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  1. Had a few friends attend a regular season game this past season and they did not enjoy the experience at all. Were heckled throughout the game and some intoxicated locals were trying to instigate a physical altercation. They ended up leaving early.
  2. One of the funniest things about members here to me is how Gillis gets all the bashing and hate for all the contracts and their clauses but on the other hand Gilman is praised and everybody was torn and thankful for how well he did with those very same contracts Like what the actual frack? hahahahah Discussion about Gillis: SO STUPID BAD CONTRACTS BAD!!! and then Gilman: He WORKED MAGIC with all the contracts he did! GREAT ASSISTANT GM I WISH HIM ALL THE BEST!
  3. I find it funny when people mention players who may retire and then vancouver sucking for a long time. It's not like the owners are going to all of a sudden be okay with not spending max cap to make the team as good as it can possibly be once our best players retire. We will have a ton of cap space to fill holes when our older core begins to retire and by that time some of our young guns will have stepped up and filled roles in the NHL. I highly doubt were going to suck for very long if at all. More than likely become a treadmill type team for a while. Make playoffs but as underdogs or lower seeds.
  4. it's so funny how people think "jinxing" is actually a thing
  5. You missed his, "then vs than", error.
  6. There is no "wolves" in the comics but right around this point in the storyline is when one of the nuttiest villains of the entire comic story so far and his followers enter the picture. Guessing the "wolves" are his crew which are actually called "saviors" in the comics if i remember correctly. Next season should be pretty insane if said villain is introduced or hinted at in the finale.
  7. Another thing about our PP: Our D don't often move into the slot or down low to take their one timers or shots or even to throw off the opposing defense. When they do, our forwards seem to love rotating back to the point and it allows the opposing PKers to just clog the shooting and passing lanes without skipping a beat or being thrown off their game or positioning much at all if any. Huge win today, and I had to miss the first two periods stuck at a car dealership signing the life away for a new vehicle. Forgot to set the PVR :facepalm:
  8. If anyone remembers, these two had their best seasons when their counterpart suffered significant injuries.
  9. D would be pretty redundant imo. Sedin Horvat Sedin Sedin Sedin Vrbata Sedin Sedin Burrows Sedin Sedin Hansen Higgins Richardson Kassian Kenins Horvat Hansen Matthias Bonino Vrbata So many combos but I would not bother with D besides maybe Edler and Bieksa.
  10. Wooooo! I love this kid!!!
  11. pretty easy for people to look good in situations like this. Doesn't change the fact he is probably a dick and has terrible character and throws child like temper tantrums. The dude literally suckered a guy full on superman elbow to the head and that just doesn't fly with me. Once you show you are capable of such things it tells the real story imo.
  12. Below is an actual legit spoiler do not open if you do not want to be spoileddddd
  13. your*
  14. lol really The Coyotes?!?!?
  15. this is depressing to watch