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  1. This should be a live ball drop system.
  2. I think the league is sending a message to the team's that finish bottom 3. DON'T finish bottom 3, we'll make you regret it!
  3. Finally, how long can they fricken talk before doing this?
  4. Happy with this, he deserves his chance to show that he can make it work. I don't think he would have signed again to return to the Comets, we might as well give him a shot, has done great work with our youth. Bring in Lowry for the Comets and we're all set with someone else to continue motivating them.
  5. I hate the idea that he's gone, and hope this was more family than playing time. By the end of the season, he was playing well and deserved more ice time, but at the start, you can't gift time to guys unless they are in shape and ready to go. If its family, I believe that we still control his rights here and could bring him back if the timing is right. Anyone know how long he signed for?
  6. Wow, this REALLY sucks.
  7. I'm sure there's a few people that they will talk to. Even if they just go with Green, it helps on contract negotiation if they have other options
  8. He's not coming back. Am happy to see that he finally got his game together, he always had those flashes of skill, but if we hadn't moved him, its highly probable that he wouldn't have turned it around. He needed the slap in the face of not only being moved from Vancouver, but then from Montreal as well. Seriously, I am happy to see that he finally is starting to put it together, even if its with the Oilers, always liked Zack.
  9. Yup, as long as he can stay healthy, he would make an excellent combo with Horvat for future. We'd be set at #1 and #2 center for years.
  10. I fly a lot, going to try and completely avoid United after this.
  11. They have a game in hand, so if they can win that one game, its only 1 more point that they have to make up.
  12. Green has done an awesome job in Utica with teams that have been pretty lean on talent and getting the most out of kids. Considering that's what we're looking at for the next few years, think its a pretty good idea to have someone good at getting the most out of his players.
  13. Wish Scotty Bowman was a little younger
  14. I always thought Crawford's coaching strategies were 2 dimensional. I'd like to see Green get his chance. He's proved that he's good at patching together a team with some serious holes and getting them to compete. Give him his moment in the sun!