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  1. Would love to see Fleury here @ >4M splitting time with Demmer and being exposed to the Kraken
  2. According to that interview Clarke coached him in junior which I was not aware of. Woodley claims Clarke would probably like to have Fleury here and would be the ideal goalie coach to help Fleury stayed focused, and his play style would be desired by Clarke.
  3. Kevin Woodley just stated that he doesn't believe Holtby is desired by Ian Clarke and Vancouver, and that he's hoping for term.
  4. Benning himself said as much in an interview on TSN 1040 so he's probably just going off that regarding adding sweeteners.
  5. It depends what the value for Stralman is. Stralman has been speculated to be one of the league's top 20 buyout candidates in multiple analyses. The remainder of Eriksson's contract would only cost them 1M more than a buyout for Stralman total, and they would need to sign a winger for both those seasons as well.
  6. Florida would save 10M in real dollars, which would, in theory, be important for them. Canucks get slight cap savings and a player who can still log 20 minute nights, in a position where they will need to eat cap anyway - 3rd pairing RHD.
  7. Yep for sure. Barry also reps a few other players whose contracts aren't a fit with their current team, incl. Karl Alzner, Olli Matta, Victor Rask, Alex Kerfoot. Barry obviously has a lot of connections around the league so maybe he will manage a favour or something as well. And I agree, it's a good way to gauge interest. Hopefully he finds something
  8. Yep pretty much. Seems like an ideal place for him: they'll likely be able to make the cap space, play with his bro, a couple more years with a solid chance at the cup, gets to cash in on reviving his value playing next to Hughes and having a very solid playoff.
  9. Source Let's not forget Brandon almost signed an ELC with Vancouver to play with his bro, so family ties may be important to them.
  10. Interesting, but I wonder if this website/blog is just basing this claim on the same LeBrun source I posted in the OP? He doesn't quite say there's a green light, but maybe there's been an update
  11. Curious re: how much teams are waiting on T-Bay to be done their season. They are in the worst 'cap hell' of any team.