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  1. I wouldn't wipe my ass with the Province. It's a rag with a bunch of hacks who spew **** and get paid for it. The "death of the newspaper" couldn't come quickly enough for that pile of garbage.
  2. Is there a difference in leadership?

    I've always objected to this approach. Teams in the NHL seem to want to make their 'stars' wear the letters. In some markets, it works - drum up interest. But here... what happens when he goes through a funk? He gets pounded by Vancouver media. Has to stand up and listen to the likes of B*tchford rather than cool off and focus on the game. All the **** isn't worth it. It's bad all around. If a guy is a leader in the room, the guys will respond with or without a letter stitched on the front - and with how the 'old boys club' works, having an older veteran as the captain is probably a bit more 'professional' when having to deal with the on-ice officials as well. You see it even on face-offs; the old guys can get a way with much more cheating than the young kids. They've paid their dues - there's no way a referee wants to listen to some yappy 20 year old kid blabbing in his face. They don't want to listen to anybody chirping at them, but especially some hotshot kid. If Brock is still here when he's 27/28/29 and there's a captaincy/A slot, AND he's a capable leader-type, I could see it then. Same with Horvat. On the one hand, he's clearly got a lot of the soul of the team, the way he plays. On the other hand, having him HAVE to stand up and answer the same media questions from the same media ***holes night after night when one thing goes wrong... It's less than optimal.
  3. First Impressions of Quinn Hughes [VIDEO]

    Output error: Does not compute. To voluntarily decide one wants to have people shoot vulcanized rubber discs at a high velocity at themselves, for the sole purpose of trying to get hit by those discs, that one must be at least a little stupid. And without those stupids, hockey would be so much more boring <3
  4. Dahlen, Pettershone and Edler. That's what it'd take lol.
  5. What we need to become Contenders

    Roussel is a Burrows-type. And a good 'combat wingman' to let them do what they do best. He'd get the other teams' defensive players so mad at him, always looking over the should for the next dirty hit that the other two will have space by virtue of that. Or Virtanen and just give them a 'sink or swim' line; power, speed and skill. Could work provided nobody gets lazy coming back.
  6. A defense of FA signings/Benning by a Benning hater

    There's also the aspect of the impending CBA changes coming up and the (based on the past) likely specter of compliance buyouts. If one or both of them wind up being total boat anchors by the time we get to that contract level (money to spend for the next couple years that's for sure) then...buyout ahoy! Otherwise, we've done what we needed to do today. I would vastly have preferred 3 year deals, especially for Beagle (not as worried about Roussel on that front) BUT - that's free agency. We just signed Manny Malhotra "again" in Jay Beagle.
  7. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    We would have regardless. Every year it's the same. Then come May when they're golfing either from the playoff Swing-And-A-Miss or getting knocked out early for disappointment, it's Bandwagon Ahoy! for the next season. I'm just sad we're going to be hearing about how John Tavares likes his toast from the Toronto Media now.
  8. Would you touch the Stanley Cup?!

    I say yes because I have.
  9. [Signing] Senators re-sign Chris Wideman

    Ottawa has A player for next year. It's all coming up Millhouse!
  10. I like it. Can be deployed in any situation, and won't hurt us to do it. Not overpaid and can bring some 'mild' offense to the table. Maybe he finds a bit more game over the summer, but he's definitely being paid for what he brings 'now' as opposed to what he 'might bring' like some other names out there. Solid.
  11. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    Why do you feel this way? He might be a good goalie coach. He might be a crap one. His skills as a player mean approximately nothing as far as his skills as a coach go. Being able to see what the player(s) cannot, and find a way to fix it. That's what makes a good coach - goalie or otherwise. The methods vary to the individual, as do what each individual respond to. One thing people could never accuse Cloutier of is a lack of battle - And that's usually a good thing from any coach. A desire to win is infectious. I learned so much from an old man coach who could barely skate, pass or shoot. But he could see the game in a way that we idiot players couldn't, he could think the game from the perspective of what was missing AND what was there - not just one or the other. A lot of people are exceptional at seeing what is there OR what is missing, and maybe be okay at the other side too. He could Articulate what he saw and thought... and that made everybody who took the time to listen and work a much better player. That's a good coach. Did Cloutier bring that? Maybe. Maybe not. But unless you were coached by him, you have absolutely no idea. So arguing he was a bad coach on the basis that Lidstrom sent one past him from centre is just biased idiocy.
  12. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Richard Bachman

    Bach Man's Back. Alright.
  13. I'd still take Dobson. That size of frame on defence mixed with a good right-hand shot and smooth skating... He's the pick in our draft range. I'll be surprised if he isn't the "off the board" top 5 pick going downwards. Dahlin and Svechnikov will be 1/2 as they probably should. I'd take heavy looks at Dobson after that. Hopefully he's on the board when it's our turn at the podium.
  14. Amusingly enough, if Tavares did come here, I feel like he'd actually make a good player out of Loui. We could keep most of our other lines together without the juggle, Tavares gets a skill winger (whose confidence is somewhere around zero) and is definitely not on a one-man team - with Bo taking up the #2/ 1B centre spot it gives a wide open one-two punch up front. Defence is suspect, but we go from toilet bowl to wild card contenders with a single add. That's not bad.
  15. That was some Sbisa Pizza to be the GWG against. Like served piping hot and fresh level pizza.