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  1. Surprised they are not drinking Biosteel
  2. Bloodline Weeds Breaking Bad Better Call Saul Suits
  3. It basically paves the way to reduce goalie equipment sizes and add bigger nets.
  4. I highly doubt he trades it, especially if it is first overall, It is probably to put it out there to see what offers come in.
  5. I just had such a good laugh at your username. I love that movie
  6. Surprised Edmonton did not show interest, considering their recent woes. Then again, they may have and Marty laughed
  7. Disappointing, I was really pulling for Booth and he really started to pick it up last season.
  8. That would be sweet to get him.
  9. goddamn fing joke
  10. I would NOT give the Sedins yet another raise. They have been on the decline since the finals and injuries aside, they have not earned in. Don't get me wrong, they are great players and I like them, but they do not deserve more money because of history. I would prefer to see a contract clause where teams can opt to reduce salary if big contracts players don't produce.
  11. Parallel 49 - Gypsy Tears
  12. Its up on TSN now
  13. So awesome that he does that. Has to make Hansen feel pretty damn good about his accomplishments.