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  1. 2005 corolla 1996 ranger Had the corolla for 10 years now, thing has been almost perfect with a couple minor things that I didn't keep up when I should have. Used the wifes ranger for a year while doing most of renos, thing still works well just needs a new powersteering pump and its back to running like a charm.
  2. Oh good even more reason to hope to Sportsnet when they finally get on the air...
  3. Yea lets be honest no one cared about to movie, only reason to watch it was Aubrey and Anna haha
  4. Hmmm short and medium term goals are probably continue finishing renoing my home to try and get as much done as possible before my child is born in the fall. Would like to lose weight also but renos take priority right now.
  5. Oh geeze I hadn't heard that, thats awful.
  6. Its awful, saw that the other night and just thought through my mind how anyone can even drive through a road with fire on either side of them. But everything burning I guess you have no choice but to just drive and hope for the best.
  7. Yea I saw a video earlier today of someone driving down the road and the 30 foot trees on either side just engulfed in flames. I couldn't even imagine driving down that road even to escape with how stupidly scary that would have been.
  8. Oh I am sure he will let the province burn and just make sure that Ontario and Quebec are ok.
  9. I am assuming so, he's been gone a while. At first I though ok maybe just a long vacation but I can't remember the last time I heard him on the radio now. Oh good Stat was the only logical one and I quite enjoyed him. Problem is I don't mind Price and Sekeras to much so I would like to see who Stat ends up being with as his co-host.
  10. Any word where Stat is ending up? Would hope he gets onto the morning show. Also really hope they get an FM frequency also on the side, my excavator at work doesn't get any AM stations at all I just hope they don't have Kypreos as a guest ever, he is the worst on the 2 networks.
  11. Anywhere its warm and I could go enjoy a beach, etc. without being hounded by the public.
  12. TSN says we should just throw the kids in the deep end and say "sink or swim" . Well how well has that worked for Buffalo and Edmonton (pre-mcdavid), they had 3 first overall picks in a span of a few years, a bunch of other high picks and lets be honest, if they hadn't had the balls bounce their way and gotten mcdavid or eichel, they would still be sinking. McDavid completely changed that narrative but whens the next time a McDavid or Eichel or Matthews is going to come along? There will be top end players but no generational player and even then if there is whats to say the Canucks don't do the same thing and get bumped 3 spots again that year. I would rather see them be bottom 10 but be competitive where the young players slowly develop instead of being peppered with shots and losing 5-1 every game where their growth will be completely stunted and will want out of the organization.
  13. I like it, low risk signings and isn't forcing rookies to get into the lineup prematurely and take a step back in their development.
  14. And this is the thing, fine pay them minimum wage but make them buy their own sticks (what are decent sticks going for now? $200 a piece?), if they break one stick a week that takes away half their weekly pay so that they can buy and keep playing. Make them pay their own rentals for places, their own fuel and transport to make it to practice/games, their own meals, etc. Guess what that will cost more than them making minimum wage. I have played sports and payed my own fees, my own gear, transport, etc ever since I was 16, nothing quite like the WHL but its expensive and there was no free college tuition out of my games, no possible millions, and I did have the risk of blowing out knees etc where work would be next to impossible. Hell the Giants moved to Langley because they were having trouble making a profit and paying for the arena, now if you try and throw minimum wage onto that I don't now if they will survive and I bet there are dozens of other teams that would be lost where these kids would no longer get the benefit to play hockey and try for professional or even college. Fewer teams means fewer opportunities.
  15. Ah ok I couldn't remember the number they were allotted off the top of my head but yea D will be a premium this summer and Vegas will have a boat load of them.