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  1. But how did that happen? Benning refused to rebuild, and was going backwards for three years. The rebuild only started in 2017. It's just not possible unless Benning is an absolute genius and magician, rebuilding a team in just two years...
  2. Okay, this is where it just doesn't add up. If in the first three years they were effectively going backwards but only the last two going forwards, we would still not be caught up to 2014 when they started. It's the JD Burke "Gudbranson trade set the rebuild back 4-5 years" mantra. If all of this is correct, we are now in around 2013. Does anyone seriously believe that? Little wonder there are still some asking "When are they going to start rebuilding?"
  3. So you somehow expected better? CDC is what it is; once you realize that then there's no surprises.
  4. Then why bother checking on it at all? Just wait until you see a new one like, "Canucks say they're keeping Eriksson" or "Eriksson traded to X" etc.
  5. This is the key difference between the media in our market versus others like Edmonton and Toronto. There, they are often apologists for the team. You would never EVER see an article like that here. If the Vancouver media wrote about Eriksson, they'd come up with "10 Reasons why no NHL team should touch Eriksson".
  6. What's good is that we are going to be able to play any way we want. If it's a speed game, we have plenty. If it gets more physical, we have guys that can play that way, too. If they want to get rough, we have guys that aren't afraid to mix it up and drop if need be. Teams like the Flames and Leafs are limited in that they cannot afford to do the latter, since their few players with grit will be taken out when there are altercations.
  7. Where's Dhaliwall with his, "56 days until training camp and Eriksson is STILL here"...
  8. No room on the roster. Perhaps if they moved Tanev or something, but would think Ben could find a bottom-6 role somewhere.
  9. "59 days until training camp, and Brock Boeser STILL isn't signed" - Rick Dhaliwal Fortunately those "wingmen" he always complains about put him in his place.
  10. Now that we have others with physicality on the team, he won't be relied upon to have that physical presence or set the tone, so hopefully that'll also reduce the likelihood of further injury. Everyone can just play their game without obligation to be an enforcer or otherwise, like it was when Dorsett, Prust, and Gudbranson were basically on their own here.
  11. Buying out Sekera was a puzzler, unless maybe there's some underlying residual medical issues we don't know about. Or maybe they expect Bear, Bouchard, or even Broberg to step in this year. Yet, as one Oiler blogger pointed out, is this all they're doing with that cash they freed up?
  12. Yes, and why also I don't think Holland is prepared to pay what it'll cost. Especially not to a divisional rival. But who knows, maybe he'll realize he can't just wait it out and will pull the trigger to get things moving. I remember back at the time of the Grizzlies, Washington had three massive long-term contracts eating up their cap, all of which were vastly under-performing (Strickland was one). I figured they were stuck for years with nowhere to go, but they managed to move them somehow and start rebuilding the team within a short period.
  13. You CLEARLY stated "certain people are the douches" of which you took particular effort to necro-mine two in particular out of a 3-year-old thread. Silver Ghost simply brought to your attention how you are making yourself look, for your own benefit. You've shown no evidence of that, but to the contrary are simply emoting because people disagreed with you. Go ahead, show how I "looked down on" (whatever that means) anyone who "sided with caution". If you're going to quote mine and attack someone with name-calling, at least quote something that substantiates your contention. Maybe you think this is also "looking down" on you, but the reality is you're just embarrassing yourself here and we're trying to spare you from it. It's just a message board and I do not seek nor expect an apology, but you need to realize that mods also have a job to do and will see this.