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  1. Humour and gay times

  2. And I feel sorry for her, pity that she cannot open her mind to what I stand for

  3. At the bottom of my heart though I do understand that insufferable woman

  4. She brought down the axe of discrimination on my poor chicken head and now I'm completely lost

  5. By BertuzziBabe! the ruiner of humour and fun times

  6. I'm like a chicken with his body cut off

  7. I can't comment in my own threads :(

  8. I wonder if I can make a thread here and people can comment and it will almost be like a real thread

    1. winter


      yeah you probably can

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      so what is the thread already :)

  9. I'm still hip too, even if I've lost the CDC cred. I still wear Cheap Mondays.

    1. winter


      thats awesome :S don't leave

  10. There will be a lot of BertuzziBabes out there who don't like me for me but i wont ever

  11. I promise you guys I won't change

  12. I'll miss all the great friends i MADE HERE.

  13. Stealth, why? why?

  14. I'll miss everyone, all the great friends i made over the internet.

  15. BertuzziBabe = bad lady