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  1. [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    He's a decent veteran goalie, but this is noob-like.
  2. [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    Golden freudianism.
  3. [GDT] Nucks at Wild 5pm Nov 15 2018

    Only down 2:0 despite so many giveaways and open-net chances. Good chance we make a game of it yet.
  4. This is Getting Harder to Ignore

    Burke had some interesting comments on the Edler waiving issue this morning vis. no-trade clauses (prefaced by yes, he would ask him). First he said that he felt he had no responsibility to honour NTC/NMCs signed by previous managers. Second, he never gave out fulls, only partial NTCs which required players submit lists. Third was his example of Kaberle, who had a full NTC which he refused to waive when asked. Burke then told him that he'd played his last game there, and magically a list appeared. Burke doing it #burkestyle.
  5. Ok Virtanen Haters... time to man up

    Like his goals and hits, his takeaways are just lucky... His speed is lucky, too. Jake when he hears the ever-haters now:
  6. Olli Juolevi | D

    But apparently that's "painful" because he's not physical enough...
  7. 2018-19 Utica Comets Thread

    Yoonatun and You-O'levee with two points each, moving up in the scoring:
  8. Kole Lind | RW

    Once Jake became solid and productive, and Juolevi likewise picked up his play.
  9. Their neighbours Boy Wunderstat and his Coyotes can help them out with that.
  10. [Speculation] William Nylander to Vancouver?

    "Paying your dues" -- should players prove themselves they will all cash in bigtime once they hit UFA. The reality is that players are typically underpaid when younger and overpaid when older, so in a way it balances out.
  11. [Report] Penguins sign GM Jim Rutherford to contract extension

    Interesting timing, considering there are calls for changes. Will see what he can accomplish.
  12. I don't like conspiracy theorists but something isn't right

    "He twisted his toe"... ya don't say.
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Islanders | Nov. 13, 2018

    Burke was PBP for the Comets, and was excellent. Did it without a colour man either. Far better than the likes of Abbott and Batchelor.
  14. Isles come yappin'. Guddy, "Pardon?" Isles skate away. Why won't you drop 'em, Bustercluck?
  15. Big difference between negative comments and acting like an infant. The Pooalot Kidz, feat. Capt Melvin.
  16. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    Could have been worse -- reportedly Chicago offered the choice of Clendenning or Run-flat. Had we chosen the latter, the Sutter deal may not have happened.
  17. Undoubtedly defencemen and PP forwards who stand in front of the net are all for the reduction in slappers in favour of Juolevi and Hughes-like wristers fired when they find open lanes.
  18. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    At the time of the trade, Benning said that Forsling and Clendenning would end up as similar players. Up until now that has held true -- both are borderline NHLers. He chose the latter because he was more ready, and to fill that need at the time.
  19. [Speculation] William Nylander to Vancouver?

    Good call. Being "overpaid" makes him less tradeable, so it's not in his interest to take less than market value... unless he 100% believes everything they tell/promise him, which at this point it appears he may well not.
  20. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Supposedly his reputation around the league is good despite what happened here. People realize the position he was in.
  21. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at New York Rangers | Nov. 12, 2018

    If Goldy had not clinked the winner on his stick Saturday and had likewise done tonight, the talk would be about how he's back and hot with 3 goals in his last 2, including game-winners. Likewise MDZ and his triple-clinker would have put us up 2:0. Literally is a game of inches.
  22. She has a voice made for newspaper. Monotone and cringeworthy whenever its mic comes on.
  23. Good job killing the pace and entertainment value of the game.