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  1. Jim Benning's Trading

    Anytime you judge a past move you are hindsighting. It's the only way we can evaluate a GM. Sutter isn't vastly overpaid. I never said that, but he's been overpaid for each year of his contract. Cap space can be very useful if used wisely. For instance, vegas took on Reilly smith and his $5 mil contract and in return florida exposed Marchessault in the expansion draft. You are the one who stated that Sbisa was one of vegas' top pair D. If he's that good then benning made a mistake letting him go. I never said that most 6th picks turn into all-stars. I said that we needed benning to hit a homerun. he didn't. In fact he had two high picks (virtanen and juolevi) that look like they will be mid-level players. I'm not saying that this is horrible but he's supposed to be a top scout. We needed more from him especially when there were many better options available according to the experts at the time. We have to disagree on our future. I see an average team developing. If we win the draft and get Dahlin then we're in good shape but if we get another 5th/6th pick will we get another mid-level player?
  2. Jim Benning's Trading

    No the 'we' is a reference to the post that I was replying to. He referred to 'people' who want benning gone. Yours is the kind of snide, juvenile reply that makes posting here annoying. Instead of trying to bully try to debate and discuss in a civil manner.
  3. Jim Benning's Trading

    Yes we'll have to disagree then. You call it 'captain hindsighting', but you're doing the same. Of course I see the value in guys like sutter, but he's being paid too much and worst part is he has a no-trade clause. I didn't list dorsett because I like his contract. It's just unfortunate he played injured during much of his contract. I haven't watched vegas play at all. If Sbisa is indeed playing on their top pair D then his loss is another big mistake by Benning. I still think Virt can be a solid forward too, but he was a 6th overall pick. We needed a homerun here and could've had one: ehlers, nylander, Richie, larkin. Instead we have a guy who is mostly playing on the 4th line when we are healthy.
  4. Jim Benning's Trading

    Off the top of my head: Trades: Gudbranson, trading too many of our draft picks away, Forsling, Vey, Sutter Bad Hire: Willie Desjardins Bad contracts: sbisa, ericksson, sutter Draft mistakes: Virtanen instead of ehlers, nylander, Richie, larkin Juolevi instead of tzachuk, sergachev, etc McCann instead of pastrnak
  5. Jim Benning's Trading

    Benning's signing of Eriksson was a big mistake. It's Benning's job to make good signings so he has to wear it. Many fans, including me, didn't want any part of it. Doesn't mean we want his 'head on a stick'. We just don't think he should be re-signed. We want someone better in the GM's job.
  6. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Ya I agree only one bad move. I agree. Yup. Only one. No biggie. Plus Louie's a nice guy who'll spend the money wisely. One bad move only. One. Not two or three. Only one.
  7. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Actually, Gillis traded Corey directly for Horvat. He waited until NJ was picking to ensure that there was a player the canucks wanted. Horvat was there thankfully. Many didn't rate Horvat as highly so it was an astute move. Gillis did not trade Corey for the ninth pick. He traded Corey for Horvat very purposefully. I did not state that Benning couldn't manage to 'sit on the throne his predecessors made and make some easy moves.'
  8. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    I'm not going to argue the merits of Gillis here but all I can say is look at the success of the team under his watch. Also, we got Horvat for Schneider which I would do again in a heartbeat. I didn't write that he 'Can't make a trade or sign'.
  9. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    Hey Moriarty, I was responding to another post. Context is important. Also our top draft picks are not "trending really well". Virt looks like a third liner and Juolevi looks like a second pairing D. Any gm can still build without a young core. He has made some solid trades, but he's also got Gudbranson, Vey, Forsling on his record. He drafted McCann in first rd. Signed Eriksson. Let's just say Jim's done an average job, but if we can get a top gm here than let's do it. There are a few who may be available so let's sign the best.
  10. When can we extend Jim Bennings contract?

    The question is not "How many of them are playing in the NHL?" The question is "How many of Bennings future prospects will play and star in the NHL?" The juries out on ALL these players until they play in the NHL. And further, if some of these prospects do work out benning has shown no indication that he is capable of trading well and signing free agents that will round out the team and push it to the top the way Gillis did.
  11. Who is the future face of the franchise?

    Your comment screams inexperience and lack of knowledge. I'm sure you didn't mean to come across that way though. The captains around the league are virtually all top line forwards and number one D. There will be the odd exceptions like Brown, however, I stand by my comment. I hope the future captain of our team is the true number one center or dman that we draft in the next couple years or we will be doomed to mediocrity.
  12. Who is the future face of the franchise?

    If horvat is the future face we are doomed to be a mediocre team. He is a good center, but not a great one. We need to draft a true franchise center or dman in the next few years in order to compete for a cup. I'm all in to tank for the next two years minimum.
  13. Gaunce should be Protected

    yes I hope gaunce stays on our roster. I want to tank again next year and his lack of offensive ability will help immensely.
  14. Ben Hutton Talk

    Hutton has played less than 40 games in each of the last three seasons. Give him lots of ice time in the ahl and get him ready for a callup this yr when injuries hit us.
  15. Jared McCann | C/LW

    I hope we keep Mccann up for nine games to have a good look. He can't be much worse than Vey. If Mcann excels then I hope they keep him longer.