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  1. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Had to come out of retirement and login just to quote these golden posts. Man some people really need to go outside and walk away from the computer. RNH a third line center.... what is Brandon Sutter then? A 7th line center?
  2. ?.... So people here who participate in subjective discussion are considered toxic just because they don't like the current regime? Yes-men at their finest.
  3. Tyler Motte: 105 points in 107 games Adam Gaudette: 138 points in 112 games Motte had a great final year in college, but Gaudette has been a stud throughout his 3 years in college and was in Olympic consideration this year. Gaudette also carried his team to a Beanpot and was MVP of the tournament. Tyler Motte's NHL career: 12 points in 64 games Tyler Motte's AHL career: 32 points in 65 games His professional numbers have been worse than guys like Dowd, Granlund, etc.etc. He'll be lucky to be anything more than a 3rd line player at this point in time. So yeah... wanna do some research before talking?
  4. No because Motte has played 2 years of pro hockey and had done absolutely nothing to prove he's a consistent everyday NHL player. 2 years is a LOT in the NHL. Teams don't have all day to sit there and slow cook players. Sorry bud, other than the fact they were hobey baker finalists, there's no comparison to be made.
  5. The Gaudette comparisons are off. Gaudette and Motte are separated by 2 draft years. Gaudette hasn't played any pro hockey yet. Motte hasn't done anything in the pro levels in 2 years. Gaudette's college career has been significantly more prolific than Motte's.
  6. You're kidding right? There is nobody on that list that is even close to high-reward. What's the standard for high-reward? Jim has been accumulating mid tier low upside players in their mid 20's the moment he stepped in. In a vacuum, giving up a 4th or 5th here and there isn't a big deal, but when you keep doing it, you give up a lot of lottery tickets that could land you a cost controlled impact player that will help us in our rebuild, like trading Diaz for a 5th rounder which turned out to be Adam Gaudette, who is on track to be an impact player for the rebuild. Signing UFA's is not a moot point. Dedicating 6M in cap space to Eriksson instead of using it to take on bad contracts to get assets makes a HUGE difference. Are people here just really out to lunch?
  7. Man CDC has become so toxic. Just because someone disagrees with Jim Benning, you get irrationally attacked. Ok, I apologize for voicing my opinions on a hockey discussion forum.
  8. It doesn't really matter, the fact is Benning has targeted a bunch of players and have continued to miss. His best "hit" so far has been Baertschi, a borderline second liner. You want me to list out all the assets that were given up to acquire those players? Cap space, picks, players etc. The point is, Jim Benning's pro scouting is atrocious. In his 4 years here, his best pro scouting hit has been a borderline second line winger in Sven Baertschi. If that's all he has after 4 years of work, I'm treading what's going to happen in the next 3. Cheers. Actually, I think the best player Benning has acquired in his 4 year tenure was Bonino, who he promptly gave up for Brandon Sutter. Oh Jim...
  9. You really don't understand why people don't believe in Benning's ability to scout young/pro talent? Larsen Bartowski Holm Vey Sbisa Granlund Baertschi Gagner Clendening Motte Leipsic Dowd Pouliot Gudbranson Etem Sutter Prust Dorsett Pedan Bonino MDZ Gagner Nilsson Eriksson Goldobin Stecher How many of these guys acquired through (trades/signings) are true top six forwards or top four defenseman that will help is in the future? Benning's pro scouting may by the worst in the league, definitely bottom 5. Even a brocken clock is right twice a day... how many hits have Benning had v.s. misses?
  10. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    Vancouver is a bandwagon city. If the Canucks are good, the tickets will sell out - period. Aquilinis know that, which is why they have been hesitant to rebuild ever since they bought the team. There's nothing wrong with what you said, it's just irrelevant. Attendance is largely driven by product on ice. I would say more than 80%. You do know a lot of tickets go to corporations right?
  11. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    This is straight up wrong. Were you even a fan when the Canucks were the best team in the league? Building was sold out every night, tickets had re-sale value and actually cost a pretty penny. You can now cop tickets on Craigslist for $30-50. One can argue that product on the ice is the largest deciding factor on attendance.
  12. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    The interesting question is when do you draw the line with "learning"? This isn't like how you develop a prospect. You're giving someone the power and authority to manage a 800M business, how much rope and learning does one expect to have? I'd like to think that you'd be prepared by time time you're given the keys to a 800M business. This isn't the AHL where you can simmer and develop, this is a real business lots of $$$ at stake. Like the above poster said, learning may have cost him his job.
  13. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    You gotta stop buddy. Eriksson is undeniably one of the worst contracts in the NHL.
  14. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    What are you even talking about man...? That was the best 5 year stretch of this franchise period... Success was short lived? Canucks were one of the powerhouses of the NHL for five years - we might not have that type of dominance for many many years. When Gillis left: Markstrom, Lack, Tanev, Horvat, Kassian, Cassels, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Jensen, Schroeder? Zero eye on the future? Some of the prospects obviously did not pan out, but it's not like he had "zero eye for the future". Tanev and Lack were great finds at the time. Top pairing and a 1A/1B starter without giving up any assets. Kassian was still a young and effective top nine player at the time. Markstrom is our current defacto starter and couple years removed from being the best goalie prospect outside of the NHL. Horvat is our current best player on the team and future captain. Gaunce is turning out to be a good bottom six C. I'm not saying he was great by any means in developing talent, but he knew this team needed to get younger and the team was trending that way. Come on man, that's not even remotely true. This is more fake news that just gets pumped out and recycled that Gillis left the pool barren or had "no eyes for the future". God please stop.
  15. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    You said we aren’t Oilers bad. Oilers have 47 points in 49 games. Canucks have 44 points in 49 games. What? Some interesting “facts” you got there.