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  1. brownky

    [Signing] Canucks sign Mitch Eliot

    Neat. Free prospect. Perhaps utica help down the line too.
  2. It would have been a Miller game, that's how long ago.
  3. That would be me. I'm more than happy to eat the crow when it's well served. He's been playing lights out these past couple games. It's very good to see. I'm curious how he handles the 'workload' though. He does seem to go downhill FAST when he's not rested, as though the fatigue really gets to him. When Nilsson was out and it was the Marky show and he couldn't get a break, he started to look really wobbly. I'm happy with his improvement so far throughout the year as we close in on Christmas here. Mr. Clark must really be earning his money.
  4. Hah I couldnt tell it was sarcasm. So many posters on here say that with full confidence there’s a referee cabal against the Canucks specifically. We do get shafted about as often as other teams do on a given night. Any game Tim Peel referees is the same. Always an adventure.
  5. The team *will* generate its own bounces as long as it keeps working hard. If you’ve always got the puck and are forcing the other team to chase, you’re the one drawing the penalties. You’re not blocking shots and losing d-men to funny hopped pucks just because they have to block - you have the puck. Canucks are becoming a fast team. Speed and the ability to strip pucks away will lead to more bounces going this way. It’s inevitable.
  6. That would probably break so many board rules if I actually did it. No but seriously, if we’re in the hunt come May/june I will brave the heat, hurricanes and mosquitoes and wait it out here. Watch Horvat hoist that cup from one of the mannnny expat sportsbars.
  7. Canucks are 3/3 since I left Canada for Mexico. Therefore, I am selflessly soliciting donations to keep me here. Some posters would probably like to make that permanent. And cut off my internet. But alas, the wifi is free. Figures I go for my dinner res, get finished up and game over, missed the comeback effort. I’ll assume they ‘battled’ got ‘pucks to the net’ and ‘never gave in’ while marky was ‘dialed in’ and ‘kept us in it, gave us a chance after a slow start’ I think I got most of the postgame answer cliches there.
  8. Oh, you work at Burger King? Double whopper with cheese, no tomato please. Just the sandwich, no fries or drink.
  9. It was off the backchecking Beagle at an odd angle. I mean he 'could' have had it if he were about 6 inches taller in the butterfly and facing that direction, but it was a bad break. He's been solid tonight all round. The rest of the players have not. Lots of standing around and 'icing' passes. I will say it looked like the nux were getting more into it emotionally as the period wore on, so hopefully they keep it when going into the third and start skating a bit harder.
  10. They have cannons. I mean he's essentially being held at cannonpoint. What do you want from the guy?
  11. brownky

    NHL and Canucks unveil 2019 NHL Entry Draft logo

    Primeau had loyalty issues though. Wouldn't know that at the time, but he wouldn't have lasted long with Quinn, considering how that ship was sailed in those days. Daryl Sydor would have been a good pickup; BC boy, good defender. The one that stings was Shawn Antoski one pick ahead of Tkachuk. Hate him all you want, the guy was a force and a hell of a lot better than Antoski lol.
  12. Played with Lindros and Leclair on one of the most dominant lines of that time. Legion of Doom was fearsome in all aspects, both ends of the ice. Lindros got hurt a lot, Renberg did too and it kind of derailed the whole thing. He was really good, but more a product of Lindros rather than the opposite. Kind of like how one would look at Anson Carter's Sedin stats and think he was actually a real hockey player and not just a tree trunk for the Twins to bounce pucks to. He was serviceable, but not as good as the stats would indicate.
  13. brownky

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at St. Louis Blues | Dec. 09, 2018

    I think its really nice when we actually have the players “other teams wished theyd drafted instead”. Its definitely a change. Good job JB and the scouting team. If Hughes pans out, we need one more mobine big bruiser defenceman (Tryamkin COULD fit that mold if he were to return AND keep his motivation for the NHL) and one of the two goalies to turn into something really great. I think the forwards are actually pretty set for the top 6. I’d replace granlund with a faster, more physical forward in the bottom 6 role (another Burrows/ Roussel-type)- trade the skill for physicality and intensity. I genuinely believe we’re a lot closer than people think. “3 players”: goalie, a top line defender (which we may have in either Juolevi or Hughes) and an upgrade in the bottom six. Imagine if our forward group was good enough where Granlund was “the healthy scratch” / injury replacement. We’re basically one guy from that. Juolevi, Hughes and tryamkin if he comes back - if ‘one’ of then proves to be top4 worthy... that’ll be good enough. The wildcard is the goaltending. Marky is suitable for now, but to truly compete you need an elite tendy or a super-elite defence and a great tendy. If by the grace of allah, god, somebody’s pet turtle and Pepperidge farm cookies we were able to get Karlsson in the free agent market for a sum not the kings ransom along with “another year under the belt” of our youngsters, I’d say we’re closer to contending than not. That’s what I think. I also think i’m in mexico and have had a lot to drink today.
  14. Refs have been too busy fishing the puck out of the St Louis goal.