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  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that we are only allowed to retain salary on 2 players at a time, and that's currently covered this year by Hansen and Luongo. I'm hoping that Green helps Loui find his stride again and that he can become a good force for us for a few years. Only other option that I could see out there would be where we move him in exchange for a bad contract somewhere else, in the hopes that a change of scenery might help 2 players. To say that he has been a disappointment in Vancouver so far, would be a major understatement, but I keep hoping that his talent level will turn it around and he'll show what he's capable of.
  2. So, who’s still questioning why Dorsett is on this team and why Benning went and got him? There’s no quit in him!
  3. Too early to tell for sure, but what's really kind of interesting is that Crosby and McDavid are both 2 of the greatest (possibly the greatest) players of this generation. They are both being mentored by the 2 greatest players of the last generation, Lemieux and Gretzky. Also kind of weird is that out of all the possible teams in the league, they have both wound up playing for the same 2 teams as Lemieux and Gretzky. Funny how history repeats itself!
  4. Just once, can't we have a prospect that maintains a 5 point per game average? I mean, really, is that asking too much????
  5. Talk about a messed up opening night lineup, has anyone seen what Vegas submitted? 11 forwards, 10 Defense and 3 goalies Am I the only one who thinks that's a little strange?? Guess they figure that they will have some D play forward until injuries happen around the league (as they always do) and then flip some guys for forwards.
  6. This is pretty much how I see it too. And, we have solid depth to recall from Utica. Figure that Gaunce will likely be on IR, right up until we need him to take over from someone else being injured.
  7. Looks solid to me!
  8. I thought if there were going to be D traded today, it would be Vegas doing it. You see the bottleneck that they have at D going into the season? Its nuts! I think management thought that there would be a lot better market for D through the off season, when they did expansion draft. Going to be interesting to see opening night lineup.
  9. On top of everything else today, we lose another great musician! Really hope October is going to improve quickly, because it couldn't start out much worse than this.
  10. Time for Congress to grow some balls and stand up to the NRA!
  11. No race or religion has a corner on crazy. There are crazy people everywhere.
  12. Thanks, really crazy, have been exactly where it happened a number of times.