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  1. Keith Carney was part of the same trade deadline. Brett Skinner and the 38th overall draft pick. That was an ugly year.
  2. You misspelled Megna. Double shift time baby!
  3. Kids should remember that it pays to be polite. Especially when the person you'd like something from is a foot taller and has a hundred lbs on you.
  4. Probably Correct. I think he's holding the team back. So now would be a good time for him to hit the dusty trails. I suspect you'll have trouble with this point in particular. I don't like the "shaky" nicknames or anything of that regard. That's unnecessary, and I'd agree with you on that point. But as far as an NHL calibre coach, you couldn't be more correct that he's not Scotty Bowman. He's not even Scotty from Eurotrip. Actually, he might be, since he just doesn't know. He had a good crack at it, and while I like the work ethic, he's just too inflexible to be an NHL coach. With a powerplay as anemic as ours has been for the past couple seasons, changes had to be made, yet none have come forth. That sort of thing. I think Willie is a great coach - for junior or the AHL. His work hard philosophy is fantastic for there. But as he himself said, it's not a try league, it's a do league. And he just isn't getting it done. And that's why he should go. I hold no ill will or silly attacks on his physical character; I just want to see the canucks succeed long term. He's not the guy to bring that about.
  5. Shoot for the stars and you'll reach the sky. In this case, the bar for 'upgrade over Megna' is quite low. As in the bar has been gently placed on the ground for someone to casually step over.
  6. He's used to beer league when the goalie doesn't show up. He'd be *amazing* at that.
  7. And yet, they'll be on the powerplay. Zero accountability.
  8. Crosby was the result of the league-wide Crosby lottery due to the lockout year.
  9. By finishing last or close to it for so long that they were wondering if the franchise was going to fold.
  10. Because the Sedins have been a tire fire on the ice for the past 4 months and yet there's zero accountability for their terrible play. They are getting played way too much. Because Megna gets powerplay time "because reasons". Because he chooses vets based on 'vets' rather than the play or potential play. He benches guys for... no reason other than a hunch. Dress a guy to leave him on the bench for a whole game, that was classy move. He's a garbage NHL coach while simultaneously being an amazing junior or AHL coach.
  11. I dunno what it is but the Canucks mostly seem scared to make a mistake. Like terrified. They take that extra second or two that they don't have and someone either closes them down or they bobble it when they grip the stick that extra little bit.
  12. eghhhhh that's a softie. Canucks gifted one there I think. Agree with John.