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  1. My jackets win! So happy! It's crazy to think that vaunted offense of the Leafs couldn't get er done.
  2. See, I'm on the other side of the fence. Let the young men play. We have a young and inexperienced team playing the defending champs. While we do stack up favourably for a series, I'm reluctant to put any expectations or anything up because there are bound to be mistakes - and one of them might be a series defining one. I'm proud of them for getting this far, and am now just hanging on for the ride for as far as it goes...whether it's a first round exit against those defending champs, or if it's kicking Boston's ass in the finals for retribution.
  3. Even back in their 'big bad' days in the early 2000s and late 90s we've had their number. Now it's no guarantee, they're a tough team, but it's a good test regardless of how it pans out. The season is already a success imo, so from here the expectations are low. I guess that JT Miller pick was worth it
  4. Beaaauuuttyyyy Tip by Horvat. It's so difficult getting the puck to move "only that much" from such a hard shot that far out. Monster tip.
  5. Looked like a visor clip. He'll have a nasty cut and possibly a shiner but hopefully that's all.
  6. It was 50/50 Myers Sutter on that one, Sutter kinda lazily threw it towards Myers without looking to see if anybody was even close... then Myers screwed it up anyway. Virtanen's the fastest guy on the team and it shows. If he skates like that "all the time" He'd be a 50 point 200ft forward - those guys are absolute cash money all the time.
  7. The poster boy for "I don't want to be here" apparently. Look for Jake to be benched to make Sutter think about whether he wants to try or not.
  8. Sutter's amazing skill on the powerplay on show there. The guy couldn't handle a basketball if it was glued in place. These guys are **cking around way too much on the powerplay.
  9. In order for it to be horrific, we'd have to actually make it into the zone. Our 'great' powerplay was the product of eating certain teams a LOT. It's not great. It's the same old backwards pass which Minny is waiting for.
  10. Playoff games, and series, are often won on garbage goals. If he gets garbage goals I'd be happy.
  11. If Green insists on "dump and chase"... then ffs put the fastest guy on the team in the lineup... Jake's game is forecheck at speed and puck retrieval. He's not a super smart playmaker, but he does have a decent shot and he pisses guys off after pasting their D against the wall if he doesn't manage to just get the puck. He's built for this. Their old, strong, but old, D. Wear them out on the forecheck if you're gonna do dump and chase. #FreeJake