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  1. Burmistrov was 2nd on the Coyotes in power play goals last year. He played 53 fewer games for the Coyotes than the one guy who had more.
  2. Burmistrov was 8th on the Coyotes in power play points last year. He played 54 fewer games for them than the guy in 7th.
  3. Burmistrov is a better bottom-6 centre than Chaput & he has a experience under incoming Newell Brown. A low risk signing with a 1 year term.
  4. Don't see why on earth people would be comparing a Burmistrov signing to a Yakupov signing. They're completely different types of players.
  5. Wonder if Galiev would hop back over if he was traded from the Caps? He cited not enough NHL time for leaving, but now his hometown team isn't signing him? He's been playing North American hockey since he was 17...junior linemate of Huberdeau, Florida thin on the wings? Conditional-type pick from FLA for Galiev?
  6. [Discussion] Jaromir Jagr Rumors 2017 FA

    If Jagr *actually* is getting no calls and is willing to come North, then I think it would be a no-brainer that Benning would be throwing a contract offer his way. It's no secret that he works out harder than most and has had an incredible career - and it's not like he's useless: he scored over 100 points the last two seasons combined, and has remained pretty healthy. Also, pretty sure Benning was part of the Boston management that brought Jagr in for a playoff run.
  7. Really: a low-risk signing, with no real downside, who is stoked to be in Vancouver.
  8. Burm has shown many flashes of being an effective 45 point, 2-way centre. With the right opportunity, he could end up being that complete player. I hope it happens in Vancouver! I always thought he would pan out earlier, but he's still fairly young.
  9. I hate when people just arbitrarily say this about any Russian player. Yes, Burmistrov has struggled to be an effective NHLer -- but not because of a lack of effort or willingness to go into tough areas.
  10. Would 100% rather see GMJB take a chance on Kulikov than Del Zotto if term was the same.
  11. [Rumour] Nail Yakupov has interest signing with Canucks

    Last year, I would've been absolutely stoked on Yak coming here. "The new coach/new situation," I thought might be his tonic, but he didn't have a great season in St.Louis. This year? If the contract is a 1 year and doesn't interfere with cap space needed for better options, it wouldn't be the worst move. At his best, Yak was a player who was so excited and hard-working, had all the tools. He's still somewhat young (younger than Weal), and he's very fast, obviously. I personally think he's a good character, and would like it as a depth/project signing on a rebuilding team like Vancouver.
  12. Darren Archibald. Do we really need him?

    ^ Agreed. He might find new life under a coach who already trusts him, but it's a bit of a long shot at this point.
  13. [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    I agree he wasn't a fit in Pitts, but to judge him entirely on 100ish games compared with everything else he's done? Including amazing seasons in Portland with Baer, winning memorial cups, mentoring Green to be a coach in the first place, being the one of the coaches who taught the Sedins how to NHL-style forecheck, etc etc. I think he would be great for the developing players.
  14. [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    Really hope Travis Green can lure Mike Johnston back behind the Canucks' bench. Would be a great duo for the youngsters to continue their development.
  15. [Rumour] Ilya Kovalchuk wants to return to NHL

    Obviously not the right fit for Vancouver next year, but would love to be able to watch him again. When he used to carry Atlanta under Bob Hartley he was such an explosive, dominant player. Coming off a pretty big year in Russia, where his team went 46-8 and won the championship. His PPG was higher than the last few years, too.