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  1. Lets not forget that Gillis hired Torts. One of the worst decisions this franchise has ever made. I still believe that was his ultimate downfall.
  2. Lack is going to be an FA after next year. Lets not piss him off too bad before that extension is signed. He will already have reason enough to leave if Miller is starting next year.
  3. Is it just me or do Eddie Lack and Ryan Miller both allow alot of soft goals?
  4. Actually the 07-08 core was the sedins, naslund, lu, and ohlund/salo as the best defenders.. Kesler and Edler were still developing and Brendan Morrison was still a big part of the team. 12-13 had guys like Hamhuis, and the sedins in their prime. They were two very different teams, as you'd expect 5 seasons later. Of course, god forbid you do the slightest bit of research before posting. Although i would think most canuck fans would at least know what years we missed the playoffs, since they've been so few and far between the last decade. AV won the division with his team. Torts gets that same team and proceeds to suck so bad we end up with the 6th overall pick.
  5. What the heck are you even talking about. AV only missed the playoffs in 07-08, and that was not the same team that torts inherited. AV was fired after the canucks lost in the playoffs to San Jose.
  6. I never said Tort's isn't a jerk or a prick. I'm saying its not right to kick a guy when he's already down. Torts is obviously never going to coach in the league ever again, and despite that its his own fault, he's lost the ability to do what he loves. Why pile on? Off the ice, the guy doesn't seem like a horrible human. Very involved in charities, helps hurt dogs, etc..
  7. Keep burning those bridges Dale. Real big of you to go after a guy that's already been fired.
  8. I would do it for McCann and someone else. Anything involving Horvat or Virtanen is out of the question.
  9. Also, Keith Yandle is a -23. According to your logic, the coyotes are a better team without him. Eberle is -15, are the oilers better without him?
  10. How exactly do you know that? You friends with the Anaheim GM or something? Maybe we should hire you since you can apparently do a better job than JB. Benning got the best he possibly could given an extremely difficult situation.
  11. I don't think you can trade players that are on injured reserve. Not 100% on that though.
  12. Love how this thread gets bumped to the top every time we lose a game
  13. Does Horvat's eye look funny?
  14. They said on the radio today that Zack would fetch maybe a 4th round pick. Is that really how far hes fallen?
  15. I dont think the Canucks would do this. They would look absolutely foolish considering they had a chance to sign him for free and passed.