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  1. Although I don't agree with tanking, it does increase the chance of winning it all with pocketing high draft picks, especially under a salary cap era where you need ELC players to make instant impact almost immediately. However, tanking I think only increases the likelihood of success, but by no means a guarantee. If a team happens to go for a tank and ends up on the wrong side of the coin, the consequence will be a crappy team and a team/city that no players want to play in as OP refers. LA and Chicago didn't deliberately tank, but the teams were poorly managed so that they are heavily underperforming, thus allowing them to get players like kopitar, doughty and jack Johnson (which in turns flipped for Jeff carter), but goo scouting also got them guys like quick and taffoli. Similarly in Chicago, the Hawks got nothing going for them after Tony Amonte and Ed Belfour and Eric Daze turned out to be a huge disappointment, thus allowing them to draft towes, Kane, and seabrook. But then again, Duncan Keith is a second rounder. To to be honest, we kind of tanked in the late 90s as well. Again, I don't think it's intentional because of messier and Keenan, the entire Canucks team was so poorly managed. We ended up getting the sedins. Bad scouting also got us Bryan Allen at 4th overall, instead of guys like Simon gagne or Alex tanguay. correct me if I'm wrong, I do believe Crosby is a fluke because crosby's draft year was right after lockout, so I think a few teams (including the Canucks) have the same chance of getting the 1st overall as the pens. So so all in all, I do believe a tank will increase the likelihood of winning a cup, but definitely not a guarantee and it is for sure a high risk high reward play. I personally don't like it because I wouldn't like a team/city to tank every 5-6 years to rebuild a 2-3 years window of winning a cup.
  2. I would bother to continue following this team because I'm a Canucks fan. Fun and hard time... we go through it. I'm just thankful that Vancouver has a hockey team for me to cheer for. I mean, ask the Jets fan, they didn't have a team to cheer or bash for a while.
  3. Aquilini.. "hey Jim... i told you to get granlund to boost our scoring. What the hell did you f*&king do?" JB.. "I did. I did exactly as you asked." Aquilini.. "you got the wrong granlund." JB.. "Markus Granlund? In our conference?" Aquilini.. "Mikael Granlund, you genius." JB.. "There's a Mikael Granlund? I thought there's only a Mikael Backlund."
  4. i wonder if canucks won game 7 if this conversation will ever come up. MG inherited Dave Nonis' core and built on it so that the canucks come with 1 game of winning the first ever stanley cup. when team goes south, GM usually changes strategy and switch to stocking prospect, and this usually will get the GM canned and the next GM walks in with a prospect pool to deal with. Happened to gillis when he walked in, happened to Bowman when he walked into Chicago, and damn well happened to Chiarelli. It's just the lifecycle of a GM in prosport for a particular team. However, I would put Gillis as one of the best GMs in canucks franchise history.
  5. only if they ask the canucks, not the other way around. I think there's something more important than a cup: The respect you give to a franchise player. The Canucks have been waiting 40+ years for a cup, I'm sure we don't mind waiting for another few years. Very few players get to start and finish their career with one team. I think Sedins have contributed enough to the team and the community to earn that chance. Keeping the sedins may not get us the cup, or get us anywhere in the standing, but it will get the team respect from other players. These sort of things come in very handy during free agent signing or being on that "list" when players are asked to waive NTC. on a side note, I'm really sick of 1040 lately, especially with pratt continuing to milk anything off the canucks to stir any controversy for his show's rating. He takes thing out of context and if people push him, then he claims that people take him out of context.
  6. If McCann, horvat or cassels are meant to replace the sedins, then Canucks won't be winning the cup anytime soon. The sedins are hands down a lot better than these three players will ever be. I truly think our future franchise players will come from either 2016 or 2017 draft
  7. I can care less about these ratings. When Canucks get a high pick next year and flip bunch of players for picks, they can turn around and say Canucks did well. All these ratings are "in the moment" and lack long term vision Honestly, I would like to see how prust, McCann, Sbisa, bonino and benning's offseason move next year before any judgement. If it's a rebuild, then it takes time and we can't judge by what is happening now. I guess patience is a scarcity in Vancouver nowadays.
  8. if this happens, canucks will have a riot just for signing him.
  9. What i don't get is that many of these negative comments on JB and TL are based on actual outcome vs expected outcome. You can't do something that is expected but not real. The expected return for Lack is more than a 3rd, it should be a 2nd or high 1st. That's entirely promoted by national and local media. The other 29 GMs out there are the ones who truly decide what should be the return for Lack. Nobody knows if they were offered that at all. We don't know what didn't happen. Critics say that JB should have hung on to Lack until his value is right. Well then, if that happens and Lack is still a canuck right now, the critics will turn around and say why is Lack still here? Was JB living under a stone when Luongo/Schneider drama happened? The truth is, management doesn't want Lack to be with the team come September because they don't want another controversy, so he needs to go. The bottom line is, we did that. Kesler should fetch a bigger return? Yes, if he's available for all 29 teams. With essentially one team to trade with, we are lucky we even get 3 assets in return. And who knows how McCann will turn out. Kassian for Prust. Did we lose the trade? I have no idea. All I know is when we trade CoHo for Kassian, CDC was on fire saying we lost the trade big time. Fast forward until today, we get a NHL player for Kassian, Sabres got nothing but buyout penalty for CoHo. I like Aaron Ward because he is by far the one with the most objectivity. I think JB and TL is keeping the big picture in mind in the sense that what needs to be done more than how. This off-season, they need to shed salary and trade Lack, so they trade Bieksa and Lack away, while being classy of trading Bieksa to a contender who is willing to extend his contract. If JB has kept the expected outcome and return in mind, nothing may end up happening and even then, he will be criticized for doing nothing.
  10. i can see why you pick him. Seriously though, I think the next 50 goal scorer will be a future draft pick. Maybe from next year's draft. If canucks open the season with this roster, I can see that there is a high chance we will have a top 5 pick (or first overall if we are as lucky as the oilers).
  11. What do you mean!? Wasn't there a report clearly told us that the out of control Vancouver housing market is not because of foreign buyers, but supply and demand!?
  12. Don't know if Baer is ready for 2nd line action... also Higgins is missing.
  13. Exactly.. The good thing about him too is that his contract gives benning a lot of options. He's in his last year. If Canucks like him, he can be extended. If Canucks tank, he will be a decent trade bait at deadline
  14. I hope so and I'm pretty sure he will be reasonable, which means at that time some CDC'ers will be calling for his head for not spending the money.