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  1. I expected the sedins to slow down but I didn't expect their shots and passes would be complete muffins.
  2. Lol oh my god so many plugs
  3. Lol one handed shove
  4. I aint even mad. Granlund looks like a legit top 6 going forward.
  5. How do we have a team half full of plugs and none of them hit? Canucks don't score, don't prevent goals, don't hit, don't fight.. they're just.. there.
  6. They could probably still be fairly effective with third line minutes. Third pairing defense to up against as well. Can't wait to see the young guys develop over the next few years.
  7. Biega wrecking $&!# tonight. I'm not usually a fan but git r done!
  8. deadhorse.gif
  9. Yeah, sorry. It was meant to convey the sheer lack of excitement that anyone outside of their immediate families will have for this trade.
  10. Nothing about Burns' body language says "fight me" in my opinion. Looked a lot like when Edler grabs someone in a scrum. Your point is moot considering.
  11. Having a bad day, eh bud? Burns had no intention of dropping em. He's as vicious as Harry (and the Hendersons).
  12. Another day, another poor showing by the coach.
  13. Lol as soon as we pull our goalie the D men can't hold the line to save their lives.