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    Canucks, work, (okay that's more a must-do). Enjoying the outdoors whenever work allows.
  1. Not in school, working far too much. I love the Canucks, though! lol
  2. I've always admired both Hank and Danny. I wish, now that they're moving on a bit in years, that they'd take the full time off to truly heal. I guess, at the time he came back, was when there was the possibility of making the Playoffs. Too bad both Edler and Sutter went down. Mad respect to the Captain!
  3. Merry Christmas from the one who rarely posts, to all fans of the Canucks!
  4. Haven't they played in their PJ's for the last, oh say, 6 years?
  5. At least they didn't offer the job to Dave Randorff and Gary Galley... what a pair, THOSE two are! Sheesh!
  6. Hmm, Linden's high on Edler... the only player Torts couldn't 'get to', was Edler... If Torts had issues with Kesler and Edler, seems that problem's gone now. We shall see...
  7. Damn, said on Facebook after the game, that Gillis would be gone by noon today. Not too often one of my thoughts gets done... he should have been initially hired as an assistant GM, to learn the position. I can't remember who was available at the time, though.
  8. What, you didn't try to auction off your son? I'm disappointed! lol, only joking, but win. lose, or OT/SO lose, gotta love the Canucks! Go Canucks Go!
  9. All we can hope for is that the Canucks show up, and fight for all it's worth. Should they keep up the pressure for a full 60 minutes, no reason they can't win this one. Go Canucks Go!
  10. Can we go play golf now?
  11. Kass at the right place, at the right time, again... W000 (gimme a break, gotta run between fridge, tv, and computer... lol)
  12. I like Schroeder, don't get me wrong, but he's not cut out for the West. Sarich made him look like he was still in junior...
  13. Schroeder is too damn small
  14. I only hope they win tonight, as I don't have to work, and will be watching this one