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  1. They're trying to stir the pot again. Who the &^@# cares where he was drafted. He needs time to get into game shape after a major surgery before he plays on NHL ice vs world's best.
  2. Definitely not televised in regional market, just wondering if gamecenter will be picking up a feed from LA. I guess we'll see tomorrow.
  3. Anyone know if tomorrow game will be on Gamecenter?
  4. I'm liking what I'm seeing from Jasek too. He's developing nicely.
  5. Lol. Is that the one with Informer by Snow? I nearly wore that cassette out.
  6. That would be a really tough decision for opposing coaches.
  7. Serious question, are these refs from the AHL? Like a ref tryout?
  8. Lol high sticks and slashes don't really fall into the "liberties on our small guys" category imo. Those were both dirty plays and the first one should've been a major and the slash should've been a penalty. Refs are trash as usual. Half dozen non calls on hooks and holds so far.
  9. Young Oilers playing a right game to be honest. Zero chemistry on Canucks side.
  10. Good point. I'd prefer our stars don't injure themselves anyway.
  11. Load a top line, get Pearson or Virtanen to replace Goldobin.