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  1. Hutton Wink

    [Rumour] Brandon Manning to Van?

    You may need to consult experts in order to get the skillz down: TMZ1040
  2. Hutton Wink

    [Rumour] Oilers Open to Moving Pujujarvi

    Except Hitchcock isn't running the team. The Old Glory Boys are all still fully-ensconced and evidently still have Katz entranced with the 80s. Soon Hitch will be gone and the next future frustrated/fired coach will come in. If interested, Jimbo can surely offer up some Goldobin/Yakupov-like "glory potential" he could get young Keith and crew to bite on.
  3. Hutton Wink

    [Report] Canucks out of Rental Market

    Benning's said it so many times and in every interview that TSN must realize they can't troll the fanbase any longer with "ownership's gonna force Benning to sacrifice the future to try to make the playoffs" for the what, 5th year running?
  4. Hutton Wink

    [Rumour] Brandon Manning to Van?

    Those "mumblings" are from the orifice between Dhaliwal's other cheeks. Schenn, Manning, any more big stiffs to collect? Benning wants more SPEED AND SKILL, not to mention puckmoving and a PPQB.
  5. Hutton Wink

    [Waivers] Brandon Manning

    Tanev's out, so let's pick up a stiff who can't even make the Oilers horrid D; what, cuz he's better than all else we have? Dhaliwal again channeling his CDC-style "pokemon pick him up" when he hasn't a clue. He hasn't learned to maintain his rep by sticking with what he's good at, and blind speculation isn't it.
  6. Hutton Wink

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Coming soon: Just add three to the number on the back.
  7. Hutton Wink

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    EK dropping hints of Petey-longing?
  8. Hutton Wink

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    Can't see him going back to Goldy again. It's a team game, but that gaffe was inexcusable and was the winning goal.
  9. Hutton Wink

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    Proud of the team. 3rd game in 4 nights in one of the toughest places to play, and deserved to win. Petey unfortunate, hits the post with 30 seconds left. On the other hand, Goldy is not only doing nothing offensively but giving the puck away and is a liability defensively. Time's gotta be about up, he's hurting the team when he's out there.
  10. Hutton Wink

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at San Jose Sharks | Feb. 16, 2019

    I wouldn't say out-"classed"...
  11. Took them down to the wire, in their own tank. They were fortunate, we deserved at LEAST a point and basically gave it to them.
  12. So many good looks for Petey, just off.