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  1. Stay safe
  2. Just keep posting that picture of bowl of alphabits
  3. Should just dress John Garrett
  4. The highest row of seats where you had to look around the girders in the coliseum
  5. I hope the Blues are bringing their white jerseys, just sayin 4-3 Nucks shootout ( Sutter for the win)
  6. Didn't realize Shorty was 2-timing on TSN hope you're feeling well enough to watch the game tonight
  7. Game was on CBC, I believe it was Dave Randorf calling
  8. Sure miss Jim Hughson's play call.
  9. A little choked that hit on Jake wasn't called. I thought it was late and high.
  10. Here's to another embarrassment
  11. Canucks beat Calgary by wider margin shovels needed to peel Johnny Hockey from boards after Tryamkin staples him Burrows reaches 15-20 goals
  12. Thought your post needed some balance.