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  1. if trevor wants a very high quality, experienced g.m. he can't keep torterella. that will diminish the list of candidates of g.m. this is the gms call, it is his choice who he wants for coach. the team is not nearly as stale or failing as some are saying. the team started out well, until torterella played the life out of the better players and others, while sitting his 4th line on the bench and only very few minutes of playing, and if they did anything imperfect, they were again stapled to the bench. far too many minutes per game for certain individuals, that is poor planning and a total lack of knowledge on how to manage players playing time, in order to keep them fresh all thru the season, so that they are not fatigued at the end of reg. time. by the time xmas came injuries had begun to show up, from the shot blocking style of coaching that torterella insists on. broken feet and hands, totally unecessary, and ray ferraro just finished saying exactly the same thing. there is a better way to prevent good shots than always using one's hands and feet. he admitted himself he made mistakes in his coaching style today on his media interview. he really lost all respect, with his antics in calgary, embarrassed the whole canuck nation. they asked him today what he would have done if he had of reached hartley, he said he would have got him, he wanted to get him, and he didn't admit he had lost his marbles, and made an ass of himself, he would do the same thing again. the team is in transission, and there are quite a few different players this years, it isn't the same team. he made the sedin's change their style, that didn't work, but lately they have gone back to their own style, and it works, i'm sure they have thrown the torterella book out the window, they know how they need to play to be successful, they don't need a ditz like him telling them to play 'his' way. he doesn't coach a style that makes exciting good hockey to watch, and he isn't going to change for anyone, so if they keep him they have to hire a puppet g.m. and they have to acquire the players torterella wants, and vancouver will have a shot blocking, grinding team, that crowds the goalie, mucks around till they can push the puck in the net somehow, anyhow. the fast break outs and great skating good talent won't be here, and very talented individuals will be taught to play the game of a grinder. get rid of him now.