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  1. I've no desire to watch Boston flaunt the ever changing rule book again. This will be the last game I watch til September.
  2. Refs would've called a Canuck for skating too fast towards a Bruin.
  3. Stop icing the puck. They didn't learn anything from last game?
  4. I don't want any of the remaining teams to win but I want San Jose to win least of all. Whining, diving divas who are clearly good at sucking off zebras.
  5. I feel like some of you have never seen San Jose play before. They could easily score 2 in the next ~3 minutes. They ride momentum more than any team I've seen.
  6. I was just thinking pretty much the same thing. Out of context this is $&!# hockey. Lol.
  7. This really looks like one of those against the grain stunner kinda games. Canuck fans know them too well.
  8. It definitely went off the ref and reversing along the boards is pretty common. Kerry Fraser said on Twitter that the ref shouldn't have been there.