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  1. It's the most solid team we have had for a while, with speed, skill and especially size. We could use better top six wingers still. None of out wingers (Save for Brock) is even remotely as good as Horvat - let alone Petey. While improved from last season, I think we will see us still losing a lot of close games because we just didn't have enough firepower to close the deal. I still would like to see another high end scoring defenseman not named Hughes as well. Again - much improved d, but not quite there yet imo. While I feel our goaltending pipeline is in good shape, I am still not yet convinced we can count on great goaltendimg either. But overall as a whole, I feel we will see a dramaticly improved team next season. As far as this trade goes, seems like a good idea for all involved. I wouldn't be surprised to see Neal make a bit of a comeback. Lucic will simply carry on and do what he can at this point - crash and bang.
  2. While I agree he is best as depth, I felt he did very well in his stints - especially this past season. I wouldn't be completely upset to see him play 20-30 games as Tanev goes down. As for OJ, it remains to be seen. I have never seem him as a big time scorer, but who knows. Thing is, even if he ends up getting some points I would still prefer two bonifide scorers in our blueline - particularly for the PP.
  3. No point in entertaining moving Sutter right now imo. Give him an opportunity to show his former self and gain value first. Then maybe at the deadline if Gaudette is ready.
  4. I'm not really concerned. I thought Biega showed well enough to be a solid 7th. Benn can play the right side if needed (I believe) and Tryamkin next year can play both sides as well. I still don't believe we have enough scoring talent from the blueline, but I don't think depth is a problem.
  5. I will assume this is correct, but it changes nothing, really. A #1 goalie is a guy you can depend on virtually night in, night out, and ends the season with numbers befitting of a #1 goalie. In his defense our d wasn't great, but I am still not convinced he is there yet. Limited usage aside, I believe Demko had better numbers. Here's hoping both our goalies play lights out and we can afford to package one up to maybe get another d prospect? Juuso Valimaki+Talbot for Markstrom+Goldobin or Tanev?
  6. As good as Markstrom played, his season stats overall were not really particularily impressive. If he plays lights out next season I can see him having value in a trade - but the team that would want him are going to have to be really bad in net or they will be the ones giving up a good goalie in the ED. Not sure there is a huge market there. Calgary maybe?
  7. Good lord that is -exactly- how he will look. Given his rapid regression of ability, I am guessing we will see that face in about 5 years.
  8. His skill cannot be denied. I believe he will be able to translate that skill pretty much immediately. He will be very, very good. Perhaps fantastic. But he is small. Very small. Will he be able to properly defend much bigger opponents? Will he be able to resist injury? He may never lay a guy out, but can he at least hold his own in a physical game? I think the answer to these questions will determine his ceiling and how quickly he gets there.
  9. While entirely true that he has been our #1, and that he doesn't often get the respect he deserves, the former really just shows how little top talent we've have had in our D. He has been a really good (minus a couple rough years) guy for us, but we have had a far below average d since our run so it really isn't saying much. Myers brings a similar yet a little lesser skillset to our team at a rather high cost over term. It will help us for sure - though it will have to be Hughes to put up the significant points, as nobody else in our pipeline looks to be anywhere remotely close in skill. We need tonpool our assets and get that second scorer, imo.
  10. I can all but guarantee he will be our #1. It's just up in the air as to whether it will be this coming season or not.
  11. Also curious if we can make a spot for Tryamkin if he wants to come back.
  12. Stecher has shown me nothing special, to be honest. He is a decent, solid defenseman who is really a 3rd pairing guy on a good defense. He is a little of this and some of that. He has solid advanced stats... better than almost all our blueliners if I recall. But unless he shows more, thats all he is. Maybe with the ability to sub up if need be? Guys like Ferland, Myers (as unsold as I am on his defense) and Miller support play on the ice. These guys are what we sorely needed. We are still underskilled at this point, imo. Bo now has 2nd line winger options - but he can support better wingers. Here's hoping Benning found more gems in the draft. I do love the Ferland signing. If he can stay healthy - this is one of the better signings of JB's tenure. This dude causes HAVOC at one hell of a good price.
  13. Freakin offseason. One of the hottest threads might as well be renamed to 'How we get rid of Loui". How does a career sour like that? It just boggles the mind.
  14. As others have said - playoffs. I have no doubt this year will be more exciting to watch, but it is all about the playoffs. And it isn't because I just want to see playoff hockey (which we all do) but moreso because we have signed guys long term that are supposed to get us there. Now. If this team can't make the playoffs now, then we are in trouble as all we can really rely on for at least a couple of years is the team we have, plus maybe some progression from the younger guys.