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  1. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Asked you at least 4 or 5 times now, and you still cannot not give any examples of "1 or 2 years tops to tear down"... so you change the topic. You're no better than 189enforcers and others here who simply make things up to attack the team (a.k.a. strawman) then try to shift the argument when they get caught. Not sure how this is not a bannable offense, even if it is done out of complete ignorance. #TROLLCONFIRMED
  2. Veterans Speak Out Against The Militarization Of Sports

    Ah, thanks -- edited article to add it but I see SID also posted. Interestingly I was just hearing on the radio late last week out of the Miami Dolphins statement that anthems before games were introduced during WWII to honour those at war. So indeed -- why is it still being done? Of course the excuse will be made that "we're still at war!" which opens a REAL can of political worms that I'm not going to get into, and we've all grown up with always having the anthems so it's always been part of the events; indeed I didn't realize that was the reasoning. All I know is that the CFL is constantly putting military things into their games, including wearing camo (and don't get me started on the cancer 'pinkwashing'!) and the one time I went to a Whitecaps game they had the military come out at half-time and had some big worship event for them as well. Sporting events have become so big and so money-driven that they're being used to shape culture and public opinion, which means they are no longer merely "escapist entertainment". Using the money they forcibly extract from our labour to inculcate us with state propaganda is just another reason to not go and support them. Okay, doing all I can to NOT getranting here
  3. And now, from a Leaf's blogger: JVR scored one less goal than Tavares last year, and they also lost Bozak's 43 points. Not sure how that's "dramatically" improved.
  4. Thank You Jim Benning.

    "Trades and picks"? Trying to change the goalposts won't help your case. Your contention was that a "total tear-down" should take "1 or 2 years tops". So far the Canucks are the closest example of one, as you haven't provided any other example that's even close. Are you now admitting you mis-spoke, having no evidence?
  5. Pretty funny, as that's actually the projection out of Edmonton as well. Waiver-wire fodder straight to the first line to play with the generational crown jewel. Says all you need to know about that roster... or coach/management.
  6. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Three years after relocating they still had at least 7 of the same players. Canucks in comparison have 2 left after 3 years. So who did much more of total tear-down, by far? Is this then your best example, since you cannot give even one that was "1 or 2 years tops"?
  7. Thank You Jim Benning.

