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  1. Not surprised Soderstrom is someone they're targeting, but would have thought Boldy was another. Tone of the article seems to be that they're ready to take a dman unless one of the 2-3 forwards they want fall. Then again, not many were expecting to hear Juolevi or Pettersson's names called.
  2. Which is why it almost certainly won't/shouldn't happen. To move up a few spots in the draft, yet be saddled with that buyout-proof anchor another 4 years? Too much presentist bias chasing after shiny trinkets, seemingly no matter what the cost.
  3. Please Jim, qualify someone or make some sort of announcement so we don't have to keep hearing people advocate trading for Lucic... I really don't get the desire to bring these type in. Undoubtedly those advocating it now will be the first ones crying for them to be bought out one month into the season.
  4. Meh, dude's a wimp. Gets rag-dolled too easily, by rookies no less...
  5. So predictable, I had even specifically said:
  6. They do have their own category. It's called "men". "Intersex" is not the same as "transgender."
  7. Both on a very thin bubble, alright. Only a year left on their deals and we have the capspace to bury them; maybe someone even takes a shot at Schaller and his $1.9mil. If the Canucks are as active as I think they'll be this off-season, we're going to see a lot of not just deadweight and placeholders gone, but the "meh" as well. Loui's more than likely in a new home by August, Tanev by the TDL. Pretty clear they intend to be full-on in the playoff hunt next year, if not outright expecting to make it and thereby make big enough moves to make it happen. NOT for old vets btw, but younger established players. Think Risto or like Calgary picking up Lindholm, assets that are likely undervalued but with upside. As as we saw, can't be contenders for the post-season when you've got 3-4 of your prime players on the IR all the time. Clear 'em out, Jimmy.
  8. Haven't seen either play, but if it's a choice between Broberg and Soderstrom I can't see us taking Broberg. As mentioned, one's playing in the SHL while the other's in the Alls, and while Broberg has more size and is a good skater the consistent hockey IQ questions make him unlikely, as the team has really put an emphasis on that the past few drafts. That and competitiveness/willingness to engage are two of the traits we're seeing them draft on consistently.
  9. I get the sense Jimbo's been interested in Risto for a while, and they likely had talks around the time the Sabres moved O'Reilly. Last season, compared to the Canucks' roster he would have been: - 1st in average TOI - 1st in hits - 4th in points (1st for D) - tied for 2nd in PP points - 3rd in SOG - and of course, #1 in negative +/- Not sure what his trade value is now, nor what Sabres would want for him, but he could be a prime candidate for flourishing after a change of scenery. Consistent 40-point player but the Sabres are likely looking to make changes. Could grease the skids or at least help prepare for Tanev's departure, whether by TDL or otherwise.
  10. Here's to hoping JimmyB has his vulture wings on and is circling that carcass, ready to pluck up some discounted assets.
  11. It's a win-win for the Jake haters. First they get him run out of town. Then, if he fails on his new team it's "I told you blind homers all along he was a terrible pick and a bum." If he succeeds, it's "Idiot Benning with a double-fail: wastes a pick drafting him, then sells low on him."
  12. Confirmed -- JD Burke simply is not worth taking seriously, at all, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth... or keyboard. His "analysis" is speculative and ad hoc at best, and he regularly evidences he both doesn't know what he's talking about regarding hockey (blindered by his ever-presumptive analytics lens) nor what's happening with the Canucks. He's truly the posterboy for that entire myopic CanuckSmarmy crew. I have a question for him -- does Pearson for McCann and a 2nd still "set the rebuild back 4-5 years" as he so adamantly persists in asserting?