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  1. I used to use penalty kills as a bathroom break/beer run. I now use the power play. Can't watch that crap.
  2. Canucks power play is ridiculous. Why are they so hellbent on having Larsen as the only shooter? Sutter, Daniel and Eriksson can all snipe.
  3. It's a good story but those were some tap ins. Loose defence and shaky goaltending. Stars aligned for Matthews and it was pretty cool to watch.
  4. No matter what, I'm bored $&!#less watching the Coyotes play. This team just shouldn't exist.
  5. This man knows things
  6. Can someone tell me how to squelch users?
  7. Really not digging Etem with Horvat.
  8. Lots of cuts after tonight I'm guessing/hoping.
  9. Gud not so Gud tonight
  10. I was thinking the same thing. He's smart so if he can still skate he'll be very useful still almost anywhere in the lineup.
  11. Have we won a draw yet? Fire Malhotra! Kidding of course.
  12. Good to hear.
  13. That goal song has gotta go
  14. You ever watched a LA Kings game? They run that pick 10x a shift.
  15. Does Etem think he's guaranteed a spot?