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  1. TRADE: The Winnipeg Jets have made a trade with the St. Louis Blues. To WPG: Eric Gryba To STL: Steve Bernier
  2. Fixed
  3. TRADE: The New York Rangers have made a trade with the Las Vegas Golden Knights. To NYR: Chad Johnson To LV: NYR 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection NYR 2019 3rd Round Draft Selection
  4. Find the trade and post it here please
  5. TRADE: The New Jersey Devils have made a trade with the Chicago Blackhawks. To CHI: Antoine Vermette To NJ: CHI 2019 4th Round Draft Selection
  6. Updated to page 284 on signings. Will post the couple of trades I have in my inbox and then keep going on signings tomorrow. If there's any issues with your cap sheets, pm or post in here please so I can work my way to it.
  7. Fixed
  8. I believe all I have left to update is the draft picks, tho some teams appear to be done already. If you're still waiting on anything let me know.
  9. TRADE: The Winnipeg Jets have completed a trade with the Edmonton Oilers. To WPG: Kerby Rychel To EDM: Frans Nielsen WPG 2018 2nd Round Draft Selection
  10. TRADE: The Winnipeg Jets have made a trade with the Washington Capitals. To WPG: Christian Folin To WSH: WPG 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection
  11. So Tampa Bay gets their 2018 4th back and you receive their 2019 4th? Is that correct?
  12. Anyone who has pending trades in theminister's inbox awaiting processing, add me to the conversation and we will get it posted asap.
  13. All updates from page 266 on should be finished. Let me know if there's anything missing.
  14. Up to page 275 on updates. I started on page 266 so anything before that page that isn't updated, let me know. Will continue tomorrow. Also, I haven't looked in draft thread so if there's any transactions in there that need updating, send it my way.
  15. ... meh. I'm done. Later all