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  1. Interesting comment. The dozen or so lists I googled, showed him at #7 on SI's list. He didn't make any of the other lists I checked. Two other ex-Canucks were ranked higher and more often though. RK17 and Matt Cooke. Food for thought. When Trevor commented on his relationship with the younger players, I tend to believe him. I am also hoping for a bounce back year for Alex.
  2. I only tune in at 4 to catch what Ray F. Has to say, otherwise my iPhone is full of favs.
  3. No thanks. Too many red flags. Too many off ice issues. Too many reported incidents with team mates. Too immature.
  4. 1970 Chevy Nova SS
  5. I'm assuming you mean next year for main camp?
  6. Agreed, as we're still "rebuilding" a couple of PTO would probably be a good idea without giving up anything. Not too sure about Wisniewski though. Too many trades, suspensions and I believe it was his second ACL injury
  7. benning office&ved=0ahUKEwjT88_a7_rNAhUKxGMKHbfMB1wQjhwIBQ&
  8. I'm still p^ssed they missed this guy growing up in their own backyard. Good deal for Benn though.
  9. Any word on whether he accepted Qualifying offer?