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  1. Of course most were disappointed, but hardly "everyone" is denying it now, if any. You didn't explain what all the "plenty of questionable TDL trades" were?
  2. What offers did Benning get for Hamhuis and Vrbata, other than a last-minute stink-bid for Hamhuis? 2nd for Sven Baertschi Jeffrey for Conacher Shinkaruk for Granlund 5th for Larsen Those are all the TDL (and pre-TDL) trades -- which are the "plenty of questionable" ones? Nill wanted Russell all along, not Hamhuis. Suppose you could have gone all moneyball Brad Pitt and changed his mind? You could have got more for waivers Kassian, and something decent for waivers Higgins and waivers Prust? This isn't the movies, careful who you characterize as deluded fools.
  3. So... you're the last two, 'cuz you keep posting like this, maybe expecting to get less neg reps, but instead get your urination gear fried every time?
  4. The alternative was probably buyout, because they tried for a year and couldn't give him away. Prust getting injured and returning too soon was unfortunate, not a reflection of the value of the trade. 16 games
  5. $25K over league minimum. He sure showed the Canucks -- Sekeres will be frothing at the mouth again.
  6. Leafs gearing up for another strong season of tanking.
  7. Because Barrie is known as a consistently excellent defender.
  8. Because Benning absolutely loves trolling you guys... and the rest of us find it pretty funny, too.
  9. And people are so keen to get Barrie. Hayes isn't even that fast and made him look like a pylon. Little wonder the Avs trying to improve their back end.
  10. Something else to consider -- the effect Erik will have on Tryamkin and Pedan, showing them the ropes on how to be effective big dmen in the NHL. Also takes some pressure off Tryamkin as being the one big and physical regular back there and lets him develop out of the spotlight.
  11. Without even looking, lemme guess -- Matthews, Marner, and Nylander are all top-10.
  12. It's a great plan. Just tell the world that you're tank... er, rebuilding, and it basically covers for all your blunders, mismanagement, and ineptitude because expectations are set so unbelievably low you can pretty much sell anything. Because your team is so horrible (and getting worse) people actually envy and compliment you on the job you're doing. Genius.
  13. #muhassetmanagement #givingawaypicks #fleecedagain
  14. So... he stole Benn from the Canucks?
  15. Not if you plan to complete, entertain, and win. Rather that than a handful of 2017 and 2018 mid-round picks.