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  1. I fear you are being marginally cromulent about this situation.
  2. Tell me when we sign this young phenom Fabien Brunstromm
  3. Yeah no doubt. I knew I should have written "Try to keep it to one or two" VC... definitely the pitcher there. He caught it. He's been waiting for this thread. Probably has them saved in his bookmarks.
  4. With the dog days of summer here and still a long way to go to the hockey season, I thought it might be fun to revisit what people's "favourite" highlight from the Canuck past are. Can be a hit, fight, goal or even just a solid play. Is the the stick-ride your favourite? Or the Bure Skate-stick? Or maybe Burke's "Sedin is not English for punch me or headlock me in a scrum". I'm going with Burr's finish over the Hawks, probably because I was watching live with friends and we launched snack food everywhere when we scared the dog who was sleeping peacefully near the table. The dog won that night too, it got a lot of cheezies and pretzels. Good memory there.
  5. Because they'd just taken part in the bloodiest war 'the west' had ever seen, just ending 8 years prior at that point. And 'technically', Korea was a UN action. The primary military was the US, which makes sense as most of the rest of the world was 5 years removed from being crapkicked for 6 years. Military buildup was not the primary focus at the time after WWII. But while MacArthur wanted to march on, there was significant
  6. He's going to be a great 'exposed player' for the expansion draft.
  7. If the Sbisa deal is the worst of the bunch we've done okay I think. We'll see if Sutter can play hockey now that his extension has kicked in...
  8. What gives you the idea that will be the case? I mean I'm glad you're done because it's total nonsense you're preaching. Our D went from an average height of about 6'0" to where the shortest guy is 6'2". Weight increased proportionately as well. Since the defence are usually what wind up sticking it to the forwards (and vice versa) that's the metric that matters. We got bigger and tougher on the back end. Since the majority of our injuries last year (barring Sutter) were on the back end, we've been re-tooled on that side. The Oilers loaded up on people who are big and tough but can't skate, and traded one of the best forwards in the league away - one of the forwards who *could* skate and hit and be big.
  9. I'd take an autographed Marco Sturm hockey card. Doesn't even have to be autographed by Sturm, just anybody will do.
  10. To create space he'll have to actually be in the play. He might make the red line while the rest of the line is in the zone. Lucic is not a good signing today. Too long, too much money, and not enough 'good player'. He's a .5 ppg player on the downswing. I really don't get why people think he's any good now. 5 years ago yes, now... no.
  11. Except another completely wasted postseason. I'd call that a worse loss than a couple picks.
  12. Aaaand... when the contracts come due. Lucic still getting paid. They aren't going anywhere.
  13. Psst: Wrong weber, nashville.
  14. Makes perfect sense, their defence sucks and they're a team with cup 'potential'. He gets a chance to be a top4 guy on a contender. Not many teams tick both boxes for him right now.
  15. AAaaahahahahahaha. HAhahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha. Oilers are screwed. Lucic got his cash in. The guy puts in less effort than Kovalev, but without the talent or speed. It's like buying a 1978 F350 with the 360 engine converted to propane as a support vehicle to a team of racing motorcycles. Well, that's one less team to worry about.