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  1. Finally some emotion, frustration bubbling through.
  2. JV with the big promotion to the mcdavid line yipeee u stink richie
  3. JV getting tons of ice time tonight....nawt
  4. Awww shucks!
  5. i think BXA needs a soccer ball to the nuts before every game! playing his best game of the season
  6. CoHo has the better playmaking skills for the center position while your right, Shroeder is a little small and is more suited for the wing.
  7. Except Shroeder is still a center regardless of where he is playing. Versatility is key.
  8. except there both centres vying for the same job as #1 call-up
  9. Reads like AV strikes the fear of Darth Vader into Shroeder. I wouldnt be surprised if AV shell shocks all our prospects with his intensity.
  10. very interesting read
  11. love the way Burr talks about CoHo
  12. is rodin going to be attending main camp with shroeds and coho?
  13. Ohhh Shrater you will hopefully keep getting better and better.
  14. how did the game go Johan?
  15. For some reason, i feel that Shroeder is going to impress more than CoHo. He has less media pressure and is coming into camp with the undersized dog syndrome.