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  1. Great, tell Eriksson that we're not even inviting him to camp, he refuses to report, we suspend him, negotiate a termination of contract and he goes and signs somewhere else for 3 million, instantly making more than he will either of the next two seasons. Problems solved!!!
  2. You're trying to over simplify this with saying don't sell low. That might have worked before the cap, but now, managing your space effectively is how you build a winner. If you have someone who could be awarded a 3.5 to 4 million Arbitration ruling and you would be forced to accept it, you walk away if he is as inconsistent as Jake has been. Personally,I love the potential he has, but you can't get locked into contracts based on potential in a cap that will likely be flat for the next 2 to 3 years. I'm not sure fans are really getting this point. The cap will likely remain at 81.5 for at least 2 seasons, possibly as many as 4. They built in cost recovery for owner investment, but that won't start until fans can return to buildings. That is minimum of 12 months away. Teams will protect themselves this off season,as they should.
  3. This exactly. I actually feel that he will be back next season on a 1 yr show me, deal for about what he's making now. With the plethora of players about to become available, he'll have trouble getting better anywhere else.
  4. You're working from the assumption that there won't be a glut of middle six forwards looking for contracts in 3 weeks. Why would you take the chance of needing to retain 1.5 million or more in a flat cap, it's not good cap management. I think Jake would have a hard time this off season, finding a team that would risk more than 1.5 per season on him, due to inconsistent play. Go through CapFriendly and notice how many teams have cap problems due to inflated contracts and then think and realize,how many teams will likely stay at an internal cap this yeas, below the league cap due to reduced revenues. I think he would resign at his current cap, to stay in Vancouver, and if not, take your pick of which free agent, mid 20s player would love to join a team with the amount of talent that Vancouver has.
  5. Unless they can sign him before Qualifying,they won't take the chance of being forced to accept a 3 million plus arbitration award on Jake. Would you?
  6. Canucks will protect themselves. If they can't find a trade partner for Jake who will take the risk of Arbitration, he won't be qualified. If he's not qualified, don't be surprised if he signs a one year, show me deal in Vancouver around the 1 million mark. Canucks won't lock him in for more in a flat cap without knowing that they can bury him in Utica if he's not consistent.
  7. I'm not sure that the KHL could ride out a lost season, or not having fans in the buildings. They have been having too many issues with their finances to let games run in empty buildings. Would likely kill a significant number of teams in the league.
  8. Demko isn't going anywhere. The sticking point on Markstrom's contract is that they won't give him a NMC.
  9. who said he's going to go to an SEL team? Why can't he just retire and become a scout or something?
  10. I think you mean "unreasonable" I think you also think that 5 million is a lot of money.
  11. Yes, compared to what he has been paid, and inconvenience to his family. He only makes 1 million this season.
  12. Maybe we can all start tagging him in posts if he has a twitter handle asking him, as a city, please retire!!!