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  1. I actually think that that is an overpayment for him. Hansen is to big of a part of our team, and Sbisa I think is really coming into his own this year as a D. I wouldn't be surprised if any other team that Buffalo is approaching is looking at Kane and thinking that there's an 75 - 80% chance that he will sign in Vancouver after next season anyway, and that will really limit the negotiating position of Buffalo. The longer this goes, the less return that Buffalo can really expect if they are serious on trying to trade him.
  2. Fortunately, (maybe) this team constantly has people on IR, and that seems to be the new norm around the league. Detroit, currently more than 7 million over Cap due to IR Anaheim, about 4.5 million over Cap due to IR Take a look, I'm pretty sure that we could make this work.
  3. I would have to do the math, but I believe with IR relief, we would be pretty close with these numbers. We are carrying way too many people according to CapFriendly right now as well. Based on guys who are out right now, we have about 15 million in annual salary who are on IR. "Might" have to move someone else the other way as well, but I don't think so.
  4. I think there is something going on with Kane, health wise. 3 assists in 11 games and no goals? This kid has the capability, if Buffalo wants to move him, they can't expect to get anywhere near what they paid for him with his level of play since the trade. At this point, IF we are going to approach this, it should be seen as a reclamation project and see if we can fix him. I wouldn't offer more than: To Buffalo: Gaunce Larson Cederholm To Vancouver Evander Kane 5th round pick If not, he has one year left on his contract after this year, then we can sign him for free if he's worth signing.
  5. Nolan and Horvat would be a nice one, two punch at center for the next decade for us. If you have a 1C available, you grab him
  6. Anyone hearing an update on Anton's status?
  7. However, I really don't think that the management wants them to finish their careers anywhere but in Vancouver. This would just be about "loaning them out" for a chance to get their names on the cup. I think you'd have trouble getting most of those guys to waive their NTC/NMC's to come this way as well.
  8. They have stated that they want to stay here, but its a valid point. Problem is, I don't think a lot of teams that are challenging for the cup could afford to put them on the books for a full year, even with 50% retained. Trade at the deadline, a team is only absorbing a portion of the 6 million that 50% would represent. That's a number that with some creative moves, would fit in under the cap. I really don't think they want to leave Vancouver, I can see them becoming some part of the team front office when they retire if they don't want to go back to Sweden.
  9. Teams trade guys with expiring contracts all the time with intention of resigning them during the off season. This is more grey area than that, but its moving the same direction.
  10. Its borderline, but is there anything in the CBA that specifically says that players can't be traded back to the originating team within X period of time? I've done a rudimentary scan of some of the rules around trades in past, but haven't looked that closely. Players get moved for really weird returns these days in cap balancing. The league would look at it really skeptically, but unless there is a specific, written agreement, could they really deny a trade?
  11. I agree, I don't think it could be anything official, but if the trade was to a team that would have trouble fitting the Sedins under their salary cap next season, even at 50%, then its really likely that they would do the deal anyway. The Sedins control a NMC, so its not like the team that they were moved to could just dump them anywhere. We see lots of deals though that are for unspecified, future consideration thrown in. In this case, its a handshake deal where the Sedins return to Canucks for a pick or two. I don't know, this was just completely hypothetical, the GM's do stuff that circumvents that cap and CBA all the time, trying to figure out if this would slide through and be filed under, "Loopholes to plug during next lockout"
  12. I haven't researched in the CBA at all on that, so just total speculation on this. I don't want to see them moved unless they want to go after their name on the cup, but even if it was 50%, do a deal at the deadline to minimize exposure to the other team and then repatriate them at the draft, I don't think there is anything there that the league would have an issue with? I could be wrong though, they get bent out of shape about this stuff sometimes.
  13. Okay, this is not another "Hey, let's get rid of Daniel and Henrik" proposal, in fact its not a specific proposal at all. I think, like most fans, I'd really like to see the Sedins finish their careers here, but I'm also wondering if they would like a shot at the cup. They still have one more year left on their contracts, but they are clearly slowing down and this might be the last year that they can compete and be an effective part of a cup run. Just trying to see if people on this board think that a type of "Guaranteed Return" trade would work. I don't think a lot of teams would want to put 12 million on their books for next year. Assuming we continue to trend out of the playoffs, would the league accept this as a valid trade? To (Insert name of cup contending team here) Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin 75% salary retained (2016/17 season only) To Vancouver 1st round pick 2017 2nd round pick 2018 Prospect Salary dump player (make the numbers match) Daniel and Henrik go and chase getting their names on the cup. At the draft, we finalize the second half of the trade, guaranteed return to Vancouver; To Vancouver: Daniel Sedin Henrik Sedin To (Insert name of cup (hopefully winning) team here) 2017 5th round pick Daniel and Henrik go on to finish their careers in Vancouver after having the chance to chase the cup one more time. Again, this is just speculating on whether the league would try and block something like this, or if they would just let it ride. Thoughts? Feedback??