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  1. From my couch, I have a different view.. Hansen and Dorsett just came off their best game.. they way out-played the so called 2nd line. I think Matthias might fall into that 'not happy with his role' catagory, but he also looked good last night. I think he will get better. The real problem with this team is depth scoring... gee that's a new problem isn't it. Those 3 guys on the 2nd line are all 3rd liners. I don't care what anybody says. Its the truth. Bonino seems like a nice guy.
  2. Love Burrows, but playing on the 2nd line, without the Sedins creating plays for him, he wont be putting up numbers anywhere close to 27g 50p
  3. I tell ya what, if 7 players score equal or more goals than Daniel Sedin this season, we are fookd!
  4. Torts is the main reason why injuries became such a problem - overuse of the top players and misuse of their skills IE: Sedins killing penalties and everybody else blocking shots. The Canucks have been fairly healthy the last month and look at their record with most of the bodies back... Torts is done.
  5. If you want to just look at stats and not what both players bring to the table on the ice. Man did you even watch in 2010-11 ? The Hoff ran the PP and also made Edler look like a future stud dman.
  6. Sorry but that is just a horrid d-core.
  7. oh dear god that's a horrible defense. Somebody please take away his posting privileges.
  8. Um that is how management in any business makes decisions moving forward.
  9. Say what? you mean with Nonis's roster maybe. I'm sorry but Gillis has far more critics in this city that Nonis ever did. Nonis didn't sign Luongo to the 12 year deal, he didn't extend the Sedins after they expired as top line players. He didn't trade the farm for Ballard and Booth, didn't sign Hamhuis, Garrison, Bieksa and Edler to NTC's He didn't balk at moving Edler to Detroit for that great package and he didn't wait too ???? long to trade Luongo. He also didn't crap the bed on the Schneider and Hodgson trades. Gillis did all of that. I'm sorry man but you and I have different ideas of what success is.
  10. Its looking like we will need 15 wins out of the last 22 games to snag that 8th spot. Not looking very likely to happen. I would be willing to wager that Gillis is having a hard time sleeping at night and probably wakes up every hour sweating bullets. A vote of confidence from ownership to the GM isn't necessarily a good thing for Gillis. Don't forget that is how he landed this job. Nonis was fired after the Canucks failed to make the playoffs. At the time, Aquilini said "missing the post-season was unacceptable in Vancouver" I am fairly certain that the same standards apply today.
  11. Actually a quick skating, puck-moving dman who can hit the forwards in stride, with nice passes; will help the offense more than a guy who can just blast the puck from the point. See examples: Edler, Garrison.
  12. Not sure if posted here anywhere yet but its quite entertaining what the peeps over at HF are saying about Bieksa.. http://hfboards.hock...d.php?t=1585711 Why does it seem that the entire world outside of Vancouver thinks that Bieksa is this monstrous hulk of a man picking on smaller defenseless players his entire career. I mean he is smaller than the Sedins. I guess his reputation of one tough SOB has inflated the perception of his physical reality.
  13. I want to see Kassian succeed just as bad as the next guy, but will he? What is preventing Kassian from finding his game in the NHL, is that he still thinks he is one of those top 5 power forwards that you mention. He is not that level of player. He does not have the cerebral abilities to see and think the game at this level. He is not an east/west end to end, score on the rush type player. He is better compared to guys like Taylor Pyatt in my opinion. Once he realizes this and simplifies his game, he will be able to use his size and strength to control the play down low.
  14. Tanev should fire his agent and hire Luongo. J/K He is obviously trying to get his client a huge raise. If he thinks the money is there for a 1.2 - 1.5 million /yr contract, he needs to read the black and white numbers. $900k maximum on a 1 year deal. If he improves, then they can talk about a modest raise.