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  1. Jannik Hansen

    Hansen is a smart forechecker if I remember correctly. He seems to steal the puck on the forecheck more often than any of the others. I wouldn't say he has stone cold hands but he doesn't have much special to create his own chances either, but he's usually not bad at give and go's down low and getting open for a decent shot. He just looks bad sometimes because, like Raymond, he has a tendency to speed down the wing and take a useless bad angle shot to the logo. I'm surprised this topic wasn't brought back to talk about his recent "international violent behavior", and crosscheckng the ref, and something to do with taking out Bolland's legs tonight?
  2. Linden For Gm

    That's a terrible idea. I love Linden, and I'd hate for him to become a coach or GM because inevitably you people will start using him as a scapegoat and complaining and whining about him not doing his job well if we don't win a cup.