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  1. Best wishes on a well deserved retirement. Always will remember you as a Canuck.
  2. I thought summer hockey would keep the armchair GM’s entertained but I suppose not
  3. not sure why IPad won’t post the actual video when I copy it. Anyway Gino takes on the Blues
  4. Totally agree. It was just my observation that the Blues seemed to be targeting that side a bit.
  5. It looked like the Blues were trying to exploit the short side on Marky as well.
  6. Couldn’t stay up to watch whole game. That double left toe save by Marky was a thing of beauty.
  7. This. We still don’t know what we truly have in Gaudette and OJ. Jake is also still improving his game. I’m not comparing any of these players to Cam Neely, but that trade still stings to this day.
  8. Yes, you don’t trade a a top nine beauty like Gaudette having stolen him in the 5th round
  9. I’m going be super pissed if the coilers or Laffs get another Franchise pick.