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  1. Chaput and Megna are there as insurance, in case prospects aren't ready to go and play in the NHL. Its not about anyone dashing the chances of Virtanen and Goldobin, its about Goldobin and Virtanen, showing that they can elevate their game and be effective in the NHL. If they do, we've already seen that JB will find a way to make room for people.
  2. Funny on people really wanting us to just give Subban games in the NHL. He's slipping down the depth chart. That's not the fault of the Canucks, its up to Subban to change that and show that he can be more than an offensive zone defense. If he shows up at camp like Stecher did last year, he can force his way onto the team. A player forcing his way onto the team, is the way its supposed to work and is the way it works with good teams in the NHL. You can give them teaching and guidance, but its up to the player to do the work and show that he belongs. Really hope he makes it!
  3. If you're not skilled or married to an American, as I am, its difficult. My business is down there, but I also have a house in the Gulf Islands, so I'm back and forth constantly. Will be doing citizenship shortly as well.
  4. This exactly. I don't know why everyone wants to go and get a guy that we don't even need this year. If we just stay the course this year, draft well next summer and then sign Kane when he's UFA, "IF" he wants to be here, we will have a team that is ready to start competing again.
  5. Picked Kole Lind as I think he has the highest end potential of the guys remaining. I think he could actually, surpass some of the other guys, this year will be very telling on what his true potential actually is. Brisebois I see as a really stable top 4, d. He won't be flashy, he'll just be there taking care of business. Almost went with him, but I picked based on what I think true potential actually is. Nice to have hard decisions to make in this type of poll, for a change
  6. We just need to win the lottery next year, snag that first overall, and that will catapult us to #1
  7. You can say, just do it, but I'm pretty sure that Arizona has a say in it as well....
  8. They got rid of Sutter because of cap issues. Needed someone on a cheaper contract. They would have kept if they could have resigned him for about 2.5 million. That's what they can afford with their cap load at forward, especially with the cap flat right now.
  9. Jiminy Cricket, just shoot the puck at the net, how many times have I gotta tell these kids, just shoot the puck at the net....
  10. I'm still a Pat Quinn fan, but Jim is getting up there. Definitely has our scouting department running better than ever before, I think that's because he utilizes them to give him feedback and then he goes and sees guys play for himself and then goes on gut instinct on who has what it takes to succeed. No matter how good a scout is, as GM, I think its important to get a chance to judge a player for yourself before you select them. Especially for first 2 or 3 rounds.
  11. I love asking American football fans, why Canadians accomplish the same thing with less downs. Do they need Canada to come show them how they should be playing football as well as hockey?? Why do Canadians accomplish more with less attempts?
  12. Even before that, he's monotone. I think he's an awesome GM, but I'd probably try and hang myself if I had to be on a long conference call with him.
  13. I love JB as GM, but listening to him, to me he always sounds like he's telling someone that their dog died...doesn't matter how happy he is
  14. Actually, the Wranglers were doing pretty well, and wanted to stay in Vegas. They didn't fail because of lack of following or fans attending, they failed because the New Orleans wouldn't renew their lease for another season. I went to a few Wranglers games, the team was popular in Vegas, although other than a season or two, they were a little light on talent. They were one of the only teams that didn't have an NHL affiliation, boosting their revenue and talent pool. They suspended for a season to see if they could find another location to play. When it became extremely apparent that the NHL was coming in, it didn't make sense to continue trying to push for success of a ECHL team. As for your point about XFL, whole league failed, and I don't think there are any teams from CFL, playing anywhere in USA now. Both were strategies that failed due to other issues. NHL is a proven business model. The Las Vegas team will do fine!
  15. Would like to see that as well, but I also think that Goldobin is a player that would really benefit from some direct experience of playing with the Sedins. I think he could use a really strong mentor to get him through some rough spots in his game. I think the kid has really good potential, but not sure he's going to get what he needs this year, playing on a young line. Could be wrong though, wouldn't be the first time