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  1. Oh I understand, especially on these boards, but he seems at least capable of Oreo just with more abilities with his fists than him. At little more finish to his game as well, that's why I have hopes for him long term. Or I could be just crazy and say he's the next Chris Stewart hahaha
  2. At least he has the size, speed, and strength to be a 4th liner in the NHL and isn't a Top 6/9 or bust player.
  3. Think of Manny as a comparison (without the first round hype). He has scored a lot of SH goals this season and is excellent in the corners, good speed, and with a good shot. He's always produced well in the playoffs as well. He could be a solid 3rd liner or a very good 4th liner with his 6'3 200lb frame.
  4. I agree with you he needs to produce and it'll happen because the chances are there, he's moving the puck a lot faster is what makes me the happiest. Last year, he would just coast with the puck thinking he was Bobby Orr and could jump gears in a stride and it would cost him all the time. All that's left for him to make me real happy is to be in the middle of some line brawl like in Chicago and the real Juice come out. Oh how sweet he is when he's mad. I would imagine the man that got bit by the only venomous snake in all of Scandinavia will have a set back along the way. He is made of glass after all.
  5. Does it really matter if Kevin gets goals or not? I haven't scream at him on TV for awhile now, he's playing the exact role he should be in and that's not top 2 pairing. He was never that at any point in his career, he doesn't have the size and skill set to be that. I've really enjoyed watching him and Alberts play this year, the only thing Juice needs to work on is when and when not to hold the point. If we trade him, it better be to the Eastern Conf. because the guy will haunt us in our own.
  6. Rick Tabaracci?
  7. happy b-day!!

  8. happy bday:P