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  1. Erase Me - Kid Cudi and unfortunately feat. Kanye West
  2. i adore your sig.

  3. Down With Webster - Whoa Is Me
  4. Ever seen the movie Blackhawk Down? Ya Troll.

  5. i +1'd ur tropic thunder post

  6. "..., and that's when my fork flew up and BAM, right in the eye."
  7. G_I beat me to posting those HQ Hodgson pics! I think he should wear #91.
  8. Bieksa: "*sniff sniff* Eeeewww, dude you is stanky!!"
  9. Uprising - Muse
  10. Thanks for the sig.....NHLer96 now I changed to Legend

  11. Hey, can someone hook me up with the Burrows picture that marleau and T have in their sigs? Thanks. :D
  12. Not at all! Glad you like it! :)

  13. Hey, I hope you don't mind that I cropped the sig I was going to use for sportsloungegfx as a temporary avatar for CDC. It looks awesome (can't wait to use it).

  14. No problem man, don't sweat it! I was just wondering. :)