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  1. I'm still waiting on him to be added to pickup. Or I was last time I looked, but I will check again in a few moments.... EDIT: Yup he's there. Fixed.
  2. My mistake, I meant to post. Edmonton claimed both of them. I did see your message through my email, but as Edmonton is 31st in the league, they got both players.
  3. *ahem* After a brief hiatus... HIRING: The league is pleased to announce the re-hiring of Primal Optimist as General Manager of the New York Rangers!
  4. Binnington can f*** right off. Missed out on Boeser last year but this year that Calder trophy better be landing in Vancouver. Peteys slumped a bit lately, would like to see him get some points back on the board.
  5. ROSTER MOVE: The Winnipeg Jets have temporarily placed D Chris Wideman as the 13th forward for one week. IR ACTIVATION: The Winnipeg Jets activate Alex Edler from injured reserve and place him on the active roster.
  6. You have to PM Squeak and myself to make a valid claim.
  7. Obviously I've worded the OP very poorly. Needs more clarification. Will look into this.
  8. He does. Just re-read it. 24 and younger is 100 games. 26 and younger (which would include 25) is 50 games. I mis-read it.
  9. Edit: Nevermind, wrong column. You're right, over 50 games is the mark for him. He does require waivers. Thanks da.moose!
  10. All roster moves up to date. Will be working on cleaning up roster line combinations starting on page 142 a little later on today. (Brunners I got LA's done from the last post on 141 so you're covered).
  11. WAIVERS: The Minnesota Wild have claimed Casey Nelson from the Winnipeg Jets via waivers.
  12. WAIVERS: The following players have cleared waivers and been assigned to the minors. Luca Sbisa Jonathan Bernier Eric Gryba
  13. Will be going over rosters today... make sure you've addressed any players in this situation before issues arise... #fairwarning
  14. Updating roster moves, got to one minor detail I missed on NJ's page on deadline day. Noticed his salary for the 2018-19 season. All totaled with full season numbers, MV's roster comes in at $95.3 million dollars!! Thank God for our pro-rated salaries eh Mike?