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  1. "I don't have a clue what the Canucks are doing. They don't know what they're doing. It's a mystery."
  2. Won't be a surprise if the team doesn't do too well out of the gate, as it usually takes time for all the new players to gel with the existing players and new system. Right now, we gave up nothing but prospect Hugo Alnefelt and something in the future of unknown value.
  3. Expecting Brisebois and Juolevi to be given top-pairing-like minutes in Utica, to get them to play significant roles and see how they do. Sautner could be in that camp as well although he does requires waivers, but not sure if he'd be claimed. If there is a risk, then keep him and send down Biega, who would be a great veteran presence amongst all the youngsters. Rafferty, Teves, and Chatfield would then battle for middle-pairing minutes.
  4. Sure, when the bar is set about as low as possible! Something > nothing.
  5. Would certainly explain why/if Benning is trying to move out a couple of bodies.
  6. A lot more settled down from his first game, alright. All the new Canucks D are looking really mobile.
  7. Nice work, Motte. Rafferty and Teves got them some wheels.
  8. The boys are gonna love playing the Alberta teams this year.
  9. Slow on the draw -- pre-season for everyone!