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  1. I really need them to reel these goalies in when it comes to leaving your crease. If you're gonna angle a guy off and play the puck, you're in play bitch. Eligible for a hit.
  2. Chiming in late. First post of the night. That &^@#in fly by from Jake ruined the game for me. What the hell, kid? Do you WANT to be an NHLer?
  3. Sure hope they learn a lesson from that. Keep your foot on their throat.
  4. Welp, this PGT has been torture. Got a bit of a stomach flu and I really don't think Scotch would sit well.
  5. My favorite is Auchentoshan Three Wood. Soooo gooooood.
  6. Costco Glenfiddich for the win. It's cheap ish, anyway..
  7. Maybe let the ice melt between your scotches rest of the evening.