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  1. Pavel Bure! They have a secret cloning operation in the back of Rogers arena where they are trying to clone him from DNA harvested from an old sweaty skate. I've heard they already have prearranged endorsement deals in place for the clone with Axe Deodorant!
  2. One of these guys will be injured in training camp and like the last few years, one of them will always be injured during the season making room for the others. People seem to forget that we are ALWAYS short of defense due to injuries. I like our overall depth, let's see how the pairings sort out during camp.
  3. +1, looking forward to seeing him crack the team next year. Didn't look out of place in the 20 games he was in the lineup. Would love to see him tried on the power play and parked in front of the net. Seems to have pretty good eye hand coordination and defense will have trouble moving him without taking a penalty.
  4. Keep in mind, the people who are probably really pissed is ownership. I said at the time, when everyone was jumping all over JB about the trade not happening, that I believed it fell apart because of ownership on both sides. That is something that Benning can't control.
  5. What I noticed last year, when Sbisa went down with injury for an extended time, we started losing on a nightly basis. People don't give him enough credit for the physical presence he provides.
  6. Great, let him get proven innocent, fix his reputation and if he cleans up his act, sign him in 2 years. Until then, we don't need the drame or distraction! Probably the worst trade Buffalo ever made!
  7. Skill and Speed wise, I think he's really pretty close to making the team. Size and strength is where he needs work. Let's not make the mistake that Edmonton has made time after time of rushing guys who are not physically ready to handle the league. I'd rather have him as the go to guy on first pairing in OHL than running 5th or 6th minutes in the NHL next year. 2017, he should be up into the 190 - 195 lbs range, and will be much better equipped to handle what the NHL, especially our division can throw at him.
  8. I think you are also thinkingof the case against Patrick Kane where the mother stole evidence. That was never the case here, we don't really know anything about witness believability, only that they didn't feel they had enough evidence to prosecute on a criminal basis. Some might disagree, but I don't think we need the distraction in the dressing room.
  9. Yes, innocent until proven guilty, but there's the drama surrounding him which I really don't think we need in the room. Just my opinion, but not sure its worth the risk at the moment.
  10. If there's enough smoke, there's probably a fire. If this was the only incident, it would be easier to dismiss. He's got a history of getting in the spotlight in the wrong way, and that's not really something that we need here. Give him 2 years to fix himself first and then we can look at signing him as a UFA in his prime.
  11. And is now being sued by a 21 yr old girl who had her rape case dismissed. She is claiming that he assaulted her and that she required surgery. Still want him here?
  12. Can we trade Botch somewhere??? Or, if not trade, put him in a sack and throw it on the next cargo flight to Siberia? How is this guy even getting published?
  13. There is a certain level of conduct that these guys are supposed to adhere to and be a positive example to kids, not a bad example. If he can "fix" himself in the next 2 years, sign him when he becomes a UFA. Until then, let another team work the glitches out of his behavior. I stick to the idea that the best thing Buffalo could do for him right now is suspend him without pay and force him to earn his way back onto the team through positive behavior. Make him respect the opportunity that he has and maybe, MAYBE, someday he will become a player that we would want to have on the team. As it stands right now, the trade Buffalo made to acquire Kane, may go down as one of the worst trades in history.
  14. Probably the best thing that Buffalo could do for him right now is suspend him indefinitely, without pay. This kid needs someone to send him a loud clear message. They will not get anything in return for him right now, they make him fight till end of November to get back on the ice, he might appreciate what he has a little more, and they might have a shot at turning him back into a valuable asset again. Considering what they gave up for him, that might be their best approach. Sends a message to their other young stars, not to follow in his footsteps.
  15. Better question might be, will Botchford ever become a respected hockey guy?