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  1. Alright guys, so sorry about the delay in announcing the awards. I completely spaced on the draft lottery. Hard to be thinking hockey when we're still in wait and see mode so far. Frustrating. Anyways, definitely late, but here are your award winners!! Hart Trophy - League MVP Leon Draisaitl Runners Up - Nathan MacKinnon, John Carlson Vezina Trophy - Top Goaltender Connor Hellebuyck Runners Up - Andrei Vasilevskiy, Jacob Markstrom Lady Byng Trophy - Gentlemanly Play Auston Matthews Runners Up - Ryan O'Reilly, Nathan MacKinnon (3 others tied for 3rd) Calder Trophy - Rookie of the Year Quinn Hughes Runners Up - Cale Makar, Adam Fox Norris Trophy - Top Defenceman John Carlson Runners Up - Quinn Hughes, Roman Josi Selke Trophy - Best Defensive Forward Sean Couturier Runners Up - Patrice Bergeron, Jonathan Huberdeau Darren Wilby Memorial Trophy - GM of the Year Mike Vanderhoek/ canuck2xtreme (tied for 1st) Runners Up - theminister, Bomba (4 others tied for 3rd)
  2. I missed the playoffs once...?!?!? What the h......
  3. Are the 2 ways forward without the puck, and then back to the bench...?
  4. Also, activity check...?
  5. LEAGUE ANNOUNCEMENT: With the announcement that the regular season has been deemed completed, it's that time of the year again.... Voting can begin for the league awards. 50 points for each trophy awarded. Please feel free to nominate for players from your own roster for other GMs to consider. You cannot vote for your own players for an award. The bolded are the 7 trophies that require votes... please PM me with your votes (secret ballot). Hart Trophy - Awarded to the league's MVP Vezina Trophy - Awarded to the league's most outstanding goaltender Lady Byng Trophy - Awarded to the player who displays gentlemanly conduct combined with a high level of play. Calder Trophy - Awarded to the league's most outstanding rookie Norris Trophy - Awarded to the league's top defenceman Selke Trophy - Awarded to the league's best defensive forward Darren Wilby Memorial Award - Awarded to the league's most outstanding GM Art Ross Trophy - Awarded to the league's top point producer Rocket Richard Trophy - Awarded to the league's top goal scorer William M. Jennings Trophy - Awarded to the goaltender(s) for the team that allowed the fewest goals against during the season (minimum 25 games played) The cutoff to make your votes is Friday, June 12th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Final standings, award winners, and playoff brackets announced shortly thereafter.
  6. To those who are wondering: We will be following the NHL as closely as possible, and are just working out details to make sure that our return to play format is ready to go if/when the NHL gets playing again for the playoffs this season. We have plenty of time, but will keep you as up to date as possible. Looks like some teams will be in the playoffs that weren't expecting a sniff! If you have any questions or concerns, shoot me a PM, Discord message or text.
  7. AHL season cancelled now... I wonder how long til the NHL follows suit? Would love to know when I can get a refund on my tickets
  8. Last post regarding Ladd was a recall. Unless he clears waivers, he can't be assigned to minors.
  9. Hello all! With the NHL tentative plans to get going starting to leak out (even though they are very preliminary), I'm looking to make sure all the sheets are up to date and ready to go before things get going. I know some people are taking breaks from hockey etc and others are pretty busy with life, but if there are any odds and ends that need clearing up or adjustments to be made on your team sheet, please post here so I can fix them up. Also if you are waiting on any contract negotiations or extensions to be posted, let me know and/or add me to these discussions so I can start working on them. Thanks everyone!
  10. How's it going Sharpshooter?? Good to see you!
  11. Quick update: I still plan on doing some updating etc., but my oldest son is here visiting. Don't get a lot of chances to spend time with him, so been focusing more on that. In the meantime, please PM me with questions, comments, concerns etc. and ways you'd like to see the game adjusted or improved. As I've said before, if I don't know it's an issue, I can't fix it!
  12. That'd be something, though I doubt they'd go that route as I'm not sure how much integrity there would be in the eyes of Bettman etc. Honestly, I think they'll be lucky to be able to get the 2020-21 season started on time.
  13. I don't see the season re-starting. I'd be amazed if it did at this point. I don't expect to hear anything as to the ball starting to roll towards re-opening the league for at least another month, and even with that, with the best possible news, I'm hard pressed to realistically see a scenario where they actually play. Perhaps I'm just pessimistic.
  14. All updates are complete. Not sure if pickup is still doing data runs, I haven't gotten any update emails so I kind of doubt it. I will inquire though. Over the next few weeks I'll be working on getting all the pages up to date and ready for off season, just in case. As it is, I am only moving the current season pages up to March 12th, the day the season was paused.
  15. INJURED RESERVE: The following players have been placed on injured reserve by their respective teams. Erik Gudbranson James van Riemsdyk