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  1. LOL. Brilliant.
  2. I am surprised you even get an Internet connection by the looks of where you live in those pics
  3. Thinks there's a better chance of finding a pot of gold than an iPhone 4... Ughhh...

  4. Banned for listening to Justin Bieber while browsing CDC.
  5. Banned because I accidentally hit the ban button.
  6. Banned for being 1 ban too late.
  7. Banned for not knowing Young Money.
  8. Banned for attempting to ban people who ban other people poorly.
  9. Banned for attempting to ban people.
  10. Banned for having the hooker name "BoneKrusher" in your sig.
  11. Banned for failing English.
  12. Banned for thinking the guy before you has access to nuclear weapons.
  13. HAHAHA +1 to you, sir.