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  1. So, you want to have a knee jerk reaction to a one off game and gut our team of its chances to make an impact in the playoffs, to gamble and pull a, OHHHHH, Shiny NEW DRAFT PICK? Some fans think it would be an awesome idea if we stay permanently in rebuild mode and never compete. When we traded for Miller last summer, it was signaling to Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat and Boeser, that we are moving out of rebuild and into compete and win now mode. It was a show of faith that we believe in them and that we will support them and surround them with the guys who will help them compete, and you want to just throw that away from one off game from a team that's missing a LOT of its regular guys. Amazes me.
  2. #1. Marky will not walk this season, we will sign him for another 3 - 4 years, somewhere around 6 million per. #2. We won't likely lose Demko to Seattle, its much more likely that we will make a deal (as many teams did when Las Vegas came in), a pick for Seattle to take the player we designate. #3. Madden is absolutely a crapshoot, but he's showing that the faith we put into drafting him was not misplaced and he's exceeding ALL expectation. A late 1st round pick is also a crap shoot. Past the top 10 - 15 picks, you really don't know how they will or won't develop. There are a lot of guys past 15 that never reach the level that you had hoped. I would much rather take my chances, summer 2021 and see what Benning can do, than gut the team on a knee jerk trade.
  3. Makes ZERO sense for Canucks. Why do we need to gut our goaltending depth for a 1st round pick? Madden is a very good prospect, would likely go late 1st round in a redraft. We are in win mode now, we don't need to dilute our prospects unless its acquiring someone who can play and contribute now.
  4. I don't believe Bogosian does anything for us. He can't keep his place in the lineup with a team that's way out of the playoffs. If we are going to go after another D, I'd rather try and make a deal with San Jose for Dillion. Maybe Stecher + for Dillion?
  5. Baertschi will be gone before next season, possibly at the deadline. Markstrom will be resigned, I think around 6 million Eriksson, I believe will retire this summer, after receiving his next bonus. Schaller won’t be resigned Ferland, I also believe will stay on LTIR for the rest of his contract Goldobin, doesn’t matter if we keep or not, I think we will qualify him as there’s a lot of talent there is he can figure things out on consistency Stecher, I think gets traded this summer, possibly before the draft as part of a package to regain a first round pick. This will make room for Tryamkin Tanev I believe gets resigned for around 6 million per Good post, I think we are closer to really competing than a lot of people think.
  6. So, here's my take on this; #1. Kane's hit was absolutely worthy of a suspension. He clearly brought his forearm up and made the head the principle point of contact. He's lucky to only get 3 games considering his past history. #2. His statement about the consistency of the DPS, is not wrong. Its incredibly inconsistent and the NHL gives passes to many players. The cross check to the head by Chara should have been at least a game, and it would have been for any other team in the league. There are so many times where we see incidents, regardless of team, where it should be a suspension, and it doesn't even get a second look. He is absolutely correct that the system needs an overhaul and maybe an outside, independent board setting the fines and suspensions, wouldn't be a bad thing to try.
  7. Now, they can really tank for that awesome chance for the lott.....ohhhhhh wait, now I remember, sucks to be
  8. My guess, @alflives, he goes on LTIR for the rest of his contract, or should at least.
  9. Wants to play and should play are two very different things. He needs to think about his long term health now.
  10. Doctors gave all clear. He needs to retire now, and although that sucks, its time to do what’s best for the player and his family. Having him on the books for 3.5 doesn’t actually hurt us.
  11. Your body has a message for you Michael, time to listen to it.
  12. I think if we can move Baerstchi, it will give us the room to sign Tryamkin and still keep someone like Stecher for insurance. Regardless, something tells me that Stecher will be gone before next training camp.
  13. I haven't seen any problem with how Stecher has played this year. We are deeper at defense, and as such, he's been playing a little less minutes. He's averaging a little over 15 minutes a night which isn't bad for 5/6 pairing, which is really, I think, his sweet spot for effectiveness. If we do put him on the market for trade, he will generate a lot of interest.