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  1. Next year I'd like to see: Edler - Gudbranson Hutton - Tanev (I'd like them to balance our D by playing our top defensive D with our offensively talented sophomore.) Sbisa -Larsen Biega - low cost free agent or Stecher? -Tryamkin (I hope Try comes to his senses and agrees to play in the ahl for a year.)
  2. Pedan is not and will not be an nhl player. How do i know this? Because our coaches did not play him even tho we desperately needed help last season. We were so desperate that we played a slow, rookie from the khl instead of pedan.
  3. Edler Tanev hutton gudbranson sbisa. Larson Biega tryamkin Pedan I think so many of you misjudge our d corps. There's a reason that our team was third from the bottom last yr. -edler is our only top two-way dman yet people want to trade him. The canucks want to make the playoffs so I don't get it. -tanev is a solid defensive d but that's all -hutton will one day be a good top four but he's got a long way to go defensively -gudbra is big n tough but otherwise average -sbisa is a marginal nhl player -larson was not wanted by Edm -tryamkin's best outlet pass is a high ring around the boards -pedan did not play last yr even tho we were desperate for d -biega would clear waivers at the beginning of the yr when rosters are full I hope Olli is ready soon!
  4. Yes it's great that it looks like we have 4 nhl players in one draft BUT what if virt and mccann top out as second liners, demko is simply a good starter and try is a 3rd pairing guy only? I hope they all become all stars but anything can happen including w nylander becoming an all star instead of virt.
  5. what a horrible finish from virt. anyone at 8 rinks wouldve kept the puck, waited for the goalie to slide across and put it in the open side.
  6. Not sure if the radio play by play is the same category as the newspaper or radio hosts. I rarely listen to radio play by play now but they seem to be 'house' guys. I think they even still ride on the team plane. Doesn't lend itself to revealing hard hitting opinions. Robson did play by play and rarely made editorial comments. Larsheid made his opinion known but was usually such a homer that he was popular with most.
  7. I don't understand the hate for the media. They are doing their jobs and they do a good job here. I prefer them to have an opinion rather than be vanilla.
  8. Is it really?
  9. Pedan isnt ready unfortunately. I think management is going to go for the playoffs next yr so think this is very realistic: Edler-Tanev Hutton-Tree Hamhuis-Larsen extras: sbisa, biega I'd rather sign, trade or draft a top right handed dman but I don't think it'll happen. If it does: Edler-Tanev Hutton-New Rightie sbisa-Tree extras: biega, larsen
  10. Nothing wrong with going home for a visit but if he's serious about being a top player he's got lots of work to do as I explained in my original post. Kassian went home every summer.
  11. I found it interesting that benning thinks he'll be on the third line next yr. That means he'll be behind Hansen, Virt or a free agent?
  12. Tree is looking good so far but I hope he stays in town to learn English, eat better and get in NHL shape. If he stays in russia all summer that is not a good sign.
  13. I don't understand posters who complain that he was negative. It was his job to give his opinion on the canucks, not do public relations or sell for them. Mostly positive columns would be boring. This message board is extremely negative. It's built around criticizing and nit-picking every decision that the canucks organization makes. If everyone here incessantly cheered for the team it would die a quick death. We all enjoy criticizing the canucks and their trades, draft picks, lines, contracts, concession food, ticket prices, uniforms, logos, even the goal songs!
  14. scott wanted to play with his bro Rob in anaheim
  15. You forget that we'd have to part with picks and a top prospect for Bouw. Hamhuis we simply re sign. Easy choice.