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  1. JoshuaGuy

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues | Dec. 09, 2018

    Not much to complain about today. Beauty game.
  2. Not saying it's a bad thing at all but I haven't noticed Beagle, Edler or Tanev all game.
  3. Barzal had 3 five points games last season I think it was?
  4. That's 5 for Pettersson right?
  5. Ok wake the &^@# up guys. Coach is failing again. Just keep pressing. Sitting on leads is $&!#.
  6. Hah. Love watching people try to hit Jake.
  7. That was a stupid power play setup. Boeser and Pettersson on wrong wings and Pouilot in high slot? What??
  8. Not even close. For me it's Logan Couture
  9. Yeah I clearly missed that in the first. Was doing dishes.
  10. Shot follow through not a penalty.
  11. This Granlund line is hemmed in every shift.
  12. Goldobin is a fainting goat.