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  1. If we put Sbisa on the market, the return will be significant. There is a shortage of quality defense in the league right now and Sbisa is a solid 2nd pair D on 80% of the teams in this league. People need someone to beat on, and he's just the latest, but he's having a pretty solid year. He hits, doesn't take stupid penalties, will stand up for team mates and drop the gloves. People on this board don't give him enough credit. He's never going to be the second coming of Bobby Ore, but he's been solid this year and last.
  2. I actually think the opposite on this. I think management from Dallas wanted Hamhuis, but that ownership there refused to go as high if the trading partner was Vancouver, and I think ownership in Vancouver blocked the trade because they wanted more. I believe it was the ownership feud that ultimately got in the way of it happening. I could be wrong, but that's my opinion. I don't think ownership interferes as much as everyone thinks, but I do think this was one of those occasions.
  3. Always incredible how some fans think it would be so incredibly easy to just turn this team around and magically make talent appear. It takes time and patience to build the right way. There are no fast fixes anymore, we had traded so much in the way of pics and prospects around 2010 - 2013, in an attempt to win the cup, that has an effect. We didn't get anything for Hamhuis, but only had one team to work with (Dallas) and we had a battle of ownership going on that influenced that. Dallas wound up trading for a guy that they let walk and then signed Hamhuis in the summer. That tells you that both GM's likely wanted to do a deal on Hamhuis, but ownership got in the way. Vrbata had played himself out of being tradeable, and his contract that he signed in the summer, 1 million, reflected his performance last year. This year, we have stated that we are not going to "ask" guys to waive their NTC's, but that doesn't mean that they can't be given the option to go somewhere and compete for the cup. It just means that management won't try and strong arm them into doing it. We're going the right way, we are building some good prospects and depth. We should have another good shot at the lottery this year, I don't see us finishing higher than 24 - 25th in the league. That's not being negative, that's being realistic. I'm enjoying watching guys like Horvat learn and grow, as well as Stetcher and Hutton. Its great to see Burrows enjoying and being rejuvenated a little, I wouldn't mind seeing him back again next year as long as he can keep this up. If we can get him back, closer to the 1 million per season mark, he's showing that he can be a really good influence and mentor to the youth on this team. Horvat and Baertschi really came together as a line when they added Burrows with them. People get so bogged down in the negatives and lack of patience in developing our next generation of players, that they forget to enjoy the process of watching young players grow. Yes, there will be mistakes. Yes, there will be frustration. Yes, we will get better again!
  4. Linden was also a winger and given more freedom to score and, because of a lack of depth at the top of the team at that time, was given a lot more minutes that Horvat was in his first year here. Horvat was only playing 10 minutes a night in his first year, running the 4th line. Linden was quickly moved up to the 2nd line winger position and then 1st line, without as much focus on the defensive part of the game. Linden was an incredible player, but look more closely at his numbers in the late 90's when he was still in his prime, but the goalie equipment was really beginning to change and he had been moved to center and given more defensive responsibility. Although they are different ages, Linden was mid 20's and Horvat is only 21 now, it more represents what was being asked of them at similar points in their careers.
  5. There are times when you need to do something really bold to set the stage for future success. The problem is, its getting harder and harder to do that in the league. With the Salary cap, it would be really difficult to make these trades happen. In today's market, Linden would be a 6 - 7 million per year guy. Most teams can't fit that into their space with just sending out a couple of Entry Level Contract guys and a draft pick. You'd have to take back a significant amount of salary as well. I don't think we should move Daniel and Henrik unless they come to Benning next year and ask for one last chance to compete, but if we do, even at the deadline, fitting 12 million prorated into any competing teams space will be challenging. Even if we absorb 50% of remaining contract, it would still likely mean a contract dump or two coming back this way. Doable, but not easily. Now, let's get back to talking about Virtanen, since this is really his thread! 6 Shots last night, looks like they hit a hot goalie and that was the big difference in the game. Good to see him getting the top minutes though and building his confidence. Really looking forward to his return to Vancouver with his game rounded out a little more.
  6. Misleading stats. Very few players can generate those type of stats in their first few years anymore. Its a completely different game and completely different goalie equipment. How many 50 goal scorers do we have in the league now compared to back then? McDavid is possibly as good as Gretzky, but he'll never reach the same numbers. Players just don't score at the same rate as they used to. Unless the proposed changes to the goalie equipment really do what everyone is hoping.
  7. And, a pick that became Ruutu. Still miss him on the team.
  8. Yup, that's pretty much exactly what I'm expecting. Will be some really wacky stuff.
  9. Can we change this to, how many losses do we need to get the best chance at winning the Nolan Patrick lottery???
  10. There will be a LOT of trading before the expansion draft as teams look to limit exposure. I seem to remember that happening last time as well.
  11. Willie will be here till the end of the season. His fate will not be in our record, but in whether the team is maintaining a compete level. I believe that Willie will be terminated after this season and that Travis Green will take over to start next season and really work with the talent that we have coming up. I don't think Willie has done a bad job here, he's just the most likely fall guy for the fact that we are still developing the next group of guys (Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi etc, and of course Nolan Patrick when we win the lottery and draft him #1 ) People expect this team to magically change and talent to appear and mature over night. This takes time.
  12. I don't believe he said that he wouldn't trade players for picks, I believe he said that he wouldn't ask guys with NTC's to waive. Not going to them and saying "I want you to waive..." is completely different from saying, "So, I have a team calling that's interested in you and they are a playoff team. I'm not going to tell you to waive, but I am going to give you the opportunity to go and compete as opposed to staying here and getting an early start on golf..." 2 different approaches, I'm sure if there's an opportunity for Miller to get a shot at the cup, or Burrows, or any other number of players, that there will be a discussion about their immediate future prospects in the NHL.
  13. Torts is a knowledgeable coach, but I don't believe that his style of coaching is workable on the west coast. He pushes the top players too hard and too many minutes and doesn't account for the travel schedule that they endure. I believe his inability to understand that concept was a big part of his undoing in Vancouver. With how things are going right now, I guess we should be starting to get excited about another solid shot at the first overall.
  14. Funny how many more, REALLY high draft picks they have had than us in the last 10 years..... They should be doing better than us right now, we are rebuilding, they have a lot of high level prospects that are just coming into their own.