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  1. All the experts talk about how good Hughes is at his offensive game, but what gets often overlooked is his defence. He uses his body *extremely* well, and that helps offset his diminutive size at least somewhat. He is also very young, and though he will never be a big guy in any context, he will likely get noticably stronger. This will allow him and his creativity to work his magic in tight better than he does now. Just something added to his arsenal down the road. What a gem, and easily the most talented defenseman we have ever had. This is been a good couple years for high end blueliners. If it wasn't so, there would be a ton of focus put on Quinn. That's a good thing. As I said several posts ago, time will tell how these guys all turn out, but at the end of the day, we got the guy WE needed.
  2. I like the idea generally. Teams really do seem to get what they want here. But... Bogo doesn't score much - certainly nowhere near his draft position nor salary. He is merely OK defensively. Yes he is a big body but he doesn't really put it to proper use except in an enforcer role. Honestly, I see him as a slight to moderate improvement on Guddy. I could see him as depth for this year's run, and he is capable of eating minutes if need be, but nothing more. He just doesn't fill a role we need filling, imo. I would rather have Stecher from an on-ice talent and need perspective, and that's saying something because I don't think he has a particular role on this team either. Now, with that said, if we could unload Baer's last year, then great - but considering we would have to take on extra cap this season, I don't know if.it is even doable?
  3. I'm on board for both trades if it gets it done, but not any more. From our perspective, we draft so well that even our mid-rounders often hit. I'd hate to give those picks up, but I feel these trades do improve our team. The comment about Dillon's PIM is a good one... he is on pace this season for a huge increase over prior years. He would probably have to be controlled a little better, but I think Green is good for getting guys to buy in to the way he wants them to play. The thing about Dillon (and I made damn near the same proposal a month ago for this reason) is that he is actually a really good defensive player if you look at his corsi. This gives us another option not named Tanev to play a defensive game. On the event we DO lose Tanev to free agency, he would at least go a long ways to picking up that slack. Then of course there is his size and his hitting. We would basically be giving up a little scoring in Stecher to get a lot more size and tenacity, with what I believe is higher defensive prowess. And considering I imagine Stecher is gone anyway, it's really only that pick. Money well spent imo.
  4. Glad to hear about Motte. What he brings to the 4th line I feel is underrated by many. I'm worried about Boeser - physically and mentally. At least short term - I think he will be just fine overall once he gets past whatever is ailing him.
  5. Don't be fooled by his surface numbers guys. It's largely PP time. 5 on 5 this guy is defensively poor - even moreso when trying to contain the top opposition players. If he hasn't figured out how to keep pucks out of his own net by now, I fear he never will. Yes he gets points. They are good numbers, and they could even get higher if he came here, imo. But if you subtract the extra goals we would have against our already overwhelmed goalies, something is gonna give and it won't he pretty. Then there is his salary while.we are strapped. Plus his pending UFA when we need cap even more. I have no idea what Gaudette will become, but he shows really good promise and we would get a lot more for him if we wait. I am all for an upgrade on Stecher and using him as a sweetener to a deal, but I think this particular trade is the wrong target.
  6. Absolutely no to this. Dobson has shown very little past his high draft position. If he even develops into a decent NHLer, we would be on the hook for his development and subsequent roster spot. His future is unknown but I would be floored if he ever became a top pairing guy. Even if Jake stops improving, his current skillset is something that will most definitely help us going forward AND right now. Very high risk trade, imo.
  7. That really sucks. Sit him for the rest of the season and send him back to Utica for a couple games prior to the playoffs. Guess we are going in on Simmonds after all...
  8. I think I would agree with most of your selections - though I would mention I think if we see Tryamkin back in the NHL he may very likely become the best hitter. I also don't think Crosby is the best passer. I would probably pick one of Backstrom or Thornton.
  9. This is going to be an interesting outcome. A couple of thoughts: - Absolutely an intentional kick. Very dangerous. A suspension is absolutely coming, even though it didn't result in injury. - Kassian didn't exactly kick him as hard as he could. Doing so might have resulted in damage. If he missed the target and hit him in the throat.... well... - This is gonna suck for Edmonton having McJesus out as well. They will fall in the standings for sure. Although Kassian seems to have gotten his stuff together, he still does bonehead things. At the end of the day, I don't think the league can let him off too lightly. Actions like this can literally kill people, so a message has to be sent. Combined with his suspension history, I see anywhere from 5-10 games, and if they REALLY want to send a message I can actually see more... but somehow I imagine the suspension will indeed fall in that range.
  10. Boys worked hard out there tonight. Clearly the Hawks had their game going while we did not, but at least we kept the intensity going. Sometimes your goalie has to steal games for you. Marky has been really good so far, but tonight was stellar. I gotta can't say I'm too keen on relying on our goaltending so much though. More games than not we require our goalie to play a great game but they are entitled to having off nights. If that happened at a typical rate, we would be a bubble team. That's kinda scary.
  11. So far, I would tend to agree. But all these guys are young. The rise of Makar and Hughes so quickly is unprecedented but I still think it is too early to tell exactly how good any of them will end up. Keep in mind too that Dahlin doesn't exactly have a strong team to work with like the other two. Plus it must be hard for a young player to be his best when the team culture is one of losing and the fans hate you. Just sayin'.
  12. Many players use the game to focus on instead of their own hardships, but I am not sure he is one of them. Clearly something os wrong with him, and it stands to reason the mental stress of what is going on with his father is a likely source. But I think he was trying to battle through it before he got injured so I hope he uses this time to get himself in check mentally as well as physically. If we are lucky, we see old Brock when he comes back.