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  1. Definitely someone I was rooting for when he was with the Canucks. Great team player. Too much depth now.
  2. This is the probably the biggest roadblock to a trade, we'd need to retain salary
  3. Quite telling during JB's interview, he mentions having Subban in Utica but hopefully it doesn't get that far
  4. He could be signed after the start of the regular season?
  5. I think he's shown enough to be a cheaper version of DD
  6. He should be introduced to Bo's summer skating coach.
  7. LAPD apparently relayed the news of his death. Now sort of retracted, maybe just semantics as the coroner usually releases this info ☹️
  8. This. Pretty tiresome watching Elder blast it off someone's shin pad more often than not.
  9. Really liked his game last night.
  10. What game were you watching?!