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  1. Holy crap ur name is blasphemous! Im gonna stay over here and avoid the lightening bolts :P

  2. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I took the initiative to PM him. Unfortunately I deleted the response. I should have posted it. Even after Burr's awesome season, he stood by his stance on Burrows. It's pretty comical. EVERYBODY should PM him. It's always good to point out somebody's failures. It keeps them humble
  3. What's new and exciting in Ashleigh's world?

  4. I'm for Parksville too! Well, the Qualicum side. Which part of town are you from?

  5. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    I didn't have much interest in tonight's card. I actually forgot there was even a fight tonight. What was the highlight??? Anything spectacular happen tonight?
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Sorry... Avery is good, not GREAT! Ovechkin is great. I think the boys do it effectively SOMETIMES!!!!!!! Others, it does become pointless. If you can get Gaborik off his game the way Kesler used to during Wild/Nucks games 2 seasons ago, that is what we want. It keeps the opposition distracted. As for burrows... I PM'd the OP. He stood by what he said... I don't know WHY he did, cuz he was dead wrong. That is why this thread is still up here. Burrows was one of our top players. He was what??? Our 3rd highest scorer? ( I could look it up but I'm not going to)
  7. Not really. I just wish we were playing tomorrow night instead of Friday.

  8. Getting nervous about game 7???

  9. I neither was nor was not chowgow... if he was banned or wasn't banned... it was totally warranted haha. cough cough.

  10. I'm not banned again...

    yet hahaha

  11. You were "chowgow" right? or am I wrong? 'Cause I heard you got banned for something....what was it?