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  1. I am looking forward to see if it tames Tkachuck a little.
  2. Best comment from Salo to the media after that: "The General is OK, but the Battalion is down."
  3. I was at that game. I think that own goal for his first cursed him
  4. Funny enough, he was listed as one of the worst players in the NHL this season.
  5. I have a feeling they are back in because we won 2 games with them in and lost the last game, so in Greens eyes it is all Goldys fault. I am sure I am gonna get flamed as well. What drives me crazy, is Goldy was playing the best hockey I have seen him play for a 7 or so game stretch and gets pulled back out for one mistake. He as (at least trying) to block shots, and was more defensively (below out goal line a few times) responsible. The one that I believe got him pulled from the lineup after that stretch, was him negating an icing, and nobody covered his man for him and they scored. His first game back into the lineup it was clear his confidence took a big hit judging by his play, he makes a bad pass and is out again. Sure he has made gaffes this season, but so has everyone else, yet guys like Loui "Free Pass" Eriksson and Markus "Where pucks go to die" Granlund get rewarded. To me if you want Goldy to work on his defensive game, use the last few meaningless games of the season, put him on the PK. If nothing else, to make him more aware of defensive positioning and see if that improves his overall game. Green needs to understand the "Tough Love" approach is not a silver bullet for all players to make them better like it did for Hutton, you need to tailor the approach per player.
  6. Not saying they should roll over at all, but do you really think Loui is the key to prevent us from losing or Goldy is the reason we have been losing? All I am saying is Goldy has worked his butt off the last few games and Loui was (finally) in the press box, so the best thing Green can do is reward Loui, while punishing the one player of the 2 that has improved.
  7. What I don't understand with Green is, this season is done and we are not making the playoffs, so why not put Goldy on the PK and work on developing that part of his game and build off his continual improvement the last few games? Jeez, kid starts getting confident and playing better, so he gets scratched instead of building on it. Goldy was even trying to block shots last game, so he is getting it. That said, last game Goldy negates and icing, nobody covered for him, they score and Goldy is demoted. He has so much more upside than Loui, yet Loui goes from the press box, to play once, then up to the second line.
  8. I got 2nd, 8th, 2nd, 8th, 6th. Sticking with the first click, even if that means Edmonton gets yet another pick in the top 3....
  9. Welcome to the team Darcy, it will be great having you as a Canuck. Sure beats playing against you Good luck on the trip, can't wait to see this new team in regular season action. All the best to you and your family, keep the phone handy.