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  1. You think he has that potential? Sorry, but I do not. I think he can make a good first pass and has good mobility and poise, but I see him as more of a utility defenseman. A guy who does everything fairly well, but doesn't stand out in many particular ways. To be fair, I haven't watched him play enough to be concrete on my views. Just how I feel based on what I have seen thusfar. Have only seen highlights of Rathbone too, for that matter. Mainly going by the buzz about him from CDC. I do think Rafferty will push for a spot at camp though.
  2. Exactly this. Tryamkin will never be a superstar in the NHL. He won't wow us with being flashy. His point totals will likely be low. But people should be afraid to get hit by him. He can with battles and be very tiring in a playoff series. He can (but should not be forced to) fight if need be. He would be a role player and I think a fan favourite - as polarized as our fan base currently is on him. As long as he is dedicated to our team and being a professional NHL player now, I absolutely want him back. Don't get greedy, understand you are a third pairing guy and play your role. I believe he will be a very effective player in the NHL. Don't f this up, Benning.
  3. Brogan and Rathbone are the only two d in our system who I feel could give us that offensive, 2nd pairing and 2nd pp potential. If we can hit on at least one of them, that would make a huge difference to our overall scoring punch. We haven't had a scoring D in forever. Quinn is ridiculous but can't do it all. If we had a legit 2nd pairing guy waiting in the wings at ELC dollars I'd be stoked. While that would help fix the scoring, does little for the defensive side. I honestly am not sure swapping out our defensive personnel is going to solve our defensive woes. The names on the list are pretty solid players, like Myers, Edler, and the most defensive of them all in Tanev. I believe something else is amiss. Coaching and systems seem a likely culprit?
  4. I think really healthy people (such as athletes) tend to fare very well with Covid. But knowing that isnt enough security for my liking. We still don't know enough about long term effects, and even short term ones can ravage the body. All in the name of business I guess. Curious what Podkolzin's actual thoughts are on this. Must be terrifying.
  5. Benning appears to be very active in talks but I think some of that is unsubstantiated media hype - bound to surround a team that turned a lot of heads this season. Between UFAs, RFAs, cap issues (LE), upcoming huge contracts, the ED, and Covid, it is safe to say there is a LOT of pressure on JB right now. He has been pretty up to the task so far, and now he needs to learn to spend wisely. To me, wisely is whatever it takes to bring a cup to Vancouver - even if we were to take a small step back. But as others have said, missing the playoffs is not acceptable at this point. And let's face it: We barely got in this time around. It's a fine line between stripping away too much veteran talent and doing it right. To me, how good our team will be amounts to the cap and how we spend. Benning needs to have a live feed to all 30 GMs trying to move out cap. I heard he is not willing to give away picks or prospects to move LE? I get the picks, but we have enough prospects that if it takes anyone not named Podkolzin or Hoglander, so be it. We will be fine as our core is (or will be) inevitably locked in. If he succeeds, I am confident our team will be equal if not better via experience. If he can't, then I guess we have no choice but to not re-sign an important player or two. In such an event, we need to use cheaper alternatives. Demelo instead of Tanev perhaps? Go with Demko and let Marky walk? Risky business but you do what ya gotta do...
  6. Lota of reasons, actually: - Because he hasn't met the scoring expectations set for him since his rookie year. When a player on a crappy team manages 55 points in 62 games in his rookie season, you expect as the rest of the team develops that he would be a ppg guy in short order. Boeser has not only not met that, but has regressed a bit points-wise. - We have a couple really talented prospects who are poised to be top 6 players at far lower salary. - Injury history. - An overall feeling like maybe his head isn't always in the game. - The fact he is one of few really good assets we have to potentially move and get something good in return. Particularly to fix the D. - The fact his qualifying offer would be 7.5m the year after we've already shelled out big bucks for Petey and Hughes. Not saying I agree with the idea of trading Boeser. At all. We finally have a legit top 6 that we rely heavily on for scoring and I don't think now is the time to break it up. But I DO understand where the trade Boeser movement is coming from. Personally, I believe that next year Boeser is poised to do well. This season his production may be a bit lower, but he really improved his 2 way game. If he can put it all together next year that will drive up his trade value and if Podz or Hogs wow us, perhaps a move NEXT off-season would be prudent. But not now.
