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  1. Mehhh, I trust Benning, great drafting has followed him everywhere he's been. He knows how to put a group together who will identify good quality picks for us, same as he's done his entire career. Not worried at all.
  2. Good scouting has always followed Benning, completely comfortable with JB appointing someone to take over from Judd. On Rathbone, wouldn't be at all surprised to see him sign here now that CBA has been finalized. There's no guarantee that there will be a season in College this coming year, especially with what things are like on the East Coast right now.
  3. I actually don't think Bettmanhas done a bad job. He's brought cost certainty to the league, and I think overall, the current CBA, although not perfect, has worked pretty well for both sides. All documents need periodic updating to adjust for real life usage. There are things in the CBA that need to be adjusted for both sides to work better, I do think there is other revenue that should be included into the CBA to be fair for the players, but that also might be better to wait till the next revision as the owners are stepping up and offering to pay the players at a really high level, and assume greater financial risk. This could easily be 2 - 3 years before fans are allowed back in the buildings.
  4. Got to say, I was completely wrong on this. I really didn't think that the owners would ever agree to delinking revenue from salaries, even for a couple of seasons. So, looks like they are going to run at 81.5 million, but with a 20% escrow for first season. Really hope this gets done so that we have cost certainty and know exactly what we can spend as a team.
  5. They may still qualify him, just to retain his NHL rights. Sometimes, guys can turn it around in another league. Its unfortunate that he's never been able to put it all together at the NHL level.
  6. Really good rate, probably reflective of the current market instability. Might have figured, is better to just lock in now.
  7. I really hope this is possible, but I also really have a hard time believing, after 3 lock downs, that the league and owners would be willing to just give the players more than 50% revenue for a undefined period of time, especially when it could easily amount to 80% + on the revenue side, based on constrained league finances.
  8. The problem at the moment is, we have no idea at all what the cap situation will be like for the whole league. Teams are not going to be willing to pickup cap dumps etc, when all teams are dealing with the same situation. I agree that we need to resolve the Eriksson situation, and I really do think that he should be sent to Utica unless he can show that he can out perform all other players who are pushing to make the team. I think that demoting him, will lead to terminating his contract as I don't believe that he will report to Utica. I'm not surprised that we haven't seen any movement on resigning guys as Benning is facing an unprecedented situation. All GM's have no idea how much cap space they will have for the next season, and how reduced revenue in the league will be handled. Will they increase escrow (40% or more) and leave the cap the same, or will players agree to short term write down of contracts and a lower overall cap? There's always the chance as well, that the NHL completes this season and then takes a whole year off as it may be that long before fans are allowed to return to the arenas and it may be more cost effective for everyone to just cancel the 20/21 season. Until those questions are answered, its not just us that's speculating, its all the GM's as well.
  9. Pretty much. Its been SOOOOO long since I saw someone lose a bicuspid, I hardly remember what it looks like anymore....
  10. This is going to be interesting, we've never seen playoffs start with almost every team, 100% healthy. Going to be weird and create some interesting times.
  11. Over hyped, this whole issue has been highly overrated. Ultimately, things changed when Benning arrived and gave our scouting the direction and directive that they needed. Everywhere he's gone, they have had good scouting. Its about setting expectations and bringing in good people to fulfill your plan. Benning is the key to our success because he gave the direction. He'll appoint a suitable replacement and we'll move forward the same as we have been since he took charge.
  12. Unless the owners suddenly decide to give the players a much larger share of revenue than 50% (really can't see this happening after 3 lockouts), there is no scenario where we don't have either a greatly reduced cap ( 50 million range) or 50% escrow. The money has to come from somewhere.
  13. Zero reason to do anything until we know the financial structure of the league for next season, and its doubtful that any team would take a salary dump before they know the answer to whether or not the cap is going to drop, or if players are going to agree to 40 - 50% Escrow to keep revenue balanced at 50 / 50 split.
  14. Wondering what happens if NHL / NHLPA vote to resume and some players (Dubnyk) refuse to report. I mean, the obvious is suspension without pay, but wondering if there will be more ripple effect to this.