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  1. Too bad O’Brien had left by then
  2. Schaller has had a strong Schaller game
  3. Gaudette deserves a goal tonight
  4. That was a very nice read from Schaller. Nice goal by Beagle.
  5. Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Lost my Dad to dementia 3 years ago now. The worst part is you really lose them years before they actually pass away. Hold on to the good memories.
  6. Hope all is well with your own family too. Cancer diagnoses are always tough. Brock sets such a good example and it’s clear he comes from a very humble upbringing. It’s heartening to see Brock be able to acknowledge and reward his family for all their sacrifices.
  7. I don’t buy it Alf. He was a “drama teacher” and doesn’t know the historical connotations of black face?