  7. I was hesitant to make the comparison because I feel Gaudette has more drive and heart and is certainly no Goldobin. The thing is that this team already has questionable defensive structure. That means defensive gaffs tend to be deadly for us and any player that can't play a 2 way game becomes a liability... or at least a PP specialist with limited 5 on 5 capability. To this end, I wonder if he really would be an attractive piece in a package. Maybe to lose LE's contract. Maybe as a piece to get help on the blueline. We have Podz and Hogs coming onto the team soon for our ELC relief, and I suspect one if not both might be more the kind of player we need. (Podkolzin should be a really good 3rd liner at worst, and Hogz seems to have some real top end talent for our top 6 if he can put it together.) Not really sure we need Gaudette, and he certainly does nothing to make our team harder to play against - physically or otherwise. At this point, I really just see him more as a placeholder as we wait for winger help more suited for what will be available positions as we move forward. I say again, this isn't to say I don't like the guy or feel he won't be a good player. He has skills and tenacity. He is the kind of player I would expect to study his deficiencies and improve accordingly. I would love it to be with us but with our cap bind and all...
  8. Well, if we opt to let Stecher walk Stralman could fit in for that 3rd pairing right side guy. At least he is still a servicable player half of who's salary would have previously been Stechers. So we effectively add 3m cap there but lose 6m in LE's salary, who we weren't gonna play anyway. This does nothing to help our team be harder to play against, but it does ease the cap woes a bit.
  9. Eichel is a phenomenal player. If his cap wasn't so damn high I'd love to see him here. 2nd or 3rd best 1-2 center punch in the NHL. Possibly the 2nd best depending on just how good Pettersson will end up. (And he is gonna be amazing) But ain't gonna happen. Not only would the ask be enormous, but we have seen teams struggle to ice a good *team* in this cap world with several highly paid players on the roster. And we are partway there already as of next year.
  10. I totally agree Gaudette should be moved to wing if he can't get his faceoff ability up to snuff. It's important to have good faceoff won %. With that said, our team as a whole is quite good in that regard already. I imagine we would not be as good a team without it. Gaudette was rather terrible in the playoffs. But he's still young. Not too young, but young enough that he has time to better his game as well as improve himself physically. I think he would be a much more effective player if he added some muscle to that decent frame. He has good tenacity and if he could win more puck battles on the forecheck and really dig in the walls, I could see him continuing to improve. I still question his top end potential. Goldobin is a good example of a guy who had skills, but couldn't play a complete game. Gaudette is far better in many regards but he still also needs to play a better 2-way game. Unless he can find that side of his game he will remain a 3rd line player (winger?) with reasonably slick scoring ability, but not particularly good advanced stats. Makes for good trading fodder if nothing else. Or he could still put it all together. Drive is not a question.
  11. Oh, I totally get it. Marky somehow came into his prime late and a long contract probably wouldn't look too good in the later years. But he HAS proven himself and we can expect at least a few good years when we need it most. As good as the Canucks staff is at assessing talent, I feel going with Demko now is a huge risk. But they would know better than I. The cap savings are obvious (even considering the fact we will likely need a vet backup) and Demko could turn out one of the best goalies in the league. Thats hard to give up. In an ideal world, we sign Marky by somehow moving out cap and expose him to the ED if he isn't the one we wish to go with. As aGent said, that doesn't make sense for him and is unlikely to happen. So then it becomes a simple question of signing Marky and trading Demko while his stock is high, or risking going with Demko but getting nothing for Marky, but we do save significant cap space. Depending on what contracts we can move out and what Marky is willing to agree to, the decision may be somewhat made for him already. I'm not going to bitch either way. JB has a decision to make, and based on the teams prior demonstration of assessing talent (minus Judd now) I trust he will make the right decision. But I also believe it is looking less and less likely that Marky is our man. Sure hope he doesn't go to the Flames, of all teams.
  12. You may very well be correct there. A lot of what happens going forward will likely be the direct result of Benning's ability (or inability) to move out cap. But if that was not a factor, I do think it would be prudent to ensure we weren't throwing Demmer to the wolves quite yet.
  13. No... it will also be based on their belief in his potential. But potential is just that until it's realized. Considering we proved the team is almost a contender, I would hate to derail that if Benning chooses incorrectly.
  14. 3 great games and a mediocre season makes him have "undeniable" starter capability? Not so sure about that. I view the goaltending position the most important of them all. I don't think we want to rely on Demko as our starter because he played 3 great consecutive games.