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  1. BDA

    It's quite nice that the kid doesn't have to come in and be a saviour here on defense. He's got a lot of decent NHL'ers to lean on and learn from unlike kids like Nurse in Edmonton who are expected to "be the man" right away. Juolevi could be a bottom pairing here for years, until he decides to just take the reins.
  2. 27 goals and 48 assists this year and you wouldn't pass to him?
  3. Yeeeeeaaaaah face off coach
  5. Why do they not have cameras at bar height? Idiotic. There's no way that was below the bar.
  6. League has noticed Virtanen. Other teams benches yell every time he's looking to hit.
  7. Camera should just stay on the moms. Way more entertaining.
  8. I just know I'm going to regret watching this game.
  9. Ugh my gamecenter feed is terrible today. Quality dropping constantly.
  10. These two teams seem pretty evenly matched which is odd considering one is supposedly a contender and the other is tanking?
  11. I'm pretty sure linesmen can only call major penalties.
  12. Okay that didn't work. Anyway, he has decent numbers this year. 4 points and +4 in his last 5 games. I think Columbus is just too deep on defense now. I think he's worth a shot on this shallow D
  13. He just cannot be THAT stupid. No way...
  14. I went to the Panthers forums to see if I could find any dirt on the post game scrum. They don't even have a GDT on this game and I quickly added up all the replies from every GDT this season... Less than 200 total. It kind of pisses me off that money we put into our team goes to support teams like this. What a back asswards business model.