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  1. Glad I already had JD Burke blocked on Twitter.
  2. "he knows that you know that he knows that you know" Easily my favorite part. Lol.
  3. Your reading comprehension is lacking. He's talking about the culture of the team, not the forums.
  4. I'm gonna need you guys to stop saying 'proof' when talking about a JD Burke radio bit. The guys a &^@#ing tool.
  5. Thanks guys and gals. Couldn't watch here in Puerto Vallarta but the GDT was a blast to read along to. Rollercoaster of emotions lol.
  6. What time is it in Van? Why hasn't this game started yet? Ehh nevermind. Too many cervesas here in PV.
  7. CDC in a nutshell. Why is it in this bloody nutshell?
  8. Honestly even seeing JD Burke in text makes me feel like someone just squirted douche on me. Can we all just block him and make him fade away?
  9. That was a nice tribute. Before my time and I still enjoyed the video.