton, Pouliot or Biega isn't the end of the world, all are replaceable. I would be the most bummed out about Biega just because from what I have read/heard he is such a hard worker it rubs off on some of the other guys and sometimes you need those workman mentality guys at the bottom of your roster just to make others work harder.
  7. What would the rebuild look like right now if the lotto balls had fallen in favor of us, or atleast hadn't bumped us the past 3 years? The idea was good but honestly if they ended up drafting 2nd and got Laine, I still don't think Nylander would have been the #1 center they were hoping when they drafted him and TO would still be in a rebuild. Winning and getting Matthews completely changed that team, what if we hadn't dropped a couple years ago and were able to get Pierre Luc Dubois? That kid looks like the real deal too potentially, etc. Its a bummer dropping in the draft the last 3 years but bad luck is what has screwed the team.
  8. The idea is you are going to force people to switch over to electric rather than use gas. I have read a few articles stating it'll cost the average BCer an extra $1000 a year since we already have a carbon tax, while some places it will cost an extra $2000+ that don't have any tax currently. My biggest beef with it is there is no idea where or what the money is going too... All I have heard was "it'll go back to the province to do what they want with it" when listening to some of the council meetings online. What good is that? Is there an actual benefit to it? Where exactly does ours go now to reduce carbon emissions exactly and what will this federal one go exactly to reducing it also? Theres just to many questions with not enough answers being answered.
  9. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I don't see anyone taking Gagner for atleast a year and if he got sent down no one will trade for him then. I think its the fact he was brought in to be a PP QB when people could see he benefited from playing with Columbus and that ridiculous PP they had 2 years ago. Probablem was he got all of his points and suddenly the second half of the year when their PP went cold, Gagne couldn't buy a point.
  10. And also has to be smart for Laine the following year.
  11. Yup each "working" day you are in a state you get taxed by that state. Thats why last year for the Superbowl, Jimmy Goropollo made more money (because he had played a certain number of games that season before being traded) than any other Patriot player who was working there. That was because he was getting his cut of the superbowl revenue given to teams yet he wasn't in Minny (wait was it there again?) to "work" since he wasn't on the team anymore and was just chillin at home in a lower taxed state. Its really funny how it works down there.
  12. After those world championships I think Laine had clearly slotted himself in the #2 slot and no one at that point thought Puljujarvi would go any higher than 3.
  13. Well maybe thats the Oilers first problem.... Lucic just seems to be a black hole for players now, his feet and hands have abandoned him thus far. If you have McDavid putting up 100+ points and Drai with 70+ yet you can't get yourself on either of those lines and produce legit numbers, you got a problem. And whats Oilers going to ask for him? Claim he's a 3rd overall pick with lots of upside still? Can't give up on a kid that quick geeze.
  14. Lower... #TankForHughesBrother But in all honesty, outside of potentially Hughes or even OJ (and my expectations aren't super high for him right now with his injury), our D was embarrassing last year, and we have brought every single on back this year with the same 2 goaltenders, what makes me think it would be any better. Its been a tire fire for 3 years running now with little to no change.
  15. And this is probably why I toe the line in the middle of Liberal and Conservative, hell I just hate all government and their stupid pissing contests regardless of who they are. I hated the last election with the pissing and trying to demonize each other rather than trying to promote their platform and agenda on how to make the country better. The Harper-Trudeau ads on TV were brutal, almost as bad as watching Trump-Hillary spew so much non-sense everywhere.