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  1. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Was wondering the same thing. Puck was just sitting at center dot and no one was skating at start of clip.
  2. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Which goalie was that? Didnt look pleased.
  3. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Gaudette and Virtanen is something I want to see this season.
  4. Botchford done at The Province?

    Paywall to read Botchford? Like Henrik on a breakaway, I'll pass.
  5. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Greens response to whomever called Beagles contributions redundant. Hah.
  6. GDT - 2018 Canucks' Young Stars Tournament

    Haha. This guy...
  7. 2018 Young Stars Classic

    Haha. This guy...
  8. GDT - 2018 Canucks' Young Stars Tournament

    Who is 97? He looks like a fast and smooth skater.
  9. 2018 Young Stars Classic

    Who's the d bag who asked him if he "has ground to make up" in respect to his draft class?
  10. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Just wondering why you're okay with seasoning Dahlen but Juolevi who's younger and plays defense has to "play and play well" now?
  11. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    I think I figured out your problem. You believe that drafting top 5 (or 6?) Guarantees a "Superstar". You're wrong and retrospectively nitpicking about the draft is a waste of time. Im absolutely done with you though. Have a good one.
  12. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Attacked? Gimme a second grabbing my kid gloves. Alright. Okay little buddy! You're right. Juolevi at 20 years old is all he'll ever be and every single top 5 pick pans out except him!
  13. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    What are you on about? You're the one who put them in the same discussion. Forwards always get more recognition when it comes to awards anyway. When is the last time a defenseman was even in the discussion for the Calder trophy? Edit: Ekblad won it 2014 and Myers in 2010. Oops. Either way, forwards usually get more consideration.
  14. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    You're comparing a forward to a defenseman which doesn't lend much credence to your hockey knowledge. Wasn't the healthy scratch thing after coming back from WJC where he had the flu and his coach said he looked tired? Also your opinion =/= reality. As others have said it's too early to tell and you're ignorance of that is only going to more people "attacking" you.
  15. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Not to mention they haven't won a playoff round in 15 years. They lost Bozak and Van Reimsdyk for nothing this off-season too. Haven't upgraded their D at all. I would not be surprised if they finished lower point total than last season albeit still a playoff team.