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  1. We have the best pool of prospects that I ever remember, through the history of this team. The future is looking bright, looking forward to the draft and training camp next year.
  2. Well, welcome to Vancouver, Brock Boeser. I hope your stay here will be a really long one!
  3. Okay, since the game has just ended, I'm going to be the first to ask this.... Did he sign yet????????????????
  4. So, stupid question, guys. What's Boeser's jersey number?
  5. Works fine if you sign in
  6. I'm pretty good with that option I think he's shown, over and over again, that he's a good judge of talent, especially in later rounds. Exceptional of finding the kids who have a lot of raw skill, but need some guidance and refinement.
  7. I think McCann has pretty good potential, but needs to get a little stronger. Shink, I think is going to struggle to convert his game to the NHL, and I agree, that's what Benning saw with him. I'm pretty happy with the Granlund trade, especially now that we hear that he's been playing through a wrist problem for the last couple of years and still put up 19 goals this year. Gudbranson, I think will become one of our cornerstones of defense, along the lines of a Harold Snepts, but with a little more offensive upside. We needed to upgrade the physicality of our defensive group and that trade accomplished it.
  8. #1, Why is this a thread again #2, Most of those have nothing to do with Benning, who I think has done a pretty strong job drafting for his first few years, a lot of his picks are developing really nicely #3, Drafting is not an exact science, you have to take a leap of faith that the 17 or 18 yr old that you're picking will continue to do the work necessary to become an NHL player. Skill is only part of it, they must be willing to do ALL the work necessary to be effective. #4, Many other GM's also passed at least once on all the other people that you are comparing too. #5, Luc Bourdon is not a fair comparison, he was one of the most NHL ready guys in that draft year and was starting to show flashes of the skill level that the Canucks picked him for. His death was incredibly tragic, RIP
  9. Any UFA signings this summer will pretty much be depth players and guys to round out Utica. Adding any high priced UFA's are not going to move us any closer to making the playoffs. They might try and find someone who replaces the Burrows factor of experience, but I would expect that to be a 2 million - 2.5 million per year type of contract. This would be a mentoring person only.
  10. I'd much rather, just win the draft lottery Its coming up on 50 years in the NHL, you would think we could nail the first overall, just once!
  11. I think this is going to be a new Mini Series: Who is poisoning the Vancouver Canucks? Coming soon to fans near you!
  12. The US might be trying to lower against some currencies, but Canada is far too vested in Energies, which are not performing well right now. Also, the US just, slightly raised their interest rate to make investment a little more attractive. The Downtown is through the roof. Until those factors change, CDNdollar will generally under perform.
  13. US Dollar will go up, Canadian dollar will likely drop to around 68 to 70 cents. So, when you think of what that translates to, if you are writinga cheque for 500 million US Dollars, just for a team, at current exchange, that's roughly 650 million Canadian dollars. Then, you have a 70 million + cap, so around 90 to 95 million Canadian. That is what is holding up Quebec. It's not as big a city as Montreal or Toronto or Vancouver and doesn't have the same corporate sponsors to draw on. It's a big commitment until Canada increases manufacturing and other sectors and becomes less reliant on oil exports.
  14. Quebec has not been turned down, it was stated last year, that they weren't quite ready. The ownership group in Quebec is struggling with the financial part of putting a team there with a rapidly falling Canadian dollar. Seattle is moving slowly ahead. Getting agreement on where to put a building is what's holding things up there and that has nothing to do with Bettman.
  15. Seattle hasn't been rejected, they haven't applied yet, and can't until someone can agree on where to put an arena. If they can do that and get an application in, I think you'll see a team there as soon as it's ready. On Glendale, their local Gov, pushed to move the team out of downtown Phoenix. If they can get a deal done to build a new arena, closer to downtown Phoenix, the team will do better. I've been in the facility in Glendale, and even though its a world class facility, it's definitely in the wrong area to attract fans in. They made the team, largely inaccessible to their target market when they moved from downtown to Glendale.