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  1. he would make a good stick boy. can also fill in for the guy in fins costume if he needs a day off
  2. well I strongly disagree, as do many others. that's point lol I wrote a kids book about it ...should get it pulbished
  3. hey, how you doin? eh, comment allez-vous? yeah new York sounds better lol
  4. "He tell me for a job, I ask him no".
  5. Wow, Uranus is much bigger than I thought. And where's Pluto dammit
  6. just to be clear, or play devils advocate, the blues are not a great team. their special teams were horrid and the penalty killing not much better. they don't have a francisable system and they have no superstar or marquee player. what they had was a commitment to their system and to each other underscored with a kickass hardhat and lunch bucket work ethic. but if it was good enough to stop the bruins cold it's all good.
  7. yeah I don't know why this bothers any one. the blues have paid their dues. it bothered me to see new jersey and Carolina and the ducks raise the cup as newer teams but this doesn't. and especially the way it played out it delivered some of the best entertainment value in a final I've seen in a while.
  8. So happy for craig Berube. Followed him on the Kamloops Blazers back in the eighties under Hitchcock. He's showing himself to be an elite coach in the making.
  9. JCL? I'm the original nucklehead baby been here forever. Many have imitated but I'm the real deal.