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  1. Not ideal but could see running with both Benn and Fantenberg in the lineup post-TDL as we wait for Tryamkin to return, if we were to move Stecher. Brisebois and Sautner are capable and proven fill-ins should there be injuries in the meantime. Get the feeling Benning will try to re-sign Tanev, but depends of course if he wants to stay or test UFA.
  2. Yeah, he tried the Michigan earlier, too. Wasn't in "game mode" though, li'l too casual.
  3. He decided to bring his effort up closer to everyone else's in the latter stages... without making it too obvious.
  4. Petey playing D, Tkachuk still hot-dogging after being set up yet again by Hughes.
  5. Put McDoobie with Petey and Hughes, DrySpittle with the turtlng milk hotdog, and get this thing done.
  6. Gretz gonna take Petey aside and tell him it's okay to try in the final. A bit.
  7. He had said he was confused and not fond of all the extra-curricular stuff that goes on, especially when he had to fight Benn after hitting him clean. Perhaps from knowing the game now and maturity, he's better-prepared to deal with it. And in reality, if/when he establishes himself and his reputation, he won't need to do much of that stuff because most people won't want to mess with him.