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  1. I do feel we could be a dark horse team for sure. If you look up and down a healthy lineup, we have guys throughout who really could play higher if there was room. In turn, individually our forward lines look pretty sweet on paper, imo. Even our d doesn't look bad, just looking at the names and what attributes those players are expected to bring. We have the steady (albeit oft injured) Tanev shutting guys down. Towering Myers who, quite honestly, needs to bring it. Hughes is Hughes... we all know what he can do for us. Steady Eddie as well. The third pairing is really the only place where we don't have much to offer - but Stech is fine in a 3rd pairing role even if he is undersized, and if Fanta or especially Benn play to their ability it could be worse. In short, I feel we have the tools. But our success will mainly come down to 3 things: - If Marky can stand on his head the whole competition. - If our players play to the level they are capable of. This means our skill guys like Petey and Huggy find ways to NOT get shut down, and it means our heavy guys play heavy. - If we find a way to play systems thar work. This one scares me, because Green hasn't found it yet. Our 5 on 5 play was similar to that of basement dwelling teams. We relied way too much on the PP and Markstrom. If this doesn't change, I feel the chances of being that Dark Horse team is very dim indeed.
  2. You almost make it sound like sacrifices need to be made to earn those millions...
  3. Agree the comment was speculation. Though the source seems solid at least. Tryamkin likely still wants to avoid the AHL so to fit him on the roster, something will have to change one way or another to move out bodies. As I said, he does little to solve our woes on D so changes are likely regardless. Benn becomes 100% expendable, so gotta find a suitor there. Shame he didn't work out.
  4. Talk that the contract could be just shy of a million? That'd be value, and gives him a chance to show he is worth more. Would be stoked to see him play. But he won't be that element that "fixes" our d.
  5. Well that's the thing. First Tampa. Now the Blues. These players knew they would be coming back and practicing and managed to get it anyway. Hell, there is fallout from JV not doing his part. It could be anywhere. Any team can fall victim and the closer we get to drop dead time with this still happening the less chance a covid-free playoff could even happen. I can't see players too eager to play when other players keep getting infected. I know there are all sorts of protocols but they are clearly not enough so far. The bubbles these players will have to live in to avoid a cluster will be tight. If one occurs after resuming of play I can't see how anything could continue. Especially since the 2-hub plan means everyone shares facilities. This is a season that will be impossible to forget. As much as we may all want to...
  6. With multiple Blues players infected now and their facility shut down, things are really looking bleak. I do hope we move forward - it is the only way our team has a shot at anything.
  7. I personally get annoyed with the offside rule - usually as it pertains to a coaches challenge. I don't feel it should be so closely policed. If a player has a full stride on another while offside, then fine - it could make a difference. But we are calling back plays and goals if a guy is literally a half inch offside when it really had no bearing on the play. IMO, it is s had as the old "toe in the blue paint" rule.
  8. So... Of players tested in phase 2, we have about a 6% infection rate. This is WAY too high. If these players actually practiced with up to 6 teammates as per protocol, that looks like a really easy way to take up to 6 players out of a team for a couple weeks. I don't know the extent of their measures, but there is just too much that can go wrong imo. Plus factor in the possibility of some players refusing to play? This is all messed already.
  9. Benning knows whether there is a likely possibility to getting rid of LE's contract. If the waive and AHL route is where it goes then so be it. Hopefully he decides to move on and help the team out and leave with some level of late-contract dignity. I don't believe in giving up top level talent as a sweetener and I don't think JB is keen on it either. Especially after losing Madden. I was very surprised not to see Baer get picked up on waivers. Sad to see his stock so low - he needs another chance to prove himself and I feel the receiving team would be pleased to have picked him up for nothing. Of course there are concussion concerns. At least his contract isn't long. Sutter has had his ups and downs and injuries, but I don't believe we would need to give up much to move him. While overpaid, as a shutdown guy he remains pretty good. I still believe Sutter could be the kind of guy to step it up in the playoffs. Sutter Beagle Motte is pretty much elite in the defensive role. (They should be given the combined salary). Really though - somehow getting LE's contract off the books makes all the difference. He is the poster boy for lack of intensity while our team is trying to go the opposite direction. Such a shame what a failure the LE signing was and continues to be.
  10. I think the scope of how many players he really knows well is lower than he projects. He played a bit of an enforcer role during his time in Vancouver and I don't think that made many friends on other teams. This is going to be a very challenging playoffs for all - if it even happens. With players known to have covid, I think it needs to start with a 2 week quarantine of all players and staff. That in itself is a huge challenge.
  11. Style, yes. But like you say, I doubt he gets to that level either. Tryamkin? Not the same style but perhaps effective via fear?
  12. I share the same concern. Petey will be fine when he fills out, but Hughes will always be a target in the playoffs. I also worry for Stecher. But this is not a small team overall. I feel we can hang with physical teams. Just when the rough stuff happens, I don't know who will step up to lay the beat down. Surely Ferland will be advised not to fight so that really only leaves Big Mac - if he even plays. Another case to try to get Tryamkin on board asap. Our guy is bigger than your guy seems like a pretty good insurance policy on our vulnerable guys.
  13. ..and that is a totally fair position. He has every right legally to play out the contract. I would argue he *would* get a tryout at least and if he had renewed energy and ability to play he could earn a one year show-me-you-can-still-play contract. Of course, it would be less money but better than the AHL perhaps? Finish his career with class? Who knows what he is thinking. I haven't known since he arrived.
  14. To get a fresh start elsewhere to try to play a few more years instead of likely being demoted to the AHL - regardless of negligible cap savings. To reward the Canucks for hiring him when he clearly didn't want to get into the game most nights. For playing soft as butter. How many hits did he tally again? He was given the opportunity to play with virtually everyone on the team and did nothing. Does he have an undisclosed medical issue? Is it so serious he forgot how to play? If it was me, and I was already a made man, I would absolutely bow out gracefully after the free ride. How many Bentley's and yachts does one require anyway.
  15. That's a big hit to Utica for sure. We do have replenishments coming who could be even better. I really wish Boucher would have been given a few games to try to play NHL hockey again. Couldn't have been any worse than having Eriksson in the lineup.