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  1. First it was COVID, now it's BLM... mass mental delusions running wild, completely unquestioned.
  2. They're lying, all of them. Technically yes, their operating budgets can go into deficit but they will NEVER tell you about the CAFRs -- Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. These are all the "off-books" accounts that every government maintains, and the amount they generate exceeds the tax dollars they collect. They are not easy to acquire, but when you do you'll see how much money governments really have.
  3. Mass insanity and delusion running rampant, all fueled by the media and your loving government. If they really meant to protect people, they would make rest and care homes off-limits but no, instead they go after the healthiest young athletes in the world and use the hammer against everyone else. It's becoming de facto martial law. This is testimony from one who got the virus and was quarantined on the Diamond Princess: “This virus is something that’s only a minor cold for 98% of the people.”
  4. *SNAP* go the ankles of all the fickle bandwagoners and faint-hearted who can't handle adversity, let alone losses.
  5. Listen to Green's post-game -- he loves him. MacEwen is going to get all the ice and opportunity he can handle, but like Virtanen he's going to brought about and developed the right way. Remember, he's only had two years of major junior and two years of AHL hockey. His progress has been remarkable.
  6. Let's hear from the scouting expertz...
  7. Check my sig, the quote was from only a couple months ago. I rarely listen to him, but have never heard him say anything positive or even neutral about anything Benning has done. Seems he's trying to be Tony Gallagher's heir apparent in simpering and negativity.
  8. A Leaf-blower trolling Canuck fans? Nothing new.
  9. Not only became our leading scorer and first-line play driver, but has also been a major factor in the making Jake into an impact player. Starting to look like we effectively got two top-six players out of the trade. The gift that keeps on giving.
  10. Exactly this. They went from raging and hating on the "overpayment" to realizing they were wrong, but still can't admit how wrong so they now try the halfway house of "well, it was fair market value I guess." Big lesson learned regarding making declarations on players one has no idea about. It was a good trade then and in hindsight has become an excellent trade. Quit trying to salvage pride and just admit it. At least you'll be ahead of JD Burke.
  11. Keep chirping, JD.
  12. Eklund is such a trolling buffoon... so the Canucks are only going to get 13 points and just 5 regulation wins out of their last 19 games?