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  1. This is mildly condescending and complementary at the same time. The &^@#?
  2. Honestly, win or lose, my only takeaway is how good Jake has looked in this game. Better than Pete, Bo and Brock by far. Hughes has already made 'good' look average. Kid is a wizard.
  3. Virtanen should get some 1st line time tonight imo. Player of the game so far.
  4. I have some weird insta karma when it comes to bitching about players. Only works when in person though. I'll totally $&!# on a player, keep pointing out mistakes and they always make me eat crow.
  5. Oilers are running out of time.. To give up 4 goal lead..
  6. This mixer pack from Steam Works is bull$&!#. They all taste exactly the same.
  7. Get off the effin boards! This team sends way too many pucks around and off the boards. You can't handle those like passes and you lose a split second which is all it takes to be covered now.
  8. Should I turn it off? Don't feel like being annoyed tonight.
  9. Jake looks like he's starting to believe. He goes where he wants and not many in this league are going to stop him.
  10. Methinks your innuendo wasn't the problem. It was your fandom, or lack thereof.