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  1. Reagan tried his hand at comedy, albeit after he was elected
  2. Am I the only one that can't stand Cassie Campbell? Sounds like I'm watching ladies downhill freestyle at the olympics
  3. still takes 4 games as far as I know. road team has won every game so far so it's looking like game 7 is on the radar
  4. The glory days off the oil boom are over, never to return. The market is declining and automation is replacing most of the jobs. If AB doesn't find away to diversify and grow their economy it will become a wasteland.
  5. Yes, not drug or zealot related though. A former foster child gunned down the foster dad at his church. Mental emotional problems... I've heard. I was actually about a block away when it went down.
  6. Interesting that you had a Datsun. These threads have come up before but I never posted in them, partly because of being a bit embarrassed to admit to the now extinct Datsun but largely because I have never been able to find an image of the model I owned. Apparently it's so rare google never even heard of it. Until today Here is an image of what I believe may be a 1967 Datsun 211. That's right, 211 I have searched on and off for it over the years and never found anything. This picture is very close looking to the one I owned. Kind of wish I'd kept it now. But after a friend of mine rolled it I kind of lost interest in it.
  7. They should have gave Bo the C at the start of the game.