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  1. Wow wonder what buisness she is in to be so stupid to implicate herself like that...
  2. 1) 3 points for regulation win, 2 for OT win, 0 for tie or loss 2) Make the teams who miss the playoffs have all the same percentage to win the lottery (100/15= 6.66% chance each) Sucks for crappy teams because they might end up with a mid round pick rather than a top end pick but then there is no reason to tank at all. And then simply put every team with 1 ball and roll it out with first ball as 16th pick, etc.
  3. Until 650 gets better quality I am stuck with 1040 mostly
  4. Lets be honest, most people don't give a crap about their garbage if its not in their own property. They feel public property should be free game and someone else will deal with it unfortunately.
  5. Wow 2564 GB phone???? :D
  6. A couple years ago Pratt was beating the drum for the Canucks to sign him to a 5x5 type deal because he was that good according to him. Its amazing how he signed so late in August for only 2x3 and now he's on a PTO. He just can't keep up to the pace these days.
  7. I would have a hard time seeing Rodin given preference over Goldy. Rodin has no value and promise unlike the D did last year with Stetcher.
  8. True. I haven't been on the Vedder for the past couple years to fish. Hopefully get a chance next year.
  9. Yea I got to say I am super glad I didn't waste money on a fishing licence this year, I would have been really pissed off.
  10. Loads of Natives generally sell it for a fraction of what the stores sell for.
  11. Really the bible says that? Brutal... so much for all the preaching my mom wanted me to learn in church, glad I got out of it...
  12. Its going to be difficult. Cap has become a little more stagnent the last few years and isn't moving as quickly as before. People say follow Pittsburg and Chicago models. Well Pittsburg had trouble for a handful of years with 2 guys taking up so much cap space, took a while until the cap went up so they could really solidify their depth and win the previous 2 cups. Chicago had Toews and Kane on pretty good contracts for their cup runs, now that they are making 10 each you can really see their depth has dropped like a rock.
  13. I thought HBO didn't have commercials? Who knows I don't have it anyways
  14. Last Chance U Great show on a bunch of kids who get kicked out of Uni football and get a final chance at this one university.