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  1. We FINALLY draft a potential franchise D man and people want to trade him before he’s even played a season here. No.
  2. Oh, I’m well educated and make sure the kids are as well. It was a play on words - they lied . I do agree with your point about more oppressive regimes using technology to control the masses.
  3. Growing up in the 60’s/70’s we were always told technology would make our lives easier. I fear for our kids and their kids.
  4. I count at least 4 before the incident. Anyway, Arnie wants us to focus on the cause.
  5. What were his body guards doing? Checking out all the girls?
  6. Possibly could have been higher this year. He looked tentative at seasons beginning, maybe thinking of his back. Human nature.
  7. Ah, another treasured pick from the Gillis draft era. Put together a decent team for the run, but failed miserably at the draft. We can thank him for Bo though.