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  1. Not in school, working far too much. I love the Canucks, though! lol
  2. I've always admired both Hank and Danny. I wish, now that they're moving on a bit in years, that they'd take the full time off to truly heal. I guess, at the time he came back, was when there was the possibility of making the Playoffs. Too bad both Edler and Sutter went down. Mad respect to the Captain!
  3. Merry Christmas from the one who rarely posts, to all fans of the Canucks!
  4. Haven't they played in their PJ's for the last, oh say, 6 years?
  5. um, he was sidelined for how long, for the hipcheck on Lucic? Chara is HOW big???? Poor Hammer.... lol
  6. The recap stated the assist Vrbata got on the 1st goal, was his 500th career point... That would put him as first star, I would think
  7. At least they didn't offer the job to Dave Randorff and Gary Galley... what a pair, THOSE two are! Sheesh!
  8. with Tommy for colour!
  9. Go Canucks Go! time to get ready for the next game...
  10. I'd go with a chocolate cream. The blueberry with vanilla ice cream, is most likely the best candidate though. As for the defence, Bieksa is trying to carry everyone on his back right now, and he just isn't TL...
  11. whoever needed a ride; they can flipping-well walk during a Canucks game! lol
  12. This game was so intense, by both squads. I'm enjoying watching Alberta hockey again, but I'm wondering if both Miller and Bieksa have the flu... crappy way to throw Eddie out to the wolves, (Ducks) tomorrow... Either way, there was a win tonight, in the Canucks favour. Go Canucks Go!
  13. things that haven't been said since;... Jarome was Captain, and Trevor was Captain...
  14. You're right, we've got Bonino now...
  15. I think the current 3rd, should be the main, like the version posted. A swap between Johnny Canuck and the skate, would be fine as the new 3rd. Biggest question though, is 'why bother at all?' Definitely keep the current colours though