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  1. This is actually where I think he winds up. that or 3 years at 6. Considering the cap will actually be really constrained for this season and next, he'd probably be better off with 3. If he continues developing the way he did in the first 2 years, he will get far higher when the cap really moves again.
  2. They still have a massive amount of work to do and have sat idle for most of the summer. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. Would love this, but Edmonton has a really bad cap issue. They need to move more cap out, not acquire more. I think trading Goldobin for him would be more realistic, just based on the cap requirements for both players is about equal. I think that overall, if someone went to Edmonton and said that we'll give you a 2nd in 2020, and a 3rd in 2021, they would probably jump at it as it removes immediate cap requirements from them for next year.
  4. If his conditioning is not up to league standards where he can compete at that level, there is precedent as well to suspend him for failure to maintain reasonable level of fitness. Time will tell, if he's not motivated to show up in camp in the best shape of his life, don't know what else would take to motivate him.
  5. 9 million isn't necessarily that this day and age.
  6. A month in Utica and he might just decide to retire. If this summer doesn't give him enough motivation to show up in camp in the best shape of his career, then his career might be over.
  7. @Alflives delusional? Possibly, but that doesn't mean he's not right about whether or not Eriksson would accept demotion. Would be a BIG slap in the face to him. Hopefully, he just shows up ready to compete and make it a non issue.
  8. I know, he will be, or, he’ll be traded somewhere else. Not like he has any actual negotiating leverage.
  9. I think it comes down to, whoever shows up in September, ready to play and do whatever is necessary to win a job. That's the way its supposed to be!
  10. Completely fine with him staying, just have a good season and do what you're paid to do! If he comes to camp ready, he could be a good mentor for our younger players, he is accomplished. We have room cap wise, to keep him at least 2 more years and possibly one further, depending on how the cap progresses. If he can become a useful player, we could potentially make a deal with Seattle to choose him in the expansion draft. I'd be good with flipping Seattle a 2nd or a 3rd to choose him over anyone else in our lineup.
  11. I think this kid is a pretty good bet. I’d probably offer up something like Baertschi and a 4th or 5th rounder. Its not that I don’t like Baer, but his concussion history concerns me, so sending him in this type of trade, in my mind, mitigates our risk while showing decent value for the former 4th overall in a deep draft.
  12. I agree, I think the best thing for him right now, would be to sign a deal for a year in Finland, prove that he can put up numbers there and regain his confidence and then come back to the NHL next season. He'll be easier to trade.
  13. I think it will be Hughes, but it could just as easily be the other Hughes. Time will tell....imagine if the other brother was drafted already, has there ever been a situation where 3 brothers compete for Calder in the same year?
  14. Puck doesn't drop for 2 months. Can we at least get a sense of how they are going to look in camp, before we answer that question?
  15. We are completely good on cap, stop overthinking it, trust Benning.