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  1. Fred Flintstone loved Brontosaurus burgers, so I mean... come on 2+2 people
  2. You're in absolutely no position to make a judgement like that.
  3. Yes, teachers and doctors in Alberta are the highest paid in Alberta
  4. They look like the team I was expecting
  5. guy that found him had a clear shot but declined to take it
  6. No, Allan Schoenborn is still in custody. He was found NCR but is still in treatment.
  7. And we're also taking Point Roberts...I got this one.
  8. We dilly dally? Get it down quick and move on. Summers coming.
  9. Oh really? When was this policy instated? BAWHAHAHAHA!
  10. what was the score? I fell asleep in the 1st
  11. Made me puke a little. Poor Trump though, this is not what he thought the job was about. Pretty obvious he has been brought in line with the true powers that run things. Wonder what they have on him.