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  1. Oh Archie and Al Bundy are two guys who would never fly in this PC culture now. Oh the days of early sitcoms, how its so much different now.
  2. Its funny because teachers I know hate the NDP and Horgan as much as Christy now because he pulled the same shenanigans. It would have been pretty similar I think. To say we wouldn't have done anything while Ford and Kenny and other Liberal/Con parties did is a dumb statement. Its someone who just sees their hatred towards the Liberals that much.
  3. Sure looks like KoS is doing a crappy job keeping his minions in line and not causing outbreaks.... Surrey I tell you, the King is slacking!
  4. I thought it was the other way around. I remember going into some privates where the price on the tag showed the deposit + taxes included so you knew what your final till would be then the government made them change that so now the tags all say +taxes and GST I believe.
  5. Whats affordable daycare? Anything that isn't someones sketchy basement can get pretty pricey. When we were looking for my kid, my wife would go do all types of tours and she said TONS of the places would have extension cords, or sketchy book cabinets, etc. where we didn't like that idea for our kid. Found a place we felt safe and comfortable with, LOVE the place, amazing people that work there but definitely eats away each paycheck and with a second kid starting pretty quick its gonna be hard, gonna eat up a whole paycheck every month of mine just to put them there but if its where the wife feels safe then so be it. I could easily stay home, not work, take care of the kids and not contribute ridiculous taxes to the freaking economy but oh well.... Still waiting on that $10/day daycare the NDP promised..................
  6. The American BBQ Showdown - Netflix Loved it, was fun to watch and a good show to throw on in the background with the kids around.
  7. Can this guy not string a bloody sentence together without stopping and changing half way through?
  8. Oh probably, some stupid taxes made up that will affect us all even though many people are paycheck to paycheck right now. God if ICBC insurance rates go up again after they spent all this time and money promising to lower them...... I am still pissed I had max discount and these new rules jacked it up on me because I am not freaking old yet. Somehow the old dude on the road that can barely see is safer than me....
  9. All the parties are the same, all will benefit the big boys and leave the Joe blow with big promises
  10. I have zero sympathy for Trump, he's scum. Doesn't mean I want to see more blood and death among the human race that can be avoided. How he has managed to escape all these issues and accusations the past 4 years is still beyond me, I figured something would have gotten him out of office or atleast in jail where I feel he should be after all the horrible things he has done to people with ICE, etc. I am just sick and tired of seeing people harmed and lives lost, on either side of this fight and debate.
  11. Screw it, if they find the person, send them to the USA and let them deal with him how they want. I have zero sympathy for anyone who tries to harm another human. As much as I despise Trump, trying to poison him (or potentially someone else in the White House who probably goes through all the mail first), punishment should be HARD. Trying to harm anothers life is grounds for life in prison, etc. I have no sympathy for those who try and harm others.
  12. I wonder who ran a worse campaign, him or Kim Campbell. Both were epic failures from looking at the results. Pretty much should remove both of them from the title of "former prime minister" since their stints were so short and brutal.
  13. Thats what I love about Joe Rogan. Sometimes I am listening and I am like "yea thats awesome, great conversation" then other times I am thinking "dude how hammered and high are you, you are making no damn sense"
  14. Thats virtually all I want is that 2 minute hop over and back But oh well not the end of the world.
  15. I just want them to open up to get to package express. So many good deals in USA right now I would normally have sent there Missing out of lots of savings.