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  1. CDCGML 2017-18

    Quiet around here...
  2. CDCGML 2017-18

    Home after a 6 day excursion... If there's anything that needs adjusting/updating let me know.
  3. CDCGML 2017-18

    Why does this post annoy me.... Forget I asked.
  4. CDCGML 2017-18

  5. CDCGML 2017-18

    With news that Shea Weber will be out for the remainder of the season, the Jets are now looking to add on defence. Will also consider solid hockey deals at any position and for almost any player. If you want a player, now is the time to step up with a good offer!
  6. CDCGML 2017-18

    Get home from work and see a 5 point night from Tyson Barrie!
  7. CDCGML 2017-18

    No worries, it's a very seldom needed rule, but it's in there. Also, I just checked, and while Miles Wood is still waivers exempt, he will require waivers in another 32 games played. Just FYI
  8. CDCGML 2017-18

    Cannot process this move. As per our CBA:
  9. CDCGML 2017-18

    So, I've been looking at the highlights from last night on TSN and I see the Oilers whining about the video reviews going against them. So I watch the highlights of last nights game, and then the clips that TSN showed from previous incidents that Talbot was complaining about. And I've gotta say, I don't think he's got an argument here. The goals the Oilers scored that were called back, all of them involved contact with the goaltender that directly led to the goal being scored. The goals scored against the Oilers did not involve contact, except for one, in which the Oilers defenceman bumps the player into Talbot. He complains about the goal in the playoffs against Anaheim with Perry in front, saying he made contact and took his blocker with him, resulting in a goal. But looking at the video clip they showed, I don't see contact with Talbot at all, much less his blocker being taken with Perry. Is it just me, or are the Oilers turning into a very whiney team? With that said, I think the Canucks got away with a couple last night that probably could've been called back.
  10. CDCGML 2017-18

  11. CDCGML 2017-18

    2016: Show up for draft all ready to go, research in hand and draft list ready, one day late. 2017: Draft ALL the previously taken playerz!! 2018: Ineligible players? NBA prospects? Random fan Twitter accounts?? Come to the draft and find out!
  12. CDCGML 2017-18

    If the past few years are any indication, I should never try to build through the draft...
  13. CDCGML 2017-18

    Thanks for picking up the ball MV! As far as I know, I'm back up and running. If you have a pending move in my inbox you're still waiting on, please bump it. Otherwise I will go through my inbox tomorrow and clear it out of roster moves, IR requests, trades etc. so I'm all caught up. For the moment, I will assume with MV's work we are 100% caught up again. Going to start updating all teams charts to be current to today and up to date with 2018 and 2019 UFA/RFA lists. Also, I'm starting to work on improvements for the cap sheets. If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints etc, please let me know!
  14. CDCGML 2017-18

    IR ACTIVATION: The Winnipeg Jets activate Mark Scheifele and Tyson Barrie from injured reserve.
  15. CDCGML 2017-18

    Hey, remember that GM activity check? Here's the list of teams that haven't replied... - Boston- Buffalo- Florida- Tampa Bay- Toronto- Columbus- New Jersey- NY Islanders- Philadelphia- Washington- Chicago- Colorado- Dallas- Minnesota- Nashville- Anaheim- Arizona- Calgary- Los Angeles- San Jose- Vancouver- Vegas