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  1. John Turturro and Luongo.
  2. Kurrgan from WWE!
  3. Holy sh*t, every one of those made me laugh my as* off! The best was the sopel plus ricci plus odjick equals rocky from the cher movie.
  4. Lawrence Nycholat and Odo!
  5. Sinead O'Connor and wellwood!
  6. we should harsh bring back the bollywood movie crap to the white noise forum

  7. lol i think we dropped him a 5.

  8. your sig is fukkin hilarious too, and that bum there in vegas. did u give him any money? lol I'll be putting that classic sig up after this one get's it's share of use, don't worry.

  9. dude WTF you got rid of your other sig LOL. the new ones wicked too but imma slap you if you dont get your old one up there with it. it was a classic man