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  1. Exactly. You can't compare BC to many places because look at how our numbers are doing. They have done things in a smart way, yea theres still some inherit risk each time you go out but as you said when there are less than 20 cases a day being confirmed and only 2 ICU beds, I have no reason NOT to trust what Bonnie has told us to do. The fact some places are making masks mandatory and in BC we aren't because we have actually stabalized our numbers to an extent is a good thing. I don't fear going to the park, to the river, to the trails, to the store, etc. If I was in the USA where those numbers are crazy in some places then I would have a much different opinion on the virus and health officials but Bonnie and Horgan have done a great job so far, I can't fault them at all for anything they say and do, if they say its safe to do x y and z, then I will believe them that its safe to do x y and z until it goes completely sideways and I loose faith in them.
  2. How much is this that the world has finally gotten supply to test more than before? Obviously new virus you have to develop more tests and can't get things right away so I wonder how many tests they missed early on due to lack of tests available.
  3. That means they get to win twice! American style can't let anyone else win!
  4. Pretty quick here the whole country will have gotten it and they will be the first ones to be immune at this rate!
  5. Theres ads on facebook? Havent seen them for years since I added an ad block
  6. All I know is if someones flying a Nazi flag, I sure the hell aint going to there house, and definitely not trespassing and trying to take it all on a dare.
  7. Meh I still like his cars, just need that truck to come out at a decent price now
  8. Ah wonderful just what we need more tariffs. This is why Trudeau needs to toe that very fine line of a politician and not listen to what nimrods like Singh yap about.
  9. Usually doesn't take nearly this long. One of my facebook groups about guns has sources that say it wasn't any AR15s or anything like that. How legit is that? Who the hell knows. But it really seems like the RCMP is trying to let the story die out to justify the gun ban when if it comes out non were semis then the whole thing is a sham. I like a good conspriacy but don't like them when they involve peoples lives being harmed, would love to just have straight up legit facts.
  10. I can admit the only place I have worn a mask is Costco and thats because they offered me one at the door. Its never been mandatory so I haven't brought around my mask from my shop and no places I have been to have enforced it. Now I do still try and avoid as many close encounters as possible when I am in the stores.
  11. Read an interesting article of how Facebook may encourage people to work from home and adjust their salaries from there depending on where they live. Like someone in vancouver will have a higher salary than someone in Abbotsford because the cost of living is higher in Vancouver, and someone in 100 mile will make even less based on the costs there, they were basing it off rental and home prices I believe. Be interesting to see if that works. They could shed a few bucks while allowing families to live in the country instead of cities, and not have to do long commutes, etc. If I had that opportunity to loose some money off my salary to not commute and work from home but still be competitive in the industry then I would jump on that myself.
  12. Oh Yea I completely agree. People who day all cons are bad and all dems are great on here are blinded by their love for one side or the other. Both groups are brutal, the only ones I like are those who are floating in the middle and take bits from here and bits from there as opposed to pushing one side or the other.
  13. Oh weird I was listening on the radio and they were saying how lots of companies are looking at more at home work and reducing office space to save money. Going to be interesting to see how many companies go that route to save on pricey offices. Well for me work doesn't stop and when we have slow downs I have just enough seniority to keep going,might just have to go afternoons or graveyards temp. Need the weather to get nice and we will be swamped with work, this rain is just killing us right now but good luck telling loggers to take time off work.
  14. All I really buy is the kicking horse or the kirkland beans which I do actually find quite good.