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  1. I said before the playoffs started that when the whistles go away the Knights are done. I meant first round but this is what I envisioned.
  2. He's been saying "Smeagol'd" for over a decade
  3. I abondoned that cesspool about 8 years ago.
  4. "What a great play by Luca Sbisa" in the Stanley cup finals.
  5. That settles it. Cheering for Caps sweep.
  6. &^@#. Make it stop it's so stupid.
  7. Canada not even getting chances. What am I watching??
  8. I'm completely over that and I have nothing against the city but Maurice looks so douchey, I cannot cheer for them.
  9. I dislike the Jets and I think it's 100% Paul Maurice. I don't like his face.
  10. Although I'm the king of reverse jinxes so watch for an Ehlers goal tonight.
  11. Just wanted to remind everyone that Virtanen and Ehlers are tied for career playoff goals.
  12. Were there not better goalie options??