    You realize that was 7 years ago? What happened to "1 or 2 years tops"? It was far more than that. Not even one single example, for something that is supposedly standard and commonplace?
  8. It's about time someone said something about this, and not surprisingly it's veterans. All pro sports -- football especially -- have become nothing more than worship of the military and pimps for recruiting, and they admittedly do so out of fear of "not being patriotic." Not to mention it's being paid for by the military; i.e. your tax dollars. "They were having Marine Week in Boston, and it was a pretty big deal," Nick says. "They had wanted me to throw out the first pitch at Fenway during one of the games. It would’ve been a good story of having the manager’s son being a Marine and throwing out a first pitch at Fenway. But I was horribly uncomfortable with that and didn't think I had done anything to deserve that and gave them a firm pass on that one." This Memorial Day, the Red Sox unfurled an American flag over the Green Monster. (Omar Rawlings/Getty Images) After he left the service, Nick worked in baseball for the Angels, Dodgers and Mets. Ostensibly, he was a liaison to veterans. But what was being sold to the public as patriotism felt like commercialism. What Bill Astore wrote outside of the game, Nick Francona felt working within it. Camo jerseys. Corporate sponsorship of service, without the authenticity of service. The veterans felt like props. "And, I mean, if you look at kind of the tone of what Memorial Day has become about, it’s pretty gross," Nick says. "Even on the teams’ official Twitter accounts — a flame emoji for, like, 'Look how hot these camo hats are.' And it's, like, 'Really, guys? That's the plan?' I mean, you can imagine how some of these Gold Star families reacted to that. They were not remotely amused. "I might have asked the question 100 times and said, 'OK, if you’re selling a $40 hat, how much of this is going to charity, and where is it going?' I think it’s fair to say, if you’re an average fan watching Major League Baseball, you’re going to be, like, ‘Man these guys are really supportive of the military.’ " This support, Nick says, does not exist within MLB. According to the league’s figures, only 10 of the league’s 5,000 employees are veterans. "That's genuinely difficult to accomplish," Nick says. "Like, if your goal was to hire as few veterans as possible, that's pretty impressive. I’m almost certain that there’s more than 10. But they’ve really gone out of their way to avoid being able to even identify the veterans. I’ve been arguing that for 10 years. Like, 'Figure out who they are, so we can support each other and link up and try to address some of these issues.' And they patently refused to be involved in that." Working with the Mets, one moment defined his frustrations. He created a Memorial Day program where he matched players with Gold Star families from similar backgrounds. The players recorded videos that told the stories of the fallen. Players, he says, were emotional learning the stories of the dead soldiers from America’s wars. They wore bracelets naming soldiers they were matched with. It was authentic and personal, appropriately respectful of a day commemorating sacrifice. "So I’m on the flight back, and I get an email from someone with the Mets asking, like, 'Oh, great job. Now we need to get all the families to sign these waivers, to waive the rights as licensees for the bracelets that these guys wore.' And I’m, like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa, were not ... like, absolutely not.' "They referred to them as 'license holders.' The families. And I'm, like, 'I think you mean parent of dead marine or soldier.' Patently offensive. And there was no way I was going to have them sign that and refused to do so. I wanted to know exactly whose bright idea this was and was going to give them a piece of my mind. And that ended it pretty quickly. And the next day was my last day there. "They called me in and said, ‘You’ve done a great job here, really had a huge impact. You’ve also had a big impact on the veteran stuff with Major League Baseball, but your comments aren’t compatible with having a career in baseball. So we're going to have to part ways.’ " The Mets fired him. Nick Francona is now out of baseball. Mets manager Mickey Callaway joined his team in wearing black wristbands on Memorial Day to honor fallen soldiers. (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) "I’m certainly not happy about not working in baseball. It was my dream job, and I was good at it. And the people that fired me, ironically, told me I was very good at it. It sucks. Even thinking about it, I wouldn’t go back and say, 'I wish I had just compromised my principles a little more so I could succeed here.' Like, if that’s the price of success, I’ll find something else. I think it’s sad. And I think it speaks volumes about the state of Major League Baseball." Recruiting is a main reason the military is embedded in sports. In an interview for my book, I told three-star General Russel Honore I didn’t want the Army recruiting my son while he watched the Red Sox. His response? “You better hold on to them, if you don’t want them in the Army. We’re gonna recruit the hell out of them. That’s how we man the force.” "I appreciate the General's honesty," Bill Astore says. "It's refreshing, in a way. But I just think that’s the wrong way to recruit. "I lived in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for nine years. Of course, that's the home of the Little League World Series. And one year, an Air Force van showed up. So kids, little leaguers, could come and go into this van and play video games. And the Air Force thought this was a great idea for recruitment. And I thought to myself, 'This is completely inappropriate.' "I mean the Little League World Series should be for children. They're not even teenagers yet. And for baseball, yeah. It should not be an opportunity for any military service to show up and try to recruit youngsters. "When I was interested in the military in high school, I went to see my civilian guidance counselor. There wasn't a Marine recruiter challenging me to a pull-up contest. So I see these kinds of things as a gradual process of the militarization of our society. And I just see it as something that we, as a democracy, should be guarding against." Where do sports go from here? I asked one baseball executive, who told me his sport promotes the military not out of patriotism but out of fear — the fear of being called unpatriotic. Nearly 20 years after 9/11, Bill Astore believes these rituals have served their purpose. "We sing 'God Bless America' during the seventh-inning stretch, because, well, that's what we do now," Astore says. "We have a huge flag and military flyovers because that's what we do. We celebrate a military person after the fourth inning because that's what we do. And we've come to expect it. "I think we as Americans need to come together and recognize that all of this needs to be ratcheted back, that we need to return to a simpler time — when you played the national anthem, you respected our country and then you play ball. And you just enjoy the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed."
  9. Thank You Jim Benning.

    Great, so then you are affirming two things -- the Leafs never did a full tear-down, and despite all those years claiming to be rebuilding never did a #properrebuild either. No applause merited for them. In fact, by that standard neither did the Oilers, Flames, Avalanche, Devils, or pretty much any other team. The closest? The Canucks, having only 2 players left from 3 years ago. If you disagree, please show what teams turned over their entire rosters in 1 or 2 years, "tops". How about just ONE?
  10. With the inundation of Leaf worship, guess it was time to start fluffing up the Oilers again: Rationale:
  11. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    ...unless they end up re-signing him and get both.
  12. [RUMOR] Leafs and Sharks looking at acquiring Panarin

    The Leaf Fluffers need rehydration from wetting themselves... A great top-6 sure, but a top-9 with Johnsson and Hyman? "Unfair"? Be still my heart... But yeah go ahead, blow more cap on forwards and try to outscore your sieve-like defence.
  13. Elite Prospects new Duo Article

    Indeed, simply look at the numbers: He scored 57% more points than the next-closest player on his team, while playing 8 less games. He put up a full 1PPG, and only one other player with over 30GP even put up more than 0.5PPG. Far and away the best player on a team that won its way into the top league, and led it at only 20 years old. Outscored Pettersson when playing with him the previous season when they were 19 and 17. " the case that he doesn't pan out..." -- zero evidence of that happening. It's just a matter of when he makes it -- out of camp, sometime this year, TDL, or next season.
  14. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    If their trajectories continue as they have the past year, could see both go pro as soon as next year, but Woo would still be too young for Utica if he didn't make the team.
  15. Quinn Hughes | D

    Purt much. "We Love Quinn Hughes"