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  1. omg 2016 is so evil killing all the good guys
  2. Right! What more proof is needed to see that 2016 is just an average year, doing what any other year would do
  3. the man was 95 and lived a fuller life than most of us could hope to given many lifetimes to do it. wish people would stop with the "OMG 2016 is so evil killing all the good guys" crap. so lame lol
  4. OMFG!!! Just happened to be white? Shockingly our founding fathers were not aboriginal or black or Chinese or Just wow. It was a cozy little of club composed exclusively of white European interlopers. Financiers and tycoons working hand in hand to rape the land and extinguish marginalize or enslave, to the best of the their abilities, all those in their way.
  6. Wow. What are the odds??? Oh wait about 365/1 Except 1980 was a leap year so... I lost it
  7. Oldest Pearl Harbor veteran 104-year-old Ray Chavez hits the gym to get in shape to make the trip to Hawaii
  8. he once "liked" one of my posts too...can't remember which one off hand
  10. This one cuts close to the bone for me. I was a fan of the show since my friend Steve (since passed on RIP) turned me on to it back in the 80s. Fond memories tuning into the marathons on PBS introducing others to the joy of the show, such as my brother Tim ( also since passed on). At times I would ham it up doing his character for fun. In 2011 there was a casting call put out by a local theatre group for the cast of Fawlty Towers. I heard it on the radio and few times but didn't think much about it. I had done acting for a few years in high school and had always had in the back of my mind to give it a try someday when it dawned on me to audition for this. I do resemble the Manuel character somewhat and I already was very familiar with all the episodes so I thought why not. Well I won the audition and went to work with the group. We worked up two episodes for presentation. Hotel Inspectors and Communication Problems (from which the "I know nothing" gif scene above is taken). I'm pretty good with a lot of different accents but had a lot of trouble with Spanish, mainly because I had never known any Spanish people and really wasn't sure what it should sound like. So of course I studied Andrews work very diligently and eventually worked up something I called a cross between a Greek and an Italian accent as that's what it sounded like to me. It was a revelation reading this article that Andrew himself was German and was unsure about being able to do a proper accent. I thought he must be Spanish so it's kind of funny that I should have tried to mimic his work. And mimic all his physical mannerisms as closely as I could I did. For inspiration I printed out a picture of a wide eyed and open mouthed Manuel and taped up backstage so I could absorb the essence of it every time before going on. We did 6 shows and it was a huge hit locally and hell of a lot of fun rehearsing and preforming it. We did an encore about two years ago as well. After the run in 2011 our group entered it the Okanagan Zone Festival which is a competition between the all the groups in that zone. Select groups in all the various zones in the province do this every spring with the winners advancing to the provincial finals in July. We didn't win the competition but did win Best Ensemble. I myself won the adjudicators Special Merit Award for Acting with the adjudicator calling me the best Manuel since Manuel. My costar Ruth who portrayed Sybil won best newcomer award. And that is a story in itself as Ruth hails from Torquay near where the hotel (The Glen Eagles Hotel) that was the inspiration for Fawlty Towers is located. As well her landlady was actually the managers wife on which the character Sybil was based. Such an incredible bunch of coincidence came together on that one. Ruth of course comes by her accent honestly but nevertheless nailed the character and was a huge hit with the crowds. Ruth happily has not passed on and is fact at this very time visiting in that area. You were a true professional and I thank you for your dedication and commitment and your inspiration. You did not deserve such disrespect, you were a very good man. Rest well good sir.
  11. then let her stay home and take someone that wants to be there
  12. Well first of all I couldn't understand her name because of the echoy onfield acoustics, then they never put her name on the screen but mostly WTF? Guess I'm too old, bring back BTO or the Guess Who right