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  1. I was starting to wonder if Mark Henry was done with WWE. No just waiting for Christian.
  2. Dam, I thought Brodus Clay was impressive but this tops that. Who next? Big Show?
  3. After watching the above clip I am wondering what the frack happened to Mason Ryan?
  4. What happened with this guy? Did he get an injury or just piss someone off in the back?
  5. I could not believe how fast the last episode went by. When the ending came I asked myself why so short of an episode until I saw the time. The CGI was well done considering they have a limited budget, guess they spent most of it on this episode.
  6. Well considering it was just renewed a few weeks ago after the premiere I would say same time next year for the third season. Last nights episode was great yet again.
  7. This show is so good, last nights episode was great. Tyrion was hilarious with Joffrey.
  8. So he says no to the 12.5% fare hike but they can pretty much raise cash fares 10% plus whatever with monthly passes. Seems like a fare hike to me.
  9. I love this show, great start to what I believe will be a great season.
  10. Yeah curious myself where they going to get the buses for the extra service, unless they have some already on order?
  11. So in another few years I guess Tan$link will come back yet again for more money for something else.
  12. What is with the wrong routes? 4 DUNBAR 7 UBC 19 UBC?
  13. Yeah everyone south of the Fraser River is getting hosed. It only a matter of time before they put in some sort of regional toll, they keep talking about it, do it sooner rather than later.
  14. To bad there will be no room on the buses!
  15. Build some parkades with commercial spaces on the bottom. Braid would work for one, there is a huge chunk of empty land there since the M-Line opened.