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  1. @RUPERTKBD is correct. Respirators and N95 masks must be fit individually to ensure a tight seal. Facial hair in general makes that difficult.
  2. Apparently gouging on small hand sanitizers as well. Pre-Corona were a couple of dollars, now 7 dollars
  3. Definitely, instead of bailing out Bombardier every few years.
  4. Red state. No other explanation needed
  5. Unfortunately you can’t trust communist China numbers. WHO can only do so much with the info they’re given. Trump’s administration did disband critical pandemic teams in both his WH and internationally. Even George W. has been warning of a pandemic since 2005. Not to mention Trump has absolutely no credibility left.
  6. Yes, imaging (nuc med and ultrasound x 35 years, biochem degree) Soon to retire hopefully when we’re past this. Take good care.
  7. Have you been in an ice bath? Your normal should be 37. Maybe your thermometer is not accurate. Anyway keep an eye on your breathing, if it gets worse (breathlessness) with fever, go to ER. Take care of yourself Blunt.
  8. The main thing to watch for is breathlessness. If you can’t get your breath, go to ER
  9. They should be spending a couple of weeks in the crowbar hotel then.
  10. Hope you’re on the mend. It’s still a bit of a guessing game without more widespread testing. It’s still technically “flu” season albeit it should be winding down now. I’ve been ill myself for two weeks but just semi productive cough and fatigue. Lots of sneezing as well ( not a COVID-19 symptom) but seasonal allergies are here soon. Be well Stawns
  11. 37 still normal. Dry cough, fever, SOB are most frequent symptoms. Other symptoms point to flu or bad cold. Take care of yourself and avoid Advil if you can. Tylenol best for fever reduction.
  12. I can think of another “world leader” I’d like to see in ICU