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  1. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    From what I have read he sounds like he is playing on the perimeter and not going to the net. As another poster stated, this may work on the larger ice where there is more room but in the NHL he must get to the net and into the lanes to score. I have high hopes for him making the team but from what I've seen so far, Gaunce is gaining the inside track.
  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Does anyone think that going to Europe last year actually set Jensen back. The game on the larger ice is very different from the North Amercian game and although he was playing against men in the SEL, the North American game is still more physical. Just look at his AHL stats when he cam straight from Junior for a brief stint and then look at his stats in the AHL after his year in Europe. By all accounts he really struggled after he came back from Europe whereas he lit it up in his first brief stint in the AHL. I am not convinced that staying in junior and truly dominating would not have been better for him.