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  1. Would wager that 90%+ of the people who complained and said it was a bad trade didn't even know who JT Miller was.
  2. We got the pick for Brisebois as part of the return for Eddie Lack (also got a 7th).
  3. 1G 1A +1 2SOG 2 hits 0 giveaways, 3 takeaways 14 of 18 FO = 78% 58.75% FO for the season Tied for 13th overall in league scoring But yet... "It doesn't matter how many points Miller scores. I won't move from my position on that trade." - JD Burke
  4. Jake's on pace for 19 goals and 41 points. And yes, ahead of 18YO and MDC. Not bad for $1.25mil.
  5. Out-shot 36:20 Out-hit 32:19 Out-FO'd 59:41 Looks like Koskinen bailed them out tonight. 8 saves on 2 PPs.
  6. Unleashes the one-time clapper...
  7. While he was here, Benning claimed he had first-pairing potential.
  8. "Sensitivity training" is clearly not enough; time to step up to full re-education camps.
  9. Ron "white guilt" MacLean will have to vehemently disagree.
  10. Statements in general application, not to address any specific example.
  11. If they've done something unlawful, then they should be arrested and brought up on criminal charges. If they simply hurt your feelz... it shouldn't have to be said what you should do, if you are in any way a mature adult.
  12. Lost track of how many times I've said that exact thing the past five years...