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  1. And if you read the fine print (I don't have link anymore), it only affects around 400 people country wide. Its a specific type of worker that it would effect so its not like it would affect many canadians at all. Anywho I am so sick of Harper, I have my own views on who I want to win and it definitely isn't Harper. Edit: Election time of year, my favorite time to come to the forums and read for hours.
  2. Companies will start reducing hours so people can't make their minimum hours to get benefits coverage. Some companies wont let you receive them unless you work 30+ hours a week so I can see alot dropping people from 30 down to 25 so they don't have to pay out that extra benefits. Its a tricky slope, major corporations are in it to make money and they will find a way to make back that extra $4-5 either from the consumer purchasing the products or somehow through their employees. Its a game of cat and mouse which the consumer will never win in unfortunately. Do I think someone who flips burgers should get paid $15? No I don't. I did it in highschool and for the first bit of college at $8 and knew its a minimum wage job with 0 skills involved so I went to school and got a job that paid more than minimum wage.
  3. You can't really place a premium on a player who you want to move to gain cap space... Your hands are tied because you have other players you need to fit in the lineup and you need to move Bieksa.
  4. I think Chiarelli still has his work cut out for him. I think they are a couple years away from making an impact unless he can wheel and deal and really bolster defence and goaltending all this summer.
  5. [Signing] Canucks sign Jordan Subban

    Has anyone ever compared the 2? Ones an elite talent all around, 1 could be a PP specialist with 5/6th role.
  6. IIHF World Cup observations

    There is no way Ekblad can't win the Calder. For a defenceman to step in and play that well both ends of the ice greatly trumps any offensive forward who doesn't have a 2 way game.
  7. Miller is the bona-fide number 1, just look at his contract. And no way SJ would trade either for Miller.
  8. Who will AV go after from Canucks?

    Willie got Vey and Dorsett when he came here.
  9. No Tanner Glass? I liked his work ethic eventhough he was thrust into a 3rd line role when he shouldnt have been. Solid 4th liner.
  10. The fact Sven HAS to be here next year or waivers pretty much sealed his fate, and the pay raise for Dorsett which took up pretty much any remaining cap space. Im ok with Sven been here next year, I liked Matthias but he is replaceable, was a little pissed seeing him being forced to play wing and have Vey play center when he could actually battle big centers down low unlike Vey.
  11. Live Long Enough to Become the Villain (Bieksa)

    Top 2 on alot of teams? Who? Buffalo? I liked Bieksa a ton, he has been invaluable since he came here but last season you could see he was slower on his feet and doesn't have the agility he once did. It sucks, if he was getting 2-2.5, it would be a no brainer keeping him, the fact he is 4.6 and playing 3rd pairing minutes and were sheltered in the playoffs with the Sedins since they are possession beasts and kept them away from our net proved it. Sbisa and Stanton weren't the problem. He hasn't been able to find chemistry with Edler or Hamhuis to put in the top 4 as the RD over the past 2 seasons so where does that leave him? Sbisa gets nit picked pretty bad simply because he started off the season with some highlight giveaways but as the season progressed he did pick up his game much better. I don't want to see Bieksa leave, but I would rather see Corrado step up and make a spot next year.
  12. Well Sven has a full time roster spot next year so you have to make room for him somewhere and with Kassian and Burrows missing your gonna have to trade some roster player to get him in the lineup.
  13. So when there was only 6 teams in the league only TO and Montreal were allowed to play every year for the cup?
  14. Todd McLellan as New Head Coach?

    Thats what I am wondering, for all these Shark teams that are supposed to be Cup contenders over the years, they really have fallen short every single year.
  15. ^^^^^ Best advice. I did this also and was able to save a bunch of money. Yea its not the most attractive living at home for relationships but if you can save money, its completely worth it.