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  1. Are you serious? Dude scored 36 points last year with great two way play and excellent on the PK, for a measly 2.5M. Tough boy Derek Dorsett makes more and literally does nothing on the ice. Benning let his value plumment to zero... There was an obvious roster jam with Kenins, Cracknell, Gaunce, Virtanen, and McCann knocking on the door and he neglected to fix the situation. Probably could have gotten a second rounder for Higgy last year but Benning lol, stupid uneducated Canuck fans whats new?
  2. Miller has not been the best Canuck this season. The Sedins, Hansen and Tanev have been our most best players by far. Miller had a good 4 game start to the year and trailed off to... law of averages. Is it really that crazy to think that Sekera (a number 2/3 defenseman) and Eddie Lack (who is either equivalent to Miller or marginally worse) is better than Weber (7 Defenseman PP specialist) and Miller? First of all, I just gave an example of a plan to make this team in a better contender by attempting to sign Sekera and retain Eddie Lack who had better numbers than Miller last year. So you can stop asking when I have already provided an example. Instead of complaining about me complaining, why don't you actually defend my points instead of simply saying "oh what is the better alternative". The Canucks have an abundance of forwards and have not leveraged their depth to acquire a defenseman. Like I said, it's pathetic how fans are okay with mediocrity. If not for the Sedins all-world play, we truly would be an awful, awful team. Sure, they are here, they are given a 'chance'. But are they in the best position to succeed? We still have grinders like Dorsett, Prust, Higgins and Cracknell taking up roster spots from young players who have earned spots like Gaunce and Shinkaruk. Virtanen is not NHL ready but he's here because Benning loves his physicality even though his IQ is lacking. When Gaunce got called, he outplayed Virtanen but got sent down. Shinkaruk got called up to play on the fourth line.. surely putting these young prospects in prime position to succeed. Baertschi is regularly scratched and occasionally playing on the 4th line, definitely exploiting his dump and chase, gritty skills. Baer and Virtanen have barely sniffed the PP and have not played in the OT at all. And for others who say we are rebuilding, that directly goes against what Jim Benning and Trevor Linden have been saying since the beginning of their campaign. This is a retool on the fly. Rebuilding teams do not hold on to assets like Matthias and Richardson instead of trading them for picks. Rebuilding teams do not favour the 35 year old goalie over the one who is 27 and entering his prime. Rebuilding teams do not give away 22 year old defensive prospects for no reason (Higgins could have been placed on LTIR, Canucks choose not to for whatever reason). This is a retool on the fly. And it doesn't work.
  3. Please explain with your insightful posts. Lack and Sekera is infinitely better than Miller and Weber.
  4. And they truly are. Dump and chase, soft as cheese, lack of skill, 20 minute efforts, no chemistry, no offense defensiveman so on and so on. As a fan and an observer I only see what I can see which is the product on the ice. What goes behind the scene is not my business, do you expect any fans to know who is available through trade? We had a Cody Franson (who is miles ahead of Weber) on the UFA market and did not do anything, for example. As for the other quote regarding Miller, he's and average - below average goalie who is getting paid like a top 10 goalie. I would take a Sekera and Lack over Miller any day of the week.
  5. You should ask the GM of the Vancouver Canucks, not me. That's not my job. Cap savings from Bonino and trading Miller would have been enough to sign a 5/6 M defenseman.
  6. When Canuck fans are so conditioned to mediocrity they are okay with the Sbisas and Bartowskis of the NHL. Fact is Jim Benning started the year with 3 #6/7 defenseman and expectd to 'compete'. How much worse would we be without Hutton and McCann whom were not part of the original plan. Canucks don't play 60 minutes, hardly an entertaining team anymore (filled with grinders), and youngsters are limited and not put in a position to succeed.
  7. Giveaways are not meaningless because of hindsight... Sbisa has been less noticeably bad compred to last year. Which means nothing because advance statistics showed he played like a #6 last year. He's been good for his standards but he's still an overpaid 5/6 defenseman who gives away the puck often and occasionally physical with no inability to skate or make the outlet pass.
  8. Sbisa had 2 chances to clear the puck out but gave it away. He still sucks. Sbisa, Weber and Bartowski.... Fact that this was the part of the original plan makes me seriously question our management.
  9. Drop del zotto pick up beahchemin
  10. Remove Nichuskin, pick up Domi
  11. yeah it didnt... But I got a stream now thanks!