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  1. Chicago only has 6 forwards making more than .875 next year lol.
  2. Wonder if he'd return to Chicago for super cheap now that he has 2/3s of his money anyway from ARZ.
  3. oh okay interesting. thanks, never knew that.
  4. I always thought a player HAD to be put on unconditional waivers before a buyout..besides june 15-30.
  5. Hmmm. I wonder who is making the mistake. But even after that, Sportsnet reports:
  6. Where are you reading this? Every source I've read says waivers.
  7. Yep. Pretty sure this is right as well. "Unconditional Waivers" means the process by which the rights to a Player are offered to all other Clubs, without a right of recall at a Waiver price of one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125) prior to a Club exercising its right to terminate a Player's SPC pursuant to Article 13 of this Agreement and Paragraph 13(a) of the SPC.
  8. He could play LW for the Canucks and take faceoffs on the PK and in crucial moments, not to mention when injuries occur.. He used to play LW on a line with Dorsett, so maybe there's something there. Could be a killer 4th line. Vermette - Granlund - Dorsett. I wonder if there's more to this story though.
  9. Could bounce back to a perennial 40-45 pointer. Not a bad depth signing—depending on the cap hit, I guess.
  10. - Portzline Aaron Portzline ‏@Aportzline 8h8 hours ago Aaron Portzline Retweeted Nathan Viebranz I wouldn't have written it if I didn't know it to be true. Probably happens Monday.
  11. Could've been a useful tweener + added competition on the Canucks wings for a year. Useful, feisty winger with winning pedigree. He'll be back I'm sure next year.
  12. Definitely worth it for the Rags. Imagined he would have gotten 5.25+ on the open market.
  13. Fair enough, you probably know better. Stoked to see Laine in game action though.
  14. Or Laine and Wheeler ;). Laine needs a set-up man and Wheeler had the most assists on the team by a wide margin. I'm so jealous of the Jets for getting Laine. All the makings of a 40-50 goal scorer.
  15. Sbisa's $3.6 could also be moved and the Canucks would still have 7 defenseman not including Pedan, Stetcher or Subban. Not to mention another, cheaper depth D could be traded for or signed.