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  1. Loui Eriksson | #21 | LW/RW

    I like the idea of putting the two together, but I'm not sure about Granlund being the center in that Swedish sandwich. I think Sutter would be a better center for those two, actually, and given our lack of scoring wingers this year that may very well be our best 2nd line combo to try out: Baertschi Horvat Boeser Pettersson Sutter Eriksson ...unless the idea is to shelter Pettersson, in which case your idea might work best - though I'd try out Gaudette as well.
  2. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    While I agree it will be tough, I think you are undervaluing Pettersson's talent and Baertschi's scoring. (The latter of which isn't likely to be a 1st line level but I bet he does get some 45-50 points this season). Pettersson: He might end up playing sheltered minutes to start but if he can adapt quick enough, there is nothing to suggest he couldn't easily be a 50 point player for us in his rookie season. The key there will be to find linemates he gels with because we don't exactly have the talent level on the wings to guarantee the points.
  3. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    Uncertainty, but lack of value as well. The only prospects we have worth anything are the ones we fully expect to be needed on our team. But yeah, there will be excess for sure in the coming 1-3 years and there will be lots of movement of the players - mainly forwards. That's ok though as it will either be a package which boosts the players we have, or picks to make sure Benning keeps the ball rolling for the future. Either way, this mass of talented players is a great thing from both an asset perspective as well as a competition perspective.
  4. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    It is, and I remember being truly excited about none of them other than Lack or perhaps Jensen just a little bit. And look at our young guys now: Goldobin Pettersson Dahlen Palmu Gadjovich Lind Leipsic Boeser (already playing of course) Hughes Juolevi Gaudette Demko And to a lesser degree: Tryamkin* Would be in the first list but we don't know if he is coming back. Brisebois Woo Lockwood Jasek Rathbone Dipietro Many of the names in that 2nd list are probably comparable to the list from GMMG's tenure, but that first list is absolutely *loaded* with potential difference-makers. I'd say only a couple of those guys in the first list are likely to *not* be NHL players. We have a logjam now, but imagine what it will be like in one and two years....
  5. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    His contract was 2 years because if his rebuild DIDN'T work out, it would be time to move on, and it would take that much time to see the results. So yes, he is expected to bring his plan successfully to fruition, but I think the same could be said of any GM. I believe most see that the plan is heading in the right direction and that we should be a much, much better team relatively shortly. This season might be a big challenge but the following season I actually expect to see us as a playoff team. I mean - come on.... even you have to admit he has amassed a LOT of talent, and I believe this last draft addressed our biggest weakness which was scoring from the blueline. As for AHL depth, *we* want that depth. If we did waive him and he got picked up, I believe the other team has to play him on their roster do they not? I don't know either but I feel he still has another level in his game and the skills to actually be in this league. He obviously isn't a bottom line player so it's a fair step up to be where he needs to be to play in a top six role consistently. I believe in him though. With that said, I believed in Shinkaruk as well and look how that turned out.
  6. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    You think? I think he has shown enough talent that he would get picked up by a bottom feeding team. I like Goldobin and would like to see him stick around at least until TDL to see if he can put his game together. Somehow (and don't ask me why) I almost feel like he is going to end up in a similar situation as Grabner. We traded Grabner and Florida waived him shortly thereafter with the intent to have him play in the AHL but he was picked up instead. Once he moved on he actually became a pretty productive player. I believe Goldobin has enough talent to be in this league... he just needs to round the corner in his development. IMO.
  7. Benning, Goldobin, and a logjam of forwards?

    I think you are reading too much into both the media and the typically negative people here on CDC. Benning is not at all on thin ice. They would not have extended his contract if he was. If by the end of the contract he has not built a successful team then sure, but right now they are drinking his kool-aid. As for Goldobin - I believe he will get a chance to show himself this season. But if he doesn't produce, HE is on thin ice I think and it makes sense we would get rid of him for whatever we can get. Which unfortunately won't be much. Personally, I think he will be a better player this season but I really have little conviction behind that belief. Finally, yes, we do have a logjam in virtually all positions right now. It will take some fancy avoidance of the waiver and roster adjustments to try to keep everyone on board but it would be entirely possible (likely?) that we lose a guy like Gaunce as there is just no room for him now. That's a price I, as a fan, am willing to pay to have an overall more talented roster.
  8. Happy Birthday, Loui Eriksson!

    Happy Birthday Loui. On this grand occasion, I give you your scoring talent back.
  9. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    I like it. Though I suspect that once he adapts to the NA game that by the end of the season that Pettersson won't need any sheltering. But to start, I like it.
  10. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    Echo the sentiment of the last 2 posters. I see him as being a Hansen-type player who can move through the lineup as required. I previously felt Granlund was kind of that type of player, but I feel Leipsic brings that agitation and energy that Granlund does not so he is more appropriate for the role.
  11. Well I don't know what an actual value is for any given bad contract taken, but if ownership was ok with it I think we really ought to explore taking on a bad contract to increase our picks or prospect pool. 1 year would not hurt us whatsoever, and even 2 years has little impact given our cap situation. Any more than that and perhaps it starts to become a problem but if by the OP's model we could take on 5X2=10 and get a late 1st round pick, I'd be absolutely for it.
  12. I'd throw Boeser in the mix as well. Though a small sample size, he went from .55 ppg to .88 ppg last year. It is entirely possible he's a point a game player this coming year, and that's playing with a good but not at all elite Horvat and an even less elite LW. Who knows what his limit is. Perhaps we've seen it, and perhaps we have not. Factor in Pettersson (who I think will rip up this league) and Hughes, and that's 3 guys who are probably going to be better than Horvat on this team - plus a likely high draft pick this season, and Benning's magic might turn that into a 4th player better than Bo. This isn't to say the captain has to be the best player on the team. I haven't read the whole thread and what people feel about that, but it is not uncommon for a "lesser" player to put on the C. In the end, I don't really care. Whoever it is must exemplify the traits management insists on for our players, is a player that will stick around for several years and is a player who is in the top 6 or top pairing. So really, Bo checks the boxes for me....
  13. Brendan Leipsic | #9 | LW/C

    I'd be more inclined to say that given prior chemistry that Dahlen will play with Pettersson. Once they are fully developed: Dahlen Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Lind/JV
  14. Quinn Hughes | D

    Both have things to adapt to. For EP, it's the NHL sized ice and hockey that is a bit higher of a level than he has experienced. For Hughes, it's much of the same; he's used to the ice, but the competition is quite a bit better and bigger than he's had to deal with. I do think though that given their style of play and their hockey IQ that both will be able to overcome their obstacles. Their game is a very highly skilled one, and the NHL is becoming more and more appropriate for skilled players regardless of size. If either aren't full-time NHL players this year, both certainly will be by next season. My prediction is that EP becomes a regular roster player right away. Hughes, I'm not sure. I understand the plays a game that makes his size less important, but the higher level of play combined with crushing hits against him when they DO happen, I would not be surprised to see it overwhelm him to begin with. And that's fine; the player we drafted was clearly going to be a defenseman and regardless, wasn't SUPPOSED to play right away at all.