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  1. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    Vancouver is a bandwagon city. If the Canucks are good, the tickets will sell out - period. Aquilinis know that, which is why they have been hesitant to rebuild ever since they bought the team. There's nothing wrong with what you said, it's just irrelevant. Attendance is largely driven by product on ice. I would say more than 80%. You do know a lot of tickets go to corporations right?
  2. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    This is straight up wrong. Were you even a fan when the Canucks were the best team in the league? Building was sold out every night, tickets had re-sale value and actually cost a pretty penny. You can now cop tickets on Craigslist for $30-50. One can argue that product on the ice is the largest deciding factor on attendance.
  3. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    The interesting question is when do you draw the line with "learning"? This isn't like how you develop a prospect. You're giving someone the power and authority to manage a 800M business, how much rope and learning does one expect to have? I'd like to think that you'd be prepared by time time you're given the keys to a 800M business. This isn't the AHL where you can simmer and develop, this is a real business lots of $$$ at stake. Like the above poster said, learning may have cost him his job.
  4. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    You gotta stop buddy. Eriksson is undeniably one of the worst contracts in the NHL.
  5. Do you want Jim Benning re-signed? (Discussion/Poll)

    What are you even talking about man...? That was the best 5 year stretch of this franchise period... Success was short lived? Canucks were one of the powerhouses of the NHL for five years - we might not have that type of dominance for many many years. When Gillis left: Markstrom, Lack, Tanev, Horvat, Kassian, Cassels, Gaunce, Shinkaruk, Jensen, Schroeder? Zero eye on the future? Some of the prospects obviously did not pan out, but it's not like he had "zero eye for the future". Tanev and Lack were great finds at the time. Top pairing and a 1A/1B starter without giving up any assets. Kassian was still a young and effective top nine player at the time. Markstrom is our current defacto starter and couple years removed from being the best goalie prospect outside of the NHL. Horvat is our current best player on the team and future captain. Gaunce is turning out to be a good bottom six C. I'm not saying he was great by any means in developing talent, but he knew this team needed to get younger and the team was trending that way. Come on man, that's not even remotely true. This is more fake news that just gets pumped out and recycled that Gillis left the pool barren or had "no eyes for the future". God please stop.
  6. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    You said we aren’t Oilers bad. Oilers have 47 points in 49 games. Canucks have 44 points in 49 games. What? Some interesting “facts” you got there.
  7. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    That’s fair. It seems like you’re a half glass full type of guy. There were a lot of things that Benning didnt do/did do that set this rebuild back by 2-3 years IMO. By the way when Gillis got canned, it wasn’t as barren as stated. That’s a huge exaggeration that many people like to believe to justify this timeline. Horvat, Tanev and Hutton are still three pieces that are important in our future left by Gillis.
  8. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    "35% of THIS years cap has gone to players on a bad team. We are a bad team. We're not Oilers bad, or Buffalo bad but we're a bad team. But wait, 8 weeks ago before all the injuries we were actually a middle of the pack team sitting at 1 point below .500" Oilers have 47 points in 49 games. Canucks have 44 points in 49 games What are you even talking about? You are literally discrediting real life facts and forming your own inaccurate opinions. This is as close to Trump as it gets.
  9. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I'm not angry at all, I'm just confused as to why people can't see the big picture? As an owner, Jim Benning has come in and wasted your $ and failed to retool on the fly. Not only this, but he is on the verge of THREE consecutive bottom five finishes while... spending the maximum money you could possibly spend as a General Manager. On a Macro level, that is a failure beyond epic proportions. There is no justification or dispute on these "facts". He tried this half-ass "retool on the fly" and targeted players 22-27 to "accelerate" the process. It was a poor choice of strategy and even worse execution. Why is he still being heralded by Canucks fans? He is a bottom 10 GM at best, on a good sunny day. I think JB is good at evaluating amateur talent, and that's about it. A General Manager needs to be able to do way more than that. He hasn't proven he has NHL GM capabilities outside of his amateur scouting. He does not have the cap management skills, asset management skills and the pedigree. The Subban comments were an example of Jim just not being the right person for this job. He's not a buffoon but he's been horrendous by all measures except for the draft. Why would you draft a player like Forsling/McCann and then trade them shortly after? There's just way too many inconsistencies and unexplained actions.
  10. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Really? Because almost 95% of his "facts" aren't facts. It's extremely biased, he picks his spots and argues certain things and excludes certain things, like this: "35% of THIS years cap has gone to players on a bad team. We are a bad team. We're not Oilers bad, or Buffalo bad but we're a bad team. But wait, 8 weeks ago before all the injuries we were actually a middle of the pack team sitting at 1 point below .500" You can't pick and choose when to pull up standings. Injuries happen, that's part of the game. A fully healthy Canucks team just got their asses handed to them by the Buffalo Sabres yesterday. YESTERDAY. We are right up there with the Sabres and Oilers. This is even better: "You made grand claims wide sweeping statements about how Benning was awful and why, about OMG this team did this and that team is better for this. yet not ONCE stated a single fact or reason why. We are on technical year 2 of a rebuild and looking far better than we ever have moving forward. I asked you true or false is this team more well positioned in cap space, prospects and youth for the future than ever before. You said false. You can't even remotely claim this is somehow not true" What...? What is a "technical year 2" of a rebuild? You're just making $&!# up as you go. Looking far better than we ever have moving forward? Currently 4th last in the NHL, one spot better than last year. The team is not well positioned in cap space because we have 35% tied to marginal players on the team. I have already explained that and used "facts". This is my evidence to claim that this is not true... where's your head at man? Too many concussions?
  11. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    There is so much wrong in this post I don't even know where to begin.... Most of the stuff here is gibberish and formulated by opinions without any evidence whatsoever. Not to mention the constant spelling errors and incoherent sentences. Honestly, my eyes hurt attempting to read all that. This is so poorly written that really, nobody is gonna give a damn or care about what you said. I stopped responding halfway because there was just too much trash in there.
  12. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    And he flubbed the 6th overall pick in Virtanen with Nylander and Ehlers as BPA picks right behind him. I love Boeser as much as you but let’s not be a homer. McDavid Eichel Barzal McAvoy Rantanen Werenski Provorov Boeser In no particular order, all stud players. The best pick in 20 years comment is way too premature. Off the top of my head Pastrnak the year before went after McCann, and he and Boeser are similar players.
  13. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Saying the Canucks have spent to the cap three years in a row with three probable bottom 5 finishes is “using my opinion and claiming it as a fact”? Lol
  14. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    You can’t let a GM go because he nailed one pick? Nobody will know the behind the scenes on who was a major factor on drafting who. For all we know, Judd Brackett probably scouted Boeser hard and pushed for him. It’s difficult to argue unless you’re behind the scenes. Tryammin was a good pick, the management of Tryamkin was horrible which led him to flee. So right now, that’s a wasted third round pick. Demko was good, but taking a goalie in the early second round - it is expected that he should be good. The Suban for #5 is true - Elliot Friemdan confirmed it with management and that’s the closest thing to being true in the hockey world. This managament is still not committed to the rebuild, this is obvious when veteran players have been signed with term. Eriksson, Gagner, MDZ, Nilsson
  15. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    No need. Eriksson, Sutter, Gudbranson, Gagner, Markstrom, Nilsson and MDZ comprise of 26.2 million dollars. None of these players are even a legitimate top six forward or a top four defenseman or an average starting goalie. 35% of our cap money has gone into below average players on TERM. This is beyond pathetic. Over a third of our cap goes into, more or less trash players.