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  1. And its little things like that. I have friends that have a tendancy to get sick more often that I have messaged and offered help and just check in with them often if they need something, none have taken me up yet but rather be safe than sorry and help out if I can. Pretty much, these massive companies that need tax payers bailouts are absoultely stupid. I know a lot of times money is tied up in products and manufacturing, etc. but comeon its dumb. Just like when Harper bailed out GM, I understand why they did it to save thousands of jobs but GM got off with only paying back a fraction of the cost. And it happens constantly. Such a waste of tax payers dollars, Canada should have gotten a shareholders stake in GM or something atleast until everything was paid back in full.
  2. And this is the key. I have heard lots landed and hit up costco etc on their way home, others I know that are friends, came back and had friends drop off food before or after they got home so that they didn't go around and potentially carry disease and spread it unknowingly. Parents have friends who were in Switzerland (I think) to watch their son play hockey since early February or something just before the season shut down and they had my mom come and stock up their fridge and freezer with food a few days before they got back just for the chance that they could have it. They went straight home and anything that they have needed they are asking friends to grab and just drop off for them.
  3. Problem is most of them are young enough that they will probably get it, feel little no side effects, and spread it to others and just shrug it off as "oh well didn't both me much"
  4. He's going to say because not everyone is testing, people who have very mild symptoms are being turned away from hospitals from being tested, people who are recovered are those who have only made it though 14 days but haven't had to be retested, etc.
  5. Thats the age group of kids I am worried for. I remember being in 10 or 11 and we had that teacher strike (or threat of it in the middle of the year) and we are on a timeline to cram a lot of info into 4 months so those kids I feel for during this where those grades and learning are so critical. Pretty much K-9 can be a wash and whatever but 10-12 is such critical specific work towards kids college and careers, etc that each day to learn is pretty damn important. Yea they will all "pass" but going from 10-11 math and if its semesters and missing 2/3 of the course, yea your really going to struggle the following year.
  6. Exactly thats the problem, yea they arrest a leader but big whoop, thats not going to deter people until theres some sort of big fines that make it hit peoples pocket books to the point where "oh crap maybe this isn't worth it and we can just do this online like everyone else". Haven't heard of any in Canada but I assume it would be like restaurants where they get fines etc but they need to fine the individuals too in my opinion.
  7. Arrest, jail and charge all of them not just the pastor. The damn people know whats going on, they shouldn't be left off the charges.
  8. Well they said less than 200,000 deaths and the government will be considering it a win so......
  9. Hey comeon a bar is a bar. Doesn't matter how low it starts!
  10. And thats why you just got to verified sources rather than just whatever google pops up with.
  11. Just wait until the USA starts getting overloaded in their hospitals, then s*** is going to hit the fan down there, thats scary. Right now, like Canada, we are doing ok with hospitals, but talking with a buddy who works at the hospital, he's afraid for about 2 weeks from now if things start going south and they will be really screwed.
  12. I think we as a nation can all agree to this! Should be what unites us!
  13. LMAO good! Act like an idiot, get treated like an idiot.
  14. Thats to bad, SuperStore and FreshCo had dedicated guys cleaning everythinng before people were touching carts, etc. where I am. Gotta say good on them from what I saw.
  15. When May comes and weather is nice good luck getting school kids to stay